Milay Cyrus played hard to be the hot chat of the fans!
Milay Cyrus played hard to be the hot chat of the fans!

She can be truly called the shock-pop princess as she has been doing unusual, rather shocking things to make her fans surprised. Miley Cyrus’s costumes and performances have been terribly shocking usually and so she did this time at EMA award show. The shocking performer pulled out a joint from her hand bag and lit it up on stage. It was a suspicious looking cigarette which made some of her fans astonished while others; impressed. That is the success which she might want to get.


It was the click which MTV removed before putting the show on-air but later it was uploaded to YouTube to show the controversial act by Miley Cyrus. She got the Best Video prize for her track Wrecking Ball. While trying to toss the award in her bag, she showed a grin to the audience saying that, “I can’t fit it in my bag, but I did find this”.

MTV owners found her act so controversial that they have to trim it from the scene which they were going to show on-air. Miley Cyrus was only shown for a brief time just receiving the award and thanking her fans. Afetrwards, the 35 seconds video of the girl lightening up the cigarette on YouTube gave a chance to her fans to make a hot discussion for hours about her controversial act.

As the cigarette was looking a bit unusual, it sure was a Marijuana cigar which is not permitted in Netherland, but if someone is a smoker, he can take a small amount of it and it is available in coffee shops.


Lighting up the joint on stage, shocking controversy of the day!
Lighting up the joint on stage, shocking controversy of the day!

So many tweets appeared from her fans about her act, one of them wrote, “WTF is wrong with Miley Cyrus?! Why would you smoke a joint at the EMA awards? Another tweeted, “Haha Miley Cyrus is now smoking weed on live TV. What next? It looks like she has consciously popped a controversial situation to her audience to be the talk of town. They say that Miley Cyrus has done a bit too hard to be controversial this time. What else she can dare to carry on the spirit to be HOT topic of public chatrooms.


Duchess Kate’s glossy chestnut locks going grey, what’s the reason behind?

The highlight of London Poppy day is by none other than Duchess of Cambridge, Kate with Duke William visiting military servicemen, supporters and women in an exclusive calf-length red coat by Claret LK Bennett. She was looking pretty as ever. However, camera’s vision sometimes becomes so cruel to find even the tiniest detail which must be hidden. Her beautiful Chestnut locks have been praised ever for being bouncy and glossy but unfortunately, her grey hair roots were quite prominent when she was among poppy girls’ members, military servicemen and women. Normally, she is seen with her hair parted at the side but now, they look parted in middle which is somewhat unusual.


It looks like the Duchess has lost the bounce of her hair as her hair becoming thinner. What might be the REASON behind this? It is normally assumed that pregnancy can be the reason of hair graying. According to Galvin Jr., the hair dresser, “If, when pregnant, you use an anesthetic grey hairs may develop. It’s a huge shock to the system sometimes sends the hair bulb to sleep causing the hair to lose its natural pigmentation,’ He suggested to part the hair at the side where greys are not prominent.

According to him, if women are getting their hair roots grey during pregnancy, they will get their original pigmentation back in a few months. So if Duchess is passing through that process of hair graying, hopefully she will get her chestnut shade back in a while as the baby is 4 months old now.

Some women do no dye their hair while they are pregnant or breastfeeding, as they believe that the chemicals used in hair colors will harm the baby. To some extent, it is true, but on the other side, modern hair dying techniques quite lighter and herbs based colors and chemicals which make easy for woman to visit salon confidently.

Kate is definitely doing something to fight against these grey roots. She has been using vegetable based hair dyes and subtle low-lights applied. Her visits to the Richard Ward Hair and Metro spa in Chelsea were consisting of daily 4 hours visits.

Errol Douglas, the celebrity hair stylist said: ‘I recommend vegetable dye and color glosses to my clients when they’re expecting. They’re safe and take them through those months with a gentle solution to keeping roots at bay.’


Denise Richard And Her Daughters Feeling Relieved After Denise Has Given Up The Custody Of Violet Twins Of Her Ex-Husband


The charming Denise Richard was spotted with her daughters Lola and Sam on Wednesday. The famous actress was visibly keeping a protecting sight over her daughters. Picking them rights from their school in Los Angeles, she was heading towards her car with them. A security guard was seen with the stylish mom and daughters. Denise Richard was looking perfectly adorable, wearing black and white sleeveless striped coat, skinny black jeans and a pair of Denise Richard was looking perfectly adorable, wearing black and white sleeveless striped coat, skinny black jeans and a pair of knee-high leather boots. Big goggles were looking simply stylish on her face. 9 years old Sam and 8 years old Lola were looking pretty in T-shirts and trainers.


Actress told that she has given up the custody of her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen’s twins (who are reported as ‘violent twins’ by the actress) Bob and Max, 4 years old. She says that boys didn’t behave well with her daughters. In fact they slapped, punched, scratched and caused lots of troubles for her daughters.

Denise were taking care of Bob and Max after their real Mom, Brook Mueller was under some medical treatment for rehabilitation. She was given the temporary custody of her kids but the star says that she is unable to look after the ‘Violent Twins’ as they have caused lots of troubles for her own kids. She has written to DCFS that she is giving up the custody of Bob and Max because of their bad behavior for her daughters and pet dog. (Reference TMZ)


According to TMZ, she claims that ‘her daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max’. Also they kicked her dog and squeezed his head. They enjoyed seeing dog whimper in pain.

Picture turns when Bob and Max’s mother Brooke blamed Denise for not being nice with her sons. She told that bob was totally unhappy with Denise as he told his mother that he hates her (Denise). She says that Denise was trying to turn his son against her.


Charlie wants to keep Brooke away from his sons, as he tweeted

‘Oh, by the way, nice try this morning Brooke. ‘You are a chubby weirdo who will lose at every turn trying to get between me and my boys (sic)’ their relationship seems so be totally broken as he called her a ‘whore’ and ‘chubby weirdo’


According to sources, the latest news about the controversy is that both of the women are called by child protection services for an emergency meeting.