Best NYEW Street Styles: Accessories Edition 2014

Tired of your old fashioned look??? Want some change in life??? No worries at all. New York Fashion Week 2014 has recently launched new collections in world fashion stream from makeover to accessories in amazing styles. I guess these are well sufficient for recreating your new look. Accessories are the elements that add charm and cool touch in your personality. So, in this fashion week a complete new range of bags, shoes, jewelry and pouches are displayed to help all of those who are keen to get new things for their life events.


Best Eye Wears Street Walker Style NYEW 2014:

These are the main items from the collection of street walker eye wear with the funky, trendy, classic and cool touch that will suit on you in any occasion.



IMG_2561 (1)





Hand Carry From Street Style NYFW 2014:

The hand carry is divided into two different categories: that are long chain bags and smart clutches. New York Fashion Week, accessories addition launches new styles with different texture, stuff and colors in bags and clutches. All these hand carry are easy to handle and are trendy.

Smart Clutches:











Long Strap Bags:









Head Cover Collection that is Perfect for the Winters:

In U.S.A or other countries of Europe the winter retains for a long time. So, in winters these trendy head covers from NYFW 2014 are in unique styles that can save you from weather effects along with some cool and funky touch in your looks.






 Shoes Collection From NYFW 2014:

Shoes are the important part of dressing among women. In the recent NYFW edition new styles of shoes for all the categories of women from young to old were launched. These were very stylish, decent and are in a variety of different colors.











Jewelry for the Party:

Shoes, bags and head covers shown above, are the basic essentials but what reflects your status is the type of jewelry you wear. So are you status conscious and looking for perfect set of jewelry??? Don’t worry you will find the most royal and latest jewelry styles in this collection.






How to Wear Glitter Eye Makeup?

The eye is the main part of your face. That explains your personality before you speak. Makeup means that you are adding color and shades in a beautiful way. With passing time trends change and new things are introduced in makeup.


Now talk about the range of Glitter Eye Makeup. Glitter gives you a new sparking look with only a little effort. For party, wedding and every time when you want a change in mood, just give your eyes a glittery eye shade with light lip-gloss. That is the perfect look for adults as well as teenagers. But women may change the lipstick shades.


Mostly the women prefer to go to a beauty popular for makeup for a special occasion like a party. But, sometimes you don’t have sufficient time to get the services from a beautician, so in that case you can try the smoky eye makeup at home. Doing so saves your time and money.

Steps for the Perfect Glitter Eye Makeup

 First Step:

Apply concealer both above and below the side of your eyelid. Foundation can also used before applying the concealer if you want.

Second Step:

After that, use masking tape at the corner of your eyes. That will help in a fully aligned eye makeup. But take care that you don’t damage your base and foundation.

Third Step:

Use base color which you want to apply, like black, skin, pink, or any other shade that match with your dress.


Fourth Step:

Before applying glitter shades use Petroleum Jelly, which will give you a fine look. Any glitter color like sliver, black, grey and golden may be used on the eye with the help of a soft brush or glitter stick. This will give a different and modern look.

Fifth Step:

In this step apply liner that is most important in makeup. Apply to the edges of your eyes that suits you, either thick or thin.

Sixth Step:

Apply Mascara in the last. And now glittery eye makeup is complete.You can use powder brush for the final touch of the makeup. Apply pink or any light colored gloss on your lips with pink blush on the cheeks for a complete makeup look.


So, after trying these simple and easy steps you can complete your look for a party without going to a salon. I am sure it will save your time and money effectively.

Nail Art Designs at the NYFW Fall 2014

Nail art is becoming popular among the ladies who are keen to adopt fashion and want to look fabulous. The colorful designs in nail art are different with a complete range of variety all over the world. Some designs are funky while others are decent. Glitters, nail polishes, beads, different brushes, shiners and other related things are used to get a perfect design. You can try them even these at your home by using these things along with your creativity.


In 2014 as some advancement is seen in the fashion and design industry, nail art is also updated. These are some famous designs from New York Fashion Week Fall 2014. These are crazy and amazing.


This OPI art is related to the rainbow, cloudy and rainy effect to give the funky look.


Rebecca Minkoff:

This design is somewhat decent as you can see dark red paint applied all over the nail with a thin black nail tip.



 Wes Gordon:

This is an amazing design with a combination of two different colors amalgamated together to give a complete and a nice look.



Mathieu Mirano:

This design is about splitting the nails into two amazing colors red and black which are always popular in night parties.



Nicole Miller:

This is a sharp design with the combination of two hot burning colors for a classic look.




This is an elaborate design of this season with grey silky base, navy blue and lilac soft lines for a cool look.



Lela Rose:

This is for the delicate look with the diagonal separating area along having two soft skin shades.



Ohne Titel:

This funky design is based on the sunset theme with silver and golden quote on the edges of nail with the strong red color background.



Peter Som:

The decent black and white design gives the impact of the half moon.



This is famous smoky french style with a simple and classic look.



Creatures of the Wind:

This is the stone texture design with soft skin and grayish peach shade by using marbling water technique.


All these designs are cool and different. So, try them along with a perfect make up. They will give extra attraction to your hand’s beauty.

Tips and Method to Use Hair Rollers

Curly hair styles are now very much in fashion because they look pretty amazing and cool. During Hollywood film festival all actresses had different, soft, wavy and curly hairstyles. Curly hair are an advantage especially for those women who have less volume of hair. Women you don’t have curly hair and their volume is less, can easily adopt it by applying rollers. There are many types of rollers that are available in the market. These are found in almost every size.


Hair rollers can give better results than other hot hair tools because they are less damaging and can give a long lasting style. The size of roller depends on the hair volume. Small rollers can give you tight curls, but large rollers give you a loss curls.

Tips Before Using Rollers:

  • If you have thick hair, then thick divides them into equal parts according to the size of the rollers.
  • Use Velcro rollers if your hair is smooth because tangles can be avoided with these.
  • Use large rollers if you want to get fewer curls with waves.
  • Before applying rollers, wash your hair with the conditioner to give them some smoothness.
  • Your hair should be completely dry before using rollers.
  • To get best finishing results you can use hot rollers.


Method to Apply Rollers:

  1.      Brush your hair completely until they look smooth.
  2.       Divide them into equal sections.
  3.       Apply rollers from roots of the hair to the tips tightly. Use hair pins and tissue papers to hold your hair.
  4.      Let your hair dry by using a dryer.
  5.      If they are heating rollers, then remove them until they become cool.
  6.      After 15 minutes, remove the rollers.
  7.      Use hair spray to give a long lasting finishing effect to rollers.
  8.     If your hair is rough and dry, then apply hair serum.
  9.      Use your fingers and hairpins to give further style to your hair.



Following all these steps can help you get soft look with large volume of hair at home in only 20 minutes. But use the rollers that suits the quality of your hair. As for dry hair, heat rollers are most damaging. If you are invited on a party, then try a new hairstyle with these rollers. It will add something good in your looks with a soft makeup.



Obama Beyoncé Scandal – The Inside Story!

Obama is the famous personality of the world because of U.S.A’s authority and control. His policies and scandals daily give him fame in other sense day by day. I am sure today, when it comes to celebrity gossips then the New Obama Scandal is the burning issue these days. His entire image is being screwed due to the love scandal of Obama with a hot singer of America – Beyonce. According some very sound resources the divorce news of Obama and his wife are in the limelight. These things though are common in daily life but when these things relate with some president, & especially the president of United State of America then they can cause a big problem.


This is true indeed as reported by the Washington Post that these are not fake news . Beyoncé who is one of the most popular American entertainer has not given any statement until now regarding this issue. People are predicting that she will be reason of divorce between Obama and his wife.  wenn20689413

The white house representatives are saying that this scandal can become the dark cloud for the second presidential period of Obama. Predictions are also being made that may be next time Obama can lose his seat in the general elections. But one thing can be said for sure that the type of fame and importance Beyoncé is getting, she must be feeling very good.obama-jayz-3

So it is right to say at this stage that Beyoncé’ will be the future “First Woman of America”??? Will Obama divorce his wife??? What effects will it have on the personal and political life of the American President??? I guess we should leave the answers of all these question on time and let time decide the fate of President Obama. As soon as we get some more authentic news regarding this issue we will definitely let our readers know. Till then we should all keep our fingers crossed and wait for what is going to happen next.

Some Natural Ways to Get Rosy Cheeks

Blush cheeks have now become the important part of face makeup. There are many kits available in the market for blush on of complete range that can give your cheeks a pretty color like pink, red, rose red etc. But this will only be retained you have applied makeup. This look is gone once the makeup is removed. So how about if you get the long lasting color of your cheeks? Yes, it can be very easy. If you try some tricks and tips at home you can get permanent rosy cheeks without makeup.

Tips To Get The Natural Glowing Pinkish Cheeks

Here are some of the natural ways to get rosy cheeks that you can easily try at your home with no side effects.

Massage your Face:

It is the most easy tip regarding this topic to massage your face when you wake up in the morning and before sleeping at night. It will increase you blood flow and finally give you rosy red cheeks. But keep one thing in mind that use gentle hands when you massage with any face lotion.

Use a Mild Face Wash:

Day by day dirt and pollution may lose your skin its original color. So, daily wash your face with a face wash but make sure that it is medicated and is mild n intensity.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Water is the best tonic to remove all the waste from the body. So, drink 8-12 glass water daily. It will give your cheeks glowing look.


Use Proper Diet:

By taking proper diet rich in iron and vitamin C will help you maintain a healthy body with perfect skin texture.

Daily Exercise and Walk:

Make a habit that you walk daily for about one half hour and do exercise. It is preferable to do it in the morning as it makes you fit with gives you glowing red skin for a long time.


These are the some useful tips that can make your cheeks rosy red permanently. Makeup can give you red glow for a small period of time and with some side effects if you use it on daily basis. Natural things have no side effects and show best long lasting results. So, try these methods and get long lasting reddish cheeks without the help of makeup.

Steps for Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye makeup plays an important role in your looks. It can give you a complete transformation from your real look. There are many styles that can be followed in eye makeup but over the last few years one makeup trend has always been in fashion. Yes!!! smoky eyes are the most favorite among all. Either it is the party or wedding ceremony smoky eyes with light shade of lipstick can give you a perfect look. So, today we are going to feature some of the Steps for Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup.


Our main focus in today’s post will be on the ways how you can do smoky makeup in homes in just few simple steps. Following  are some steps that can help you to get perfect smoky eyes.


Step 1:

Apply concealer evenly on your eyelids together with some foundation if you want. This will make a perfect base for the eye shadow.

Step 2:

Next you will use eye pencil or a liquid eye liner on the eyelids’ top and bottom keeping thick layer at the end corners. If your eyes are small then apply them in the center of the eyelids to get a wider look.

Step 3:

Use the small spongy applicator for dark eye shadow and apply it on the eyeliner edge to give a soft look. You can use either grey, silver or grayish black color for this sake.

Step 4:

For blending the eye makeup use a wet soft brush carefully to get equal blending in complete area.

Step 5:

Now at the end apply 3-4 coats of black mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes. Use the mascara of the renowned brand that has less chemical otherwise it can cause itching in your eyes.

Step 6:

Last but not the least use fluffy powder brush for the finishing effect of the makeup. Apply pink or peach glossy color for your lips with pink blush on the cheeks for a complete makeup.


So, try out these six simple and easy steps to achieve a perfect look for your makeup without going to a salon. Try it out and let us know your precious comments.


Want to take Care of Your Rebonded Hair But How?

Hair are the weakness of the women that motivate them to try new ways to look different with new hair style and treatment. Women who have long and straight hair feel more blessed than those who have curly and dull hair. They can use anything for hair styling. So, the women that have curly hair take rebonding treatment to make their hair straight. The concept of rebonding is not yet too old but when it came it managed to grasp the attention of many women, especially those who were tired of their ugly look due to rough and curly texture of hair.


Rebonded hair treatment is better than to use the straightener daily but this treatment needs some extra care to get a long lasting effect. Sometimes the money which you spend on rebonding treatment gives no result because of not proper care.

Some precautions to take care of rebonded hair are:

  1. Wash your hair three days after the rebonding. It can remove its effect.
  2. Don’t apply oil or any other hair related products like hair sprays before three days.
  3. Don’t apply other hairstyle techniques on newly rebonded hair. It can lose the hair strength easily.


Care of rebonded hair can be ensured by:

  1. Applying oil before taking a routine bath. It will make your hair shinny and strong.
  2. Use hair conditioner of famous brand that suits with the nature of your hair. Don’t use the products that have chemical in them.
  3. Add iron supplements in your diet with green vegetable that helps you to get long lasting hair strength.
  4.  Don’t use too hot or too cold water when you are washing your hair. It can reduce the strength and can cause hair fall.
  5.  Use natural hair mask after one week of egg or yogurt.
  6.  Don’t apply any chemical dye or hair spray. It can damage your hair easily.

These are some of the golden tips which must be followed if you want to overcome the side effects of rebonding. I am sure that if you follow all the instructions then your hair can be remain straight and healthy for a long time without any damage.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange is the specialty of winters with its strong sour taste that can punch your taste buds whenever you take a bite of it. Mostly people use them in the form of Juice. This juice is not only healthy but is a light diet for your morning breakfast that gives you extra energy for the complete day. Rich in Iron, Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients makes orange juice a perfect diet with no extra fats.


For women who are conscious about their skin, health and smartness, they can use the Orange Juice without any side effects. There are many health and skin benefits of Orange Juice. Some of them are discussed here:


For Clear Skin:

Orange Juice is a best cure for the any skin infection. It adds vitamin C which can clear improves your complexion with removing all the dark circles and pimples. Also it gives a fresh look to your skin if you make the habit of taking orange juice in the morning before breakfast.

For Normal Blood Pressure:

Orange Juice is a tonic for normalization of blood pressure level. The people suffer with the problem of low blood pressure can use it. It will give you 100% result in 15 minutes without any medicine. For those who are the patient of high blood pressure can use it because it has hesperidin which helps in flow of blood safely. The risk of heart attack can be reduced if we start using the juice daily.


For Stomach:

Stomach is the part of body which cause big problem if it is not working properly due to some infection. In this case orange juice can serve as a good medicine which gives you maximum output without any loss in health.

For Aging Effects:

Orange Juice has maximum amount of Vitamin C which our body normally cannot produce it. So by taking orange juice daily we can maintain vitamin C level in our body which is very effective as an anti-aging element. It also helps the body for healing in case of any injury.


All these are some Healthy Benefits of Orange Juice. So, if you want to live a safe and healthy life without the fear of any disease then from now start using this delicious juice. It will be a good and healthy start of your morning.

Skinny Jeans Latest Designs For Men

It is the basic desire of everyone either man or woman to look best and fashionable. So, the designers lunch new collection with amazing styles to make the look of their customers more trendy and classic. The women are always famous because of dressing and curiosity with the changing fashion trends. But it is now the story of past, now a day the man are one step ahead then woman in picking and following the latest trends in Fashion.


The skinny jeans are now the part of man fashion collection. The university and teenage cool boys mostly like to wear them because these are amazing and are now available in different styles and colors.   From 2013 to now skinny jeans become the part of boy’s wardrobes. Many brands are working in this new coming style of jeans to get the attention of their customers.

In the past the man wears only the dress paints with the matching shirts and tie for causal occasions. They were available on some colors like blue, black, brown or grey mainly. But now boys have skinny jeans in different variety in colors and styles which doesn’t need any extra thing to add to look cool and different.



Look at the cool dudes that are inspiring with the amazing new look. These jeans in especially in summers look funky and unique. Not only the common users but the celebrities are also following this new trend.

If you want to look cool in your causal occasion then try the skinny jeans of your favorite color with the plain fleets and simple shirt. It will really add something in your personality. But before try they take notice of the effect that which paints suits on you. Sometimes extra tight, skinny stuff look not good on some too smart and skinny personality. So, wear only those things that match with your personality. Enjoy the life with this funky and unique trend that is especially for cool boys that want to look cool in reality!