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Your Makeover’s Final Touch, Eyeliner! Tutorials and Techniques (12 images)

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Eyeliner is a special ingredient to spice up your makeup. You cannot get a neat and catchy look without applying the eyeliner with professional efficiency. Like your lipstick, your eyeliner needs to be applied so carefully and neatly or it will ruin your makeover totally. There are several ways

Tips to Prepare Your Skin for a party

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Looking gorgeous for parties and events is the dream of every girl, though sometimes we can’t manage to get the desired appreciation. It happens because we take some wrong facial treatments wishing that everything will suit our skin. Skin whitening facials will not always make your skin brighter and

DIY Teenager’s Nail art Tutorials (12 Images)

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Nail art is loved by everyone who is enjoying the golden period of her teenage. Girls love to wear nail polish in various designs and colors to impress their friends. You can make as many nail arts as you want, the only thing you will need for that is

Miraculous Hair Conditioners Straight From Your Kitchen

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If you have recently noticed that your hair is becoming brittle, split ends are more prominent and moisture seems to be evicted from your hair, it’s time to give them a treat. You have two options, first one is an easy choice but a bit expensive, like you can

DIY Cranberries and Brownsugar Facepack for a Busy Holiday

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Holidays are not really holidays, like, we may always find that one day to complete what we keep ignoring for whole week. It can be laundry, stitching or setting up wardrobes. Luckily if we get any weekend free from stressful routine, we try to go out for fun. So

Glamorous Eye Makeup Tutorials for Evening Parties (10 Images)

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We intend to make you confident enough to wear every sort of, every color of eye makeup. Most of the females wear same kind of eye makeup which is not a good habit. It dims the glow of their personality. Possibly the reason is that no one wants (happily)

Aloe Vera hair Treatment, Secret of Healthy hair revealed!

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We have been discussing about how we can make our hair healthy if our hair fiber is weak and fine. We have told fundamental tips previously and now we are sharing a magical remedy with you. Taking a good, wholesome diet is compulsory for healthy hair and another thing

Helping Guide to Make your Thin Hair Healthy and Bouncy looking

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Hair plays a vital role in your personality assets. If your hair is not so thick and healthy, you would not be able to get your desired looks. No matter for how much you have spent on your outfit, your makeover or jewelry. If your hairstyle is not perfectly

Extremely Gorgeous Hairdos for Brides ( 34 Images)

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Your bridal makeover must be the best ever you have worn in your life because it is your day. The bride must be shimmering like a star amongst all so be very careful about picking your dress, accessories, shoes and hairstyle. Probably your beautician will leave the decision up

College Footwear Trends of 2014 ( 15 images )

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College life is so exciting, full of fun and surprises and joyful. Girls, especially are very conscious about their looks and outfits. No doubt that youth itself is very beautiful that whatever you wear, will look good on you but still, college girls need to be stylish and trend