15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

fashion hacks

The goal when getting ready is always to look your best, these tips and tricks will help you achieve that making your life easier and looking fabulous.

 #1 Sweat stains

No one likes sweat stains showing on their clothes they can be embarrassing, a solution for this problem is actually quite simple just use panty liners they have adhesive so they will stay in place and they are thin enough to be unnoticeable.

fashion 1

#2 Deodorant stains

Deodorant stains can be a pain to get out of clothes, but not to worry there is a simple solution for this, to remove the stains just use a baby wipe

fashion 2

‘Strobing’ Is The Latest Beauty Trend And Here’s How To Do It Right


Contouring has been around a while now and no matter how much we say we hate it, we all love it. But that does not change the fact that contouring does require a little bit of practice and a lot of time to perfect the look.

strobe 1

So, there’s a new makeup trend that many are replacing contouring with. It’s called ‘Strobing’.

strobe 2

And unlike contouring, this does not require a lot of your time or products.

strobe 3

Contouring results in giving the face a chiseled effect by using a mixture of dark and light shades.

strobe 4

However, for strobing, all you need to do is ‘highlight’ to naturally brighten up the face

strobe 5

Simply highlight the parts of your face where the natural light hits directly, like the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the chin.

strobe 6

For a flawless base, apply foundation or your favorite BB Cream. Then slap on some sheer highlighter on your most attractive features. No contouring required.

strobe 7

To make the look more noticeable and striking, apply highlighter to the brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes and the tip of the nose too.

strobe 8

Top 10 Dresses To Wear For An Interview

As we all know that opportunity never comes twice, therefore, always be prepared for any kind of opportunity comes into your life. It is necessary that you have to cover up all your topics related to your field before going to an interview. But there are also some things to remember whenever you go for an interview. The first and most important thing is your outfit.

Top 10 Dresses to wear for an Interview

Everyone knows that first impression is your last impression. Therefore, it is essential for you to go in an outfit which impress the interviewer. Always prefer professional and polished outfit for interviews. Here we are giving a list of top 10 dresses to wear for an interview, which surely impress the interviewer and also increase your chances of getting a job.

Sweater and Black Dress Pants

This outfit is perfect for an interview during winter seasons. Always wear a pair of branded black pants with sweater that fit well. A black pant with sweater is a nice combination for the girls.

Sweater and Black Dress Pants


  • It gives you a business casual look.
  • It is a unique outfit which helps in soften your look.

Wear Shirt with Buttons Down

It is always experimental to wear shirt with buttons down in an interview. You can also experiment with the fabrics of shirt. The color of the shirt also matters a lot in an interview. Therefore, always go for professional colors.

Wear Shirt with Buttons Down

  • It gives you a classy and a little bit sexy look.
  • The neckline of your shirt should be modest which gives a professional look.

Blazer and Khakhi Skirt

It is one of the casino favorite dresses to wear in an interview. You can also wear this outfit on several other occasions too. You can wear Khakhi skirt with different tops.

Blazer and Khakhi Skirt

  • This outfit is perfect for all seasons.
  • It is a simple, versatile and casual outfit.

Statement Dresses

Statement dresses are the first choice of many girls for an interview. But you need to wear these dresses in professional colors only like deep red or muted turquoise.

Statement Dresses

  • This dress speaks for itself if you add some accessories with it.
  • A pair of black heels with this outfit gives you a perfect look.

V Neck Sweater with Buttons Down

Those who prefer a versatile look, v neck sweater with buttons down is a perfect outfit for them. If anyone interviewing a start-up company, then she can wear dark wash jeans or skirt with a v neck sweater.

V Neck Sweater with Buttons


  • It can give you a variety of looks by only changing the color of this outfit.
  • You can easily mix and match the skirt with different v neck sweaters.

Print Cardigans

There are a lot of girls who prefer to wear printed tops or cardigans for an interview. But you have to avoid more flashy and bright color printed cardigans.

Print Cardigans

  • It is a boring outfit but still quite awesome for an interview.
  • You can easily impress the interviewers with this outfit.

A Black Dress and Tights

Black is the favourite color and also suits on everyone. You look awesome and professional in a black dress if you pair with textured tights.

Black Dress and Tights


  • It gives you a modern and professional look.
  • It is easy to wear.

A Wrap Blouse and Tweed Skirt

This outfit totally impress the interviewer. It gives you an elegant and gorgeous look. A wrap blouse with tweed skirt is a perfect outfit for an interview.
Wrap Blouse and Tweed Skirt

A Khakhi Blazer and Navy Blue Jeans

This outfit gives you a stylish and dazzling look. A unique and interesting rounded collar shirt with a Khakhi blazer eliminates the need of a anything else.

Khahkhi shirt with nave blue

White Shirt with Dark trouser and bellies

This gives you a decent look and makes you look attractive and gorgeous in formal wear. This is one of the best formal outfits for women.

White Shirt with Dark trouser

30 Stylish Maternity Dresses for Pregnant Women

pregnant dress

During pregnancy, it is necessary for every girl to feel relax and comfortable. According to the stats, a majority of pregnant women does not want to show their pregnancy to others until they are at least 4-5 months along. Even some women want to look beautiful and gorgeous during their pregnancy. They like to wear nice dresses during their pregnancy too. But there are certain limitation too in pregnant women dresses as a pregnant woman can only wear maternity tops after four or five months of their pregnancy. They can wear dresses which are made of that kind of fabric which can breathe and stretch easily.

Stylish Maternity Dresses for Pregnant Women

Plus Size Dresses

This type of dresses is perfect for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman can only wear plus size dresses after seven months of their pregnancy. These types of dresses are easily available in the market. You also look pretty and gorgeous in plus size dresses. Plus size dresses are always better for pregnant women.








Baby Doll Tops

These types of dresses are the first choice of a pregnant lady. Baby doll tops are stylish, comfortable and beautifully cover your growing waistline area. There is a wide collection of baby doll tops in the market. You can also check a variety of baby doll tops online. You will get so many baby doll tops in different colours on these online shopping portals.








Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are figure flattering dresses for pregnant women. Pregnant women prefer to wear plain colour wrap tops instead of complex design wrap tops. It is also advisable to wear that kind of dresses that absorb moisture and keep you cool during pregnancy. The cotton blend used in these dresses provides an airy and nice feeling during hot summer days. Therefore, wrap tops are also good for pregnant women.








Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, and Nahla enjoy a Mother's Day lunch in West Hollywood









Tips To Look Bold – Enhance Your Looks

bold look

Makeup can define your look and your look defines your attitude. You always want to experiment with your looks and try a different one each time. Sometime you feel like defying all boundaries and putting up a very bold look and putting a make-up that helps you attain that look. Putting on bold make up might be desirable but might not be very easy. But with few easy and simple tips and tricks you can let your make up define your bold and daring look. Some of the best tips to look bold are:

Start with a clean fresh face

This is very important for any kind of business.


  • Start by washing your face and remove any previous make up with a make-up cleaning kit.
  • Apply a cleanser with a moisturizer and start with a supple skin that is easy to put make up on.

Choose your shades and look

Decide what bold look you want to put on.


  • Decide the colors of each accessory you want to put ranging from your eye color to kajal to lip gloss and lip color.
  • All these should complement each other and put together they should give you a complete and bold look.

Bold Lip liner

To accentuate the curves and contour of the lips, you should always use a lip liner.


  • Use this to define the boundaries of your lip stick. You can use a different shade as your lipstick shade or the same color. A different color gives a bolder look.

Apply a base

Apply a suitable base that suits your skin.


  • You can also use a combination of lacto calamine with your foundation and compact.
  • You may also need to put concealer to conceal some of the blemishes and marks.
  • Use what gives you a smooth and even base to start putting your make up on.

Use the right lipstick shade

Your lipstick shade complements the shade of your eye shadow.

beautiful woman with professional make-up makes choice between d

  • Make sure the shade of your lipstick does not mask your beautiful eye makeup.
  • Also it should match your skin tone.
  • A clear lip gloss with just sparkle can also do, but you can use bright colors like red and pink also, if they match with your dress.

Make your eyes bold

Start with your bold look with a good eye make-up that makes you look bold.


  • You can try the smoky look. It is in vogue and gives a real bold look.
  • You can also try brushing of a solid eye color on the whole eyelid. It really dominates the look of the face.

Cheek color

This is another important part of your bold make up.


  • Use a good shade on your cheekbones to accentuate their look.
  • Highlight on top of the bone. This will add highlight to your eyes also. Do the blending with a larger brush.

Use Cat eye look

This is also an amazing eye look that you can try for your bold make up look.


  • Start from the center of your lash line and spread the color outside.
  • You can use a pencil also to create this look or a powder eye shadow.

Team up with right clothes

Accessorize your bold make up with bold clothes.


  • Use of a leather jacket is the best way.
  • Use a good clutch for your hand with golden beads and bold colors.

Use a thick eye liner

This is a very small and often forgotten part of your eye makeup. Make sure your eye shadow does not conceal your eye liner.


  • It should be put after you have already put your eye shadow.
  • You can use either a powder or a liquid pencil eye liner.
  • Try wearing your eye liner a little thick. It makes your eyes look bold and big.

Give Your Kids Best Look With Kids’ Latest Fashion Trends

As with the change in adult’s fashion, the children’s fashion also keeps on change, however, there is a wide difference between the fashion trends of kids and fashion trends of adults, because designers aim is to appeal two entirely different people: the kids for whom they are designing dresses and adults (parents or guardians) who give money for those cloths. Following are some latest trends for children that are stylish as well as affordable by all:

Ethical or Organic clothing:


Ethical or Organic clothing is the most popular and common fashion trends for children nowadays. This will look good and your kids also feel relaxed in this fabric. No matter what type of skin your children have, organic clothing is the best choice.

Cartoon clothing:

Not only children, but also adults love bright colors. Every child loves to wear bright color cloths, especially when their clothes have their favorite character. It is one of the most common and popular trend among children because bright colors and cartoons are something that identifies them.

Fur-lined or Ugg-style Boots:

ugg pp (6)


Fur-lined or ugg-style boots are the most popular boots among adults, but they are also popular among girls under 12 years because of their look and practicality. These boots not only keep the feet warm throughout winters, but children also feel comfortable and relax and can run here and there after wearing these boots. For a more ethical and cheaper choice, always choose the boots that are wrinkled with fake sheepskin or fake fur.


Knitwear is always the popular choice among kids and adults in winter, because they keep their feet warm and also they are available in several different styles. In order to keep the kids warm a lot of parents use knitwear over a T-shirt in winter. However, many children don’t like to wear knitwear and finds it irritating if contact directly with skin.

Above are some of the most common and popular fashion trends among children in 2014. Follow this trend and give your child one of the best looking.

30 Awesome Red Hot Heels For Girls

Red hot heels

The world is becoming so much trendy and fashionable that everyone wants to look hot, fashionable and trendy these days. Especially, girls are crazier for the latest fashion trends. They try different fashionable trends to look stylish, gorgeous and beautiful. Red hot heels are one of the latest trends these days. Most of the girls used to wear red hot heels to attract boys; however, men also like girls in red hot heels. The aged women also like to wear high heels with red color. Red is the symbol of love, heart and romance, therefore, red hot heels are the first choice of every girl.

Fashionable and Trendy Red Hot Heels

Red hot heels (1)

Red hot heels (1)

Red hot heels (2)

Red hot heels (3)

Red hot heels (4)

Red hot heels (5)

Red hot heels (6)

Red hot heels (7)

Red hot heels (8)

Red hot heels (9)

Red hot heels (10)

Red hot heels (11)

Red hot heels (12)

Red hot heels (13)

Red hot heels (14)

Red hot heels (15)

Red hot heels (16)

Red hot heels (17)

Red hot heels (18)

Red hot heels (19)

Red hot heels (20)

Red hot heels (21)

Red hot heels (22)

Red hot heels (23)

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-4782" casino src=”http://beautynstyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Red-hot-heels-24.jpg” alt=”Red hot heels (24)” width=”600″ height=”450″ />

Red hot heels (25)

Red hot heels (26)

Red hot heels (27)

Red hot heels (28)

Red hot heels (29)

Red hot heels (30)

Red hot heels (31)

Salient Features of Red Hot Heels

  • We all know that the red color is eye catching color. So, when you wear red hot heels, you look fabulous and gorgeous due to which so many boys attract towards you.
  • These heels add an extra attribute to your style and physical appeal. It is also a reason to prefer red hot heels over other heels in different colors.
  • Red hot heels give an ultimate charm on your face. It also gives a feminine and sexy look to girls. These heels also give a passionate feeling to the girls just like the red lips.
  • You are looking slimmer, taller and smarter in these heels. These heels are useful for those girls who have long legs as she can hide their long foot by wearing these red hot high heels.
  • One can also wear these red hot heels in corporate meetings, business meetings, corporate launches and offices. Those girls who wear short skirts with red hot heels look very hot and sexy.
  • These heels also give you a seductive, attractive and stylish look. You can wear red hot heels with a black outfit in parties and weddings too.

Look At This Crazy Eye Makeup Right Now

#1 The New Cat’s Eye

We bet you’ve never seen this unique take on a ‘cat’s eye’ before! Makeup artist Tal Peleg is famous for her crazy eye makeup designs.


#2 Anne

For this amazingly detailed look, makeup artist Tal Peleg was inspired by Anne Frank’s quote, “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” Very inspiring!


#3 Counting Sheep

If this eye makeup design wasn’t so awesome, all of those jumping sheep would be enough to send any insomniac to sleep!


#4 The Land Of Tears

This impressive eye makeup design is titled ‘The Land of Tears’, and we think the detail is incredibly realistic. The makeup artist was inspired by the story, The Little Prince.


#5 The Princess & The Frog

Tal Peleg celebrates another Disney classic with this Princess and the Frog-inspired look. The clever makeup artist even transforms her eyebrow into the Princess’s hair!


#6 Christmas Spirit

Fancy donning this eye makeup to your upcoming Christmas party? We love how the eyebrow also serves as the reindeer’s antlers!


#7 The Ugly Duckling

Tal Peleg’s Ugly Duckling-inspired eye makeup shows the transformation of the small duckling into a stunning swan. We love it!


#8 Eye See Sushi

Here’s one for all of you sushi lovers out there! Let’s just hope none of that wasabi sauce gets into her eye…Ouch!


#9 The Princess & The Pea

We love this clever fairytale-inspired look, with the green eye acting as the pea in the famous story, The Princess and the Pea.


#10 Steampunk

Tal Peleg incorporates the Steampunk look into her eye makeup designs, and the result is amazing – Just look at that detail!