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Can I Take Antidepressants While I Breastfeed My Baby?

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Mothers who breastfeed their babies taking antidepressants do not tend to risk the baby’s health, according to scientists. Indeed, women those on antidepressants are rather more successful to breastfeed their babies continuing their regular medication, a study found. In case such mother stops consuming her medication fearing her baby’s

Stay sharp even in your old age

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Parents feel blessed having their own parents taking care of their children while they are busy at work. Well, an interesting study revealed a shocking fact for such loving and concerned grandmas. Looking after children for around five days in a week or even more can actually make such


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The couple of Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert is now an officially married couple as per the confirmation by a rep. The couple shared the relationship since three years prior deciding to unite on 30 March 2014.  The 48 years old Perry, a record producer, musician and song writer

Russel Crowe Shrugging off Controversy Regarding Noah

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Russel Crow’s recent movie Noah was initially released in Brazil on 21st of of March 2014. With the release a great controversy has arisen regarding the content of the movie within the Muslim nations. But Russel Crowe has taken the controversy regarding his latest film Noah, very lightly. He

Ryan Gosling and Busby Berkely’s team up

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Ryan Gosling, was born in 1980 on November 12 which makes him Canadian actor who also happens to be a director, writer and musician as well; an only 33 years old star. He started his career in 1993 on Disney Channel in Mickey Mouse Club where he was a

Are you looking for sources of natural vitamins?

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One may try a couple of beauty products in order to have a flawless skin, yet may fail in achieving the desired result. On the other hand, by shifting to natural food with abundant vitamin pools may turn out to be very efficient. Here is a glimpse of foods