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Interesting Facts about Basketball

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1. The smallest NBA player of all times is Mugsy Bogues. He is only 5 foot 3 inches tall, while the average height of a basketball player is about 6 foot 10 inches. However, it did not prevent him from successful playing in the NBA for 14 years! 2.

Popular MMO Games You’d Love to Play

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World of Warplanes If you are familiar with World of Tanks, this game is even better! This is a multiplayer online game dedicated to the best representatives of the world’s combat aircraft. If you are a fan of amazing graphics and realistic events, you are welcome to play. Endless

Spring Fragrances That Will Make You Want a New Signature Scent

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Spring is the season of new beginnings, so start spring off with a fresh new scent! Picking a new fragrance can be a bit overwhelming. From sweet and fruity to feminine and floral, the options are endless. So, to help you on your path of discovering your new signature

Top 10 London Attractions

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We all know this classic places to see in London. But let’s see if you can get excited by these cultural and historic places which are on today’s London attractions list. 1. British Museum The world-famous British Museum exhibits the works from prehistoric to modern times from all around

7 Best Video Game Endings

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We all know how game ending can actually spoil the whole game process. You try to reach your goal and you are almost there… and no, no cinematic scenes, no explosions, just meh. If you played Super Mario Bros. you may have that feeling too. Mario goes castle after

12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

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Preparing food can be a huge mess! We would definitely enjoy it more if everything would be organized in an easy manner. If you don’t have huge modern kitchen you still can win some space by using these awesome kitchen organization tips. Here are twelve unique ideas to save

8 Eye-Catching Looks to Steal From the Runway Right Now

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Before the fall 2014 shows descend upon us, we’re taking a look back at the best eye makeup from seasons past. Whether you’re in the mood for romantic, edgy, or just something different, we’ve got you covered. From the metallic copper and rose gold looks at J. Mendel and Carolina

The Best Backstage Snaps From Chanel Couture

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Karl Lagerfeld is rarely one to disappoint, and today was no different at Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture show. While the hair and makeup wowed us once again (and trust us, we’ll get to that) what has everyone talking is the fact that Lagerfeld dressed up his models in his

Futuristic Technologies You May Live To See

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Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants Futuristic technology is usually imagined as things we see in sci-fi movies. Right now we have Siri, textbots and many others who can have very pleasant conversation with and help you at the same time. It seems that we have already achieved it. Invisible Computers

Interesting Places to Celebrate New Year

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Have you already decided where and how you are going to celebrate New Year? If not, our list may be of great assistance for you. 1. Las Vegas, USA Las Vegas is a perfect place to celebrate absolutely anything, not to mention New Year. On New Year’s Eve streets