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Amazing Facts about Football

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1. The average life length of a professional football player is 55 years. 2. The National Football League is considered to be a non-profit organization. Thereby it is not paying any taxes. 3. Helmets were brought in soccer by a basketball inventor James Naismith. 4. More than 50% of

10 Signs He’s Cheating

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Research reveals that 50 to 60 percent of married men engage in sex with other partners during their marriage. Often their wives have no clue that they were cheated on.  If you want to protects yourself from broken heart just watch these signs to make sure. Do you know

Thanksgiving Ideas

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These crafts can make your celebration fun. Simple, clever and very creative Thanksgiving ideas. Let’s begin. 1. Oreo Turkeys Ingredients: Candy Corn Chocolate & Vanilla Oreos Whoppers Candy Eyeballs Mini Reese’s Chocolate & Vanilla icing or candy melts Mini Nutter Butters As simple as it can be. Grab some

5 Not-Known Health and Mind Benefits of Video Games

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A mom is always desperate of seeing her child playing video games all day but if she gets to know that there a lot of health benefits of video games, she would give her child the freedom to play video games for at least 3-5 hours daily. Online games

Nicki Minaj And Her Weird Hairstyles (25 Photos)

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Being a celebrity

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Celebrities… celebs…superstars… all these are nothing else but synonyms of a person who is the idol, the role model, of millions across the globe. Well, in fact more than an idol, s/he is a god for them… maybe even more than that! A celebrity is not someone special who

Top 15 Things those Girls Like in Guys

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The question might round in every guy’s mind that what qualities of guy’s really draw girls to them. What are the ways they should behave? Most guys are pretty confused about what girls like in a guy or what do they want their guys should be.  Though each girl

Back Dimple Piercing (10 Examples)

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Piercing… Something which has gone wild in today’s time. Everyone around you is just trying to be ‘cool’, to fit into the group they try almost everything (sometimes really weird things too). Piercing has really taken up today, with almost 10 out of the 100s seen in piercing. Back

The 21 Highest Superhero Salaries

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21 Christopher Reeve Earned $250,000 for Both Superman I and II Reeve was picked from over 200 actors who auditioned for the role. Superman and Superman II were shot simultaneously and Reeve was reportedly paid $250,000 for both movies. It is estimated that the Superman franchise earned the actor a total

Big Brother Season 15 2013: Famous Celebrities going to the new Housemates

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The house of Big Brother Season 15 2013 cast is going to be rocked by the celebrities with the recent civilian departure. The house of Big Brother 2013 would have a blend of celebrities of 18 years to 74 years. The environment inside the house is expected to be full