Your Makeover’s Final Touch, Eyeliner! Tutorials and Techniques (12 images)

Eyeliner is a special ingredient to spice up your makeup. You cannot get a neat and catchy look without applying the eyeliner with professional efficiency. Like your lipstick, your eyeliner needs to be applied so carefully and neatly or it will ruin your makeover totally. There are several ways which you can adopt to apply eyeliner. It depends upon your choice that whether you want to give a shy look, or the bold one. Secondly, it also depends upon the shape of your eyes that which type of eyeliner you should wear.


Now a day, colored eyeliners are also available in the market but here we are adding the tutorials with the black one. You must purchase both types of eyeliners to follow these tutorials. One of them is Wax eyeliner which can be applied by brush and the other one which is important for a finished look is a gel or liquid water proof eyeliner.


























Tips to Prepare Your Skin for a party

Looking gorgeous for parties and events is the dream of every girl, though sometimes we can’t manage to get the desired appreciation. It happens because we take some wrong facial treatments wishing that everything will suit our skin. Skin whitening facials will not always make your skin brighter and tightening mask will not necessarily make your skin feel like smooth and silky.Why? Possibly because you are not selecting the appropriate thing for your skin, or maybe it’s not the right time for its application. According to skin experts’ suggestions, we have prepared a schedule for taking care of your skin if you are expecting any party or event ahead.

Keep your Skin Hydrated:


It’s the very first and essential step you have to take before a few weeks. Your skin quality cannot be maintained in one or two hours or days. You have to work on it for weeks. Water keeps your skin moisturization level at appropriate points.

Daily cleansing:

beauty mask #22

Daily cleansing is so important before you go to bed. Cleansing with any good cleanser will remove makeup traces, dust, impurities and oil so your skin pores will remain unclogged. It will also brighten your complexion.



After washing your face with lukewarm water and some good face wash, moisturize it with the cream you love to use (Especially if its winter season) Moisturization keeps the skin soft and glowing and if you want to get a flawless response at the upcoming event, you must get a glowing skin before the day comes.



Exfoliating or scrubbing is also very important. It loosens the dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and young skin. Always be careful while choosing a scrub from the market. Check if it suits your skin and it is actually made for the skin like your’s. If you believe in home remedies, brown sugar in any face pack can do the trick.

Don’t use harsh facial masks at party day:


Some girls use mud mask or other masks alike exactly on the day when the party is going to be held. Keep one thing in mind that if you are going to get a haircut or facial treatment for the party, do it before 2-3 days because these things need time to get settled. Avoid any mask which pulls out the moisture from your skin. It will give a dry and chapped winter look to your face. Keep your skin properly moisturized and soft at the day.




DIY Teenager’s Nail art Tutorials (12 Images)

Nail art is loved by everyone who is enjoying the golden period of her teenage. Girls love to wear nail polish in various designs and colors to impress their friends. You can make as many nail arts as you want, the only thing you will need for that is a nail art kit. Or you may pick everything separately like a brush set, some favorite nail colors (Black and white is a must have), thinner and remover, a few cotton buds and tooth picks, scotch tape, glitters and cotton balls.


A self chosen kit will work much better than the ready made kits as you can’t customize the colors in it. We have already added a post previously with the most simple and easy to do Nail Arts and here we are, with some new styles.























watermelon melon notd nail art nails easy diy blog step by step tutorial free uk blogger rio nail art pens usaHope you will love the collection, more is on the way, stay tuned!


Miraculous Hair Conditioners Straight From Your Kitchen


If you have recently noticed that your hair is becoming brittle, split ends are more prominent and moisture seems to be evicted from your hair, it’s time to give them a treat. You have two options, first one is an easy choice but a bit expensive, like you can visit a supermarket a buy  costly conditioner for you. The second one can take a bit of your time but it is totally inexpensive and have great results. If you go for the second choice, head towards your kitchen and we will prepare your hair conditioner straight from your kitchen cab.

Egg conditioner:

av 3

Eggs are the richest source of protein and lecithin. Both of these things are active ingredients to add maximum moisturizing and shine to your dry hair. Egg yolk works as a serum which creates shine for hair. Crack and pour the egg in a bowl and beat it until it becomes smooth. Now cover your hair with this egg paste and let it stay for 10-15 minutes or unless it is dried. Now wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water. Don’t wash your hair with hot water or you will cook the egg yolk.



Mayonnaise is too good for conditioning your hair. It has the combination of olive oil, eggs and vinegar and all of these three ingredients are best for hair conditioning. Like you can use vinegar separately to add shine to your hair.



Yogurt contains lactic acid and it works as an outer hair polisher. It adds shine and bounce to your hair. If you have colored your hair, yogurt is the best conditioner as it is mild and easy to apply and wash. It has the finest stripping qualities so you can always rely on it if you are going to some party or get together. Also it helps to make hair fiber positive and absorbent for any proteins or treatments that you are taking for your hair.

Coconut Butter:


The best ingredient for a fine hair conditioning once in a week. Coconut milk’s properties are 10 times stronger in this butter.It not only adds shine, but also the volume and health to your fine hair.



Full of amino acid and proteins, this fruit is the best conditioner for the hair. Put avocados in an electric blender to form a smoothie and apply it to your hair. Keep one thing in your mind that these conditions can be applied freely like you can apply them from roots to tips, no need to avoid the roots. Natural ingredients never harm your hair.

Note: the application duration for all the masks given above is 15-20 minutes.

DIY Cranberries and Brownsugar Facepack for a Busy Holiday


Holidays are not really holidays, like, we may always find that one day to complete what we keep ignoring for whole week. It can be laundry, stitching or setting up wardrobes. Luckily if we get any weekend free from stressful routine, we try to go out for fun. So Sundays are always packed with fun or activity. Meanwhile, we keep ignoring our skin because we don’t have time for scheduling a beauty parlor or spa visit. So here is your chance to give a boost to your beauty. We have chosen an amazing face pack for your busy schedule. You don’t need to visit any super market to buy the ingredients as you must have them in your kitchen. Cranberries are the main ingredient for the face pack. Cranberries are so good to heal skin problems like eczema and acne. Plus it has coconut oil which is extremely nourishing. Mint is refreshing and brown sugar is exfoliating ingredient.

Cranberry & Brown sugar facepack
Cranberry & Brown sugar facepack



Half cup of fresh or frozen cranberries

1 cup of brown sugar

¼ cup coconut oil

Mint leaves, 6


Put cranberries and mint in a blunder. Blend until you get a smoothie paste. Add brown sugar and mix. Now take coconut oil in a pan and heat until it is melted, add this to the smooth paste and mix. Let the mixture get to the lukewarm temperature. When it is done, apply this to your face and let it rest for 10 minutes. Pour the remaining liquid in some zipped or airtight bag. Freeze for next use. It makes 6-7 applications. Run the bag into hot water for some moments to make it normal every time when you want to use it.


Glamorous Eye Makeup Tutorials for Evening Parties (10 Images)

We intend to make you confident enough to wear every sort of, every color of eye makeup. Most of the females wear same kind of eye makeup which is not a good habit. It dims the glow of their personality. Possibly the reason is that no one wants (happily) to pay big amount for a party makeup only. So here we are adding some easiest tutorials for those who love to play with colors on the canvas of their eyes. We hope that you will like the collection. More will be added shortly…

Soft Pink Eyes
Soft Pink Eyes


Orange and Brown Eyes
Orange and Brown Eyes


Smoky Pink Eyes
Smoky Pink Eyes


Bold Purple Eyes
Bold Purple Eyes


Sunlight bright eyes
Sunlight bright eyes


Beautiful Blue eyes
Beautiful Blue eyes


Beauty in Green
Beauty in Green


Smokey Eyes
Smokey Eyes


Cat's pink Eyes
Cat’s Multi-shade Eyes


Soft rust Eyes
Soft rust Eyes



Aloe Vera hair Treatment, Secret of Healthy hair revealed!


We have been discussing about how we can make our hair healthy if our hair fiber is weak and fine. We have told fundamental tips previously and now we are sharing a magical remedy with you. Taking a good, wholesome diet is compulsory for healthy hair and another thing which carries no lesser value is the external treatment of hair. So we are making a magical mask for your hair which will not only make your hair healthy and thick (if used every once in a while) but also it will keep your hair soft and tangle-free.

Aloe, honey and olive oil mask
Aloe, honey and olive oil mask


Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Tablespoon (contains Zinc, antioxidants Vitamin A, C, E, Amino Acid, fatty acids)

Olive Oil, 2 Table spoon (Good for smooth hair texture and growth)

Honey, 1 teaspoon

Warm water, one ounce


Pour the ingredients in a bowl in the given ratio. Mix them well using a brush unless it forms into a paste like texture. After smoothing the mixture, pour it on your palm and massage through your hair. Make sure that hair is covered completely with the mask you have prepared. Pulling your hair strands down with your fingers will smudge the mixture thoroughly from roots to tips. When you are completely satisfied that your hair is fully covered with the mixture, leave them for 30 minutes. After that, shampoo your hair with lukewarm water. Make sure to use mild shampoo for fine hair. Chemicals will damage you hair fiber.

Tip: Repeat the remedy twice in a week to get excellent results.



Helping Guide to Make your Thin Hair Healthy and Bouncy looking


Hair plays a vital role in your personality assets. If your hair is not so thick and healthy, you would not be able to get your desired looks. No matter for how much you have spent on your outfit, your makeover or jewelry. If your hairstyle is not perfectly mad, you will never be satisfied. Some girls have very fine hair so they cannot attain the desired volume for any hairstyle. Many products are available in the market for hair energizing and volume boosting but those are quite expensive. We are giving you two main keys to keep your hair fibers strong and healthy.

Trimming for damaged tips
Trimming for damaged tips
Blow Dry

Which Haircut is for you?

First of all, keep one thing in your mind that layer cutting (which is often advised by beauticians) is not for you if you have thin hair. Layer cutting can make your hair look healthy if you get a blow dry treatment from your stylist, otherwise it will make your hair even thinner when you are not using blow-dry to enhance your hair steps.

Get your hair cut equally, it can be helpful to enhance a bit of volume. Visit your stylist twice in 3 months two get your hair trimmed. It will help you to get damaged and split ends removed and your hair will look neat and in shape.


Same length cutting
Same length cutting

What to Eat?

Now come to your diet plan, Add vitamin A, C, biotin, Zinc, B-12, Protein and Iron in your daily diet. Either you can take any good food supplement daily to get these essential vitamins or you may add egg, nuts, beans, salmon fish, cod liver oil and green leaves vegetables like spinach. All of these things will keep your scalp neat and the roots of your hair strong.


How to style?

If you are going to a party and you need a good hairstyle, consider hair curling or blow dry to boost the volume of your hair. Always use quality products for your hair whether it’s your shampoo and conditioner or styling gel and spray. Don’t pick high chemical products for your hair; instead, use herbal products which are nicer to your hair.

Curled Hair
Curled Hair
Blow Dry Hairstyle
Blow Dry Hairstyle


  1. Don’t wash your hair with over-warm water.
  2. Don’t rub your hair too much with towel.
  3. Always use oil to massage your hair before shampooing.
  4. Keep your finger movement slow and circulative, it will make blood flow better and your scalp will absorb oil easily.
  5. After oiling, soak a towel in hot water, press it to pull out extra water and wrap the hot damp towel to your hair. The steam is good to make your hair soft and the oil to get absorbed in your scalp.
  6. Use silk pillow instead of rough fabric. It will prevent your hair from getting damaged.
  7. Don’t let your hair be loose when you are asleep, it will make them tangled and damaged. Bind them with ponytail instead.
  8. Brush your hair before going to bed.

Extremely Gorgeous Hairdos for Brides ( 34 Images)

Your bridal makeover must be the best ever you have worn in your life because it is your day. The bride must be shimmering like a star amongst all so be very careful about picking your dress, accessories, shoes and hairstyle. Probably your beautician will leave the decision up to you to choose the hairstyle that you like. It will be convenient for you if she picks up one herself which goes with your dress but if the choice is yours, you must be looking for some adorable hairstyles. So wave your wand and voila! We are adding an extremely gorgeous collection for you to choose from.Don’t forget to mention the one you have chosen in comments below so that we might be able to bring another appreciable collection for you.

Sleek and Stylish


tropical wedding hairstyles












Traditional White flowered

White, the traditional beauty of bridal outfit and hair ornament! If you want to look like a queen of the event, pick a hairstyle with white flowers. Almost 80% of brides will love to pick from this category. Take a look!







il_fullxfull.247000198 (1)







Ornamental Hairdos:

Crowns, Beads and Pins… do you love these things? If so, you will surely admire this collection. You can adjust your favorite ornament with these hairstyles or you may order one to your jeweler by showing him the picture. Make sure to keep your dress in consideration. Ornamental hairdo’s mostly work fine with sleek and stylish dresses, but if your dress is a bit over decorated, you must go for simple or white flowered hair styles.






MAGAZINE >> Fashion for Catherine Condell

















Colored Flowered Hairstyles:

Colored flowers are for those girls who love to give a look of “Jungle Queen”. That;s obviously not a bad idea, you can pick as many colors as you want for your hair. Multi-colored or single colored hairstyles should be picked when you have to decide the dress after the hairstyle so that you may customize the dress accordingly. Its quite rare when some bride picks to look colored cutie.


low braids hairstyle flowers collage















College Footwear Trends of 2014 ( 15 images )

College life is so exciting, full of fun and surprises and joyful. Girls, especially are very conscious about their looks and outfits. No doubt that youth itself is very beautiful that whatever you wear, will look good on you but still, college girls need to be stylish and trend setters for their youngsters. Shoes are given extreme importance in the college’s getup. There are so many things girls must keep in mind while selecting shoes for their college outfit that,

  • Shoes must be well-fitted
  • Sober & stylish looking
  • Comfortable
  • Light weighted
  • Decent colors and patters.
  • Durable and economical

Keeping in mind all these points, we are adding a collection of college shoes which will give you an idea about what you should wear in the college.

Casual College Footwear
















barefoot tess d


Best Tips for Sandal-Ready Feet 1


Prom Night Footwear