Interesting Facts about Basketball

1. The smallest NBA player of all times is Mugsy Bogues. He is only 5 foot 3 inches tall, while the average height of a basketball player is about 6 foot 10 inches. However, it did not prevent him from successful playing in the NBA for 14 years!

2. The height of the tallest NBA player of all times is 7 foot 7 inches. Actually here we are talking about two NBA players – Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol. Both of them are exactly 7 foot 7 inches tall!

3. Have you ever been told that you are not good enough at basketball? Do not rush to get upset. You should know that such basketball stars as Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were kicked out of their school teams.

4. Originally basketball was brown, not orange as we all got used to.

5. First hoops had bottoms and after every successful ball throw referees were using ladders to take a basketball out of them.



6. Audience used to grab a ball, that is why it was decided to add a backboard.

7. Basketball game was invented as far back as in1891 by James Naismith.

8. The first basketball game played by women took place in 1892. Some game rules were adjusted for women.

9. There were times when slam-dunks were prohibited. They were legalized in 1976.

10. The first professional basketball game took place not in the USA, but in Toronto, Canada in 1946.


Popular MMO Games You’d Love to Play

World of Warplanes

If you are familiar with World of Tanks, this game is even better! This is a multiplayer online game dedicated to the best representatives of the world’s combat aircraft. If you are a fan of amazing graphics and realistic events, you are welcome to play. Endless amount of battles for air superiority awaits for you. Be the one of 15 player on a team to beat your opponent. It’s important to be a team player and at the same time contribute as individual player. Start your flying adventure HERE!


You will enjoy the best planes from aircraft engineering. You can start with biplanes of the 1930s, level up with legendary WWII warplanes, or just stick with jet fighters of the Korean War, “grandpas” of modern aircrafts. Don’t forget to upgrade your plane, You will be surprised with the amount of armaments available, plus various airframes and engines.
Become a pilot now:


Mech Warriors Online

The future is here. Machines are taking over the world. Do you want to be part of it? Jump in to start tactical BattleMech simulation set in 3050 AD; take control of the most powerful mechanical battle units. Time frame is the same as in 2013, so one day in real world is the same as in the game. For to download right here:


You will operate one of the BattleMech, a heavily armored combat platform which utilizes an internal structure similar to a skeleton. The BattleMech in combat form looks like a giant, rough, bipedal humanoid. In real world BattleMechs would weigh between 20 and 100 tons and fall into one of four weight classes: light, medium, heavy and assault. Become one of them HERE!


Mech Warriors Online

As a BattleMech, you will have various weapon systems that include energy: super cool lasers/flamers/particle projectiles; ballistic – try to stop them with autocannons, machine guns, Gauss; missile – you’ll love it – long range missiles, short range missiles, streak short range missiles; and, of course, a variety of electronic monitoring/targeting systems. Ready to try? Then just start NOW!


Do you want to know how it works? MechWarrior Online puts MechWarriors into teams and drops them to tactical battlefield where you fight for your life. Up to 12 players in each team battling against opposing team. Communication is key, so we can consider it as a great social network.
Get your chance to succeed here:


Star Wars – The Old Republic

If you liked the world of Star Wars, you’ll love this game. Fulfill your dream of becoming a jedi, or maybe you wanted to be on the dark side? This is the only massively-multiplayer online game that puts you at the center of your own story. Many other Star Wars iconic roles will make it even better! Did you know what happened over three-thousand years before the classic films?
Become the hero of your own Star Wars adventure, join now!


The Light or Dark side of the Force will question your decisions all the time. One can enjoy flexibility of the game, fantastic characters, adventures with your companions, and awesome lightsaber battles!
Don’t miss your lightsaber, play for free at


Spring Fragrances That Will Make You Want a New Signature Scent

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so start spring off with a fresh new scent! Picking a new fragrance can be a bit overwhelming. From sweet and fruity to feminine and floral, the options are endless. So, to help you on your path of discovering your new signature scent, we have gathered a few of our spring favorites.

Whether you want to capture the aroma of your favorite flower, or perhaps you’re looking for an edgier scent, we have got you covered. Click through the slideshow above to find out which fragrances to put on when the winter layers start coming off.

New season, new scent!


Put some spring in your step and take a stroll down Aerin’s Lilac Path. This scent perfectly captures the season and the jewel-topped bottle will look beautiful on any vanity.

Aerin Lilac Path, $110,


Chloe’s new fragrance, Roses de Chloe is the latest scent from the brand and perhaps the lovliest. Aptly named, this fragrance will transport you into a garden overflowing with roses.

Chloe Roses de […]


Dynamic duo and fashion moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen expanded their empire this year by creating not one, but two fragrances for their Elizabeth and James line. Nirvana Black and Nirvana White both […]


The latest news from the House of Balmain is the introduction of its newest fragrance, Extatic, the first scent created by the label’s Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing. The fragrance will be an […]


Calvin Klein’s scent, Euphoria, was an incredibly popular fragrance targeted to a more mature audience. Because of that success, the brand decided to launch a new scent in 2014 and aim it at a younger […]


At the end of January 2014, Burberry will launch the female counterpart to Burberry Brit Rhythm. Taking inspiration from the excitement surrounding live music, the scent contains notes of lavender and […]


A little bit sweet, and a little bit spicy, Balenciaga’s latest and greatest fragrance, Rosabotanica, is a refreshing and sparkling blend that will leave you smelling feminine and fresh all day […]


Juicy Couture is known for its casual luxury, and it’s new fragrance, Malibu, carries on with the brand’s signature aesthetic. With notes of pink passsion fruit, and sweet jasmine, Malibu is a mix of […]


Top 10 London Attractions

We all know this classic places to see in London. But let’s see if you can get excited by these cultural and historic places which are on today’s London attractions list.

1. British Museum

The world-famous British Museum exhibits the works from prehistoric to modern times from all around the world. Highlights include the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection. You can walk through history of of modern civilization and feel the time of every epoch. Entry is free but special exhibitions may require tickets.


2. Tate Modern

Tate Modern,hidden on the banks of the Thames, is Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art. You will notice its unique shape which is due to it previously being a power station. Inside you’ll find exhibitions by top artists from Damien Hirst to Gauguin. At the gallery’s restaurants you can enjoy nice meal ans fabulous views across the city. Entry is free.


3.National Gallery

The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery is a vast space; it’s filled with Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. In this iconic art gallery you can find works by masters such as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable, Renoir, Titian and Stubbs. As in most museums, entry is free.


4.Natural History Museum

As well as the amazing permanent dinosaur exhibition, the Natural History Museum has a collection of the biggest, tallest and rarest animals in the world. have you seen a life-sized Blue Whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and the beautiful Central Hall? Entry is free but some special exhibitions require tickets.


5.London Eye

The Energy London Eye is a major feature of London’s skyline. Did you know that it is the world’s highest observation wheel? With 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes, and holding up to 25 people. Climb aboard for a breathtaking experience, with unforgettable views of more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks – all in just 30 minutes! Tickets are available online and at cashier by the London Eye.


6.Science Museum

If you like to see development of science from ancient times to modern futuristic ideas you are at the right place. You can see, touch and experience the major scientific advances of the last 300 years; don’t forget the fantastic Imax cinema. Entry is free but some exhibitions require tickets.


7.Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A celebrates art and design with 3,000 years worth of amazing artifacts from around the world. It’s a real treasure of goodies, you never know what you’ll discover next: furniture, paintings, sculpture, metalwork, and textiles, it’s endless… Entry is free but some special exhibitions require tickets.


8.Madame Tussauds

Want to meet the world’s most famous faces? Just come to Madame Tussauds! Meet Shakespeare and Lady Gaga, influential figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty. Strike a pose with Usain Bolt, kiss Brad Pitt or receive a once-in-a-lifetime audience with Her Majesty the Queen.


9.Royal Museums Greenwich

The world’s largest maritime museum, the historic Queen’s House, and the Royal Observatory Greenwichare open for you: all now part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Stand astride the Prime Meridian, touch a meteorite, and see the stars in the planetarium. Some are free to enter; some charges apply


10. Tower of London

Take a tour around the Tower of London, one of the world’s most famous buildings. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace, prison and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo! Everything you learnt from your history lesson. Gaze up at the White Tower, tiptoe through a medieval king’s bedchamber and marvel at the Crown Jewels. Huge part of history to join!


7 Best Video Game Endings

We all know how game ending can actually spoil the whole game process. You try to reach your goal and you are almost there… and no, no cinematic scenes, no explosions, just meh. If you played Super Mario Bros. you may have that feeling too. Mario goes castle after castle, fights to find his Peach. And they are together, done. Mushroom Kingdom lives happily ever after.

Modern games show totally new example of game endings. Now you wait for the final battle with anxiety. Well-developed characters find their way to the very last moment of the game. Of course we cannot ignore lousy endings like in Mass Effect 3, but as we know everything can’t be perfect. High expectations they say. It will be fun they say.
Let’s see our list of the best examples of fantastic game endings. Be ready for some spoilers.


7. Journey

Journey is like a revelation in video games, it’s inspirational, calm and simply beautiful. Hardcore gamers can consider this as a break from their regular game list.

The story is very simple: trying to reach the top of the growing mountain. One small detail like freezing to death can stop you. But of course everything else – no stress!

The final battle is so astonishing that will leave you speechless,  music score will surprise you. As the journeyman walks in the immersing light, your journey ends. This powerful moment leaves you feeling of warmth and hope.


6. Portal 2

Good old Portal. First part was good but second one will bring new tricky puzzles, humorous dialogs, witty jokes and GLaDOS. It’s definitely a must for any gamer’s collection. Simple, fun, addictive.

Part 2 brings not only awesome game ending but also original puzzle solutions. We find out that Wheatley is evil (surprise, surprise!) and GLaDOS is good. Tragic backstory, so many feels. Final battle will surprise us with the Moon. Yes, you heard that right – the Moon. Space twist is a nice gig. GLaDOS has changed and Chell finally leaves the facility. The end.


5.The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Zelda’s story is good oldschool must-have for gamers. The Zelda franchise has always predominantly focused on it’s amazing gameplay and fiendish puzzles, as opposed to the plot lines. This all changes in the exciting conclusion to The Wind Waker in which Link returns to the sunken kingdom for final confrontation with the King of Evil, Ganandorf, for a classic save the world and rescue the Princess ending.

Before the Battle, Daphnes, the King of Hyrule, touches the Triforce and makes a wish that he, Hydrule, and Ganondorf to be consumed by the sea so that Link and Zelda can inherit a new world – Link proceeds to make his escape by plunging the Master Sword straight into Ganon’s face. A grandiose and bittersweet death for Hyrule and it’s king as the sea envelopes them.


4.Final Fantasy X

A unique, humorous and beautiful game that has a deep and meaningful relationship between Tidus and Yuna entwined within. Gamers will play through Final Fantasy X purely to see if their relationship will work. In a shocking twist at the end it turns out the Titas is not real; merely the dream of the Fayth to recreate the world that destroyed by Sin.

When Yuna and her guardians destroy Sin, the dream disappears which leads to one of the most heart-wrenching scenes ever in gaming. Yuna runs to Tidas as he begins to fade away, she passes through him and falls to her knees in despair and cries. So will you.


3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eaters

This fantastic story takes place in the 1960s, as you play Naked Snake (who later becomes Big Boss) the genetic father of Solid, Liquid, and Solidus Snake. Snake must track down and kill The Boss, his former mentor, a supposed traitor to the U.S., and one of the greatest female characters ever written for a game.

Snake knows that if he lets the Boss live, the Soviets will declare war on the United States, this leads to the climatic final battle taking place in a field filled with white flowers. The deed is done, it is only then that Snake learns that The Boss never betrayed her country, and she allowed herself to be killed as a stunning act of patriotism. This ending will stay with you forever.


2. Mass Effect 2

The effectiveness of the ending of this game comes in the form of how it makes you constantly fear for the lives of your crew. Every decision you have made up to this point, or failed to make, come back to haunt you as certain members of your crew are dramatically eliminated in the final mission. Based upon your decisions the Collector’s base is either blown to pieces, or kept safe.

Shepard can strike a deal with the Illusive man, or tell him to go to Hell. Whatever happens it will end with the breath taking shot of the Reapers emerging and descending upon the galaxy.


1. The Last of Us

Well we all thought we could predict the ending to this masterpiece – but we were so wrong! Rather than let Ellie by killed by the Fireflies so they can develop a cure against the zombie outbreak, Joel murders the doctors and fees with the girl, killing all in their path.

After this climatic scene it is revealed that Ellie was more than willing to yield her life for the greater good. Joel lies to her and says that the Fireflies had given up on finding the cure, and when she asks if he’s lying he swears that he is telling the truth. Ellie is conflicted and terrified, she shakenly utters one word “okay” – and the credits roll.  Humanity is doomed.


12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

Preparing food can be a huge mess! We would definitely enjoy it more if everything would be organized in an easy manner. If you don’t have huge modern kitchen you still can win some space by using these awesome kitchen organization tips. Here are twelve unique ideas to save you time, money and effort!


1. Pretend Pull-Outs

If you don’t have pull-out drawer in your cabinet you can make one. Just use plastic bins! You can group your items, label them, add layers and you will have space efficient kitchen. Use this method to keep all your kitchen gadgets in one place.


2. Tension Rod Dividers

Create some dividers using short tension curtain rods instead of stacking your cutting boards, oven trays, and platters. Easy access, great visibility. The best way to save your time.


3. DIY Lid Storage Rack

Finding the matching lid is like finding a needle in a haystack. You know that you have a drawer with lids and it should be somewhere there. Now you can use drying rack to sort them as you wish. No more piles, just nice and useful lid rack.


4. Glass Jars w/ Scoops

It’s easy to using glass or plastic containers to store your baking goods. In this way you can easily see what you have and use it quickly! Special scoop/spoon will prevent your wandering around to get a fresh spoon.


5. Kitchen Counter Lazy Susan

Want to keep all of your favorite kitchen essentials in one place? Get it on a revolving lazy susan! If you don’t have much space this trick comes in very handy; less room and keeping the things you use often.


6. Stacking Shelves

Cabinets are very useful but you can add more space just by stacking shelves in your cabinets. Now you can use every inch of it. Great idea for tall cupboards or small kitchens!


7. Hanging Shelf Dividers

If you have some extra empty space you can use if efficiently by hanging shelf dividers. It’s useful for lids, small things and some kitchen gadgets that you don’t use that often.


8. Pocket Organizer

Shoe rack finds it’s use even in the kitchen. You can organize thing very well under your kitchen sink. Your sponges and gloves will have a nice place to dry off, smaller items will not get lost in all the things you keep out there. Wha can be more simple?


9. PVC Wine Rack

If you love wine this is a great idea how to find your favorite one with no effort. Use a 4-inch PVC pipe found at a hardware store to make a wine rack. You can even paint it and add some details to match your kitchen.


10. Drawer Dividers

If you have many small items you can use drawer dividers to make it more organized. Tea bags, jello, spices can find their own space in your drawers.


11. Interior Cork Board Cupboards

Cork board can come in handy to pin recipes, a measurement converter, and hooks for hanging measuring spoons and cups. Just add it to your cabinet.


12. Under-Sink Rod

Save some space by placing a tension rod under your kitchen sink. Your spray bottles will be  easy to access and fast to grab.


8 Eye-Catching Looks to Steal From the Runway Right Now

Before the fall 2014 shows descend upon us, we’re taking a look back at the best eye makeup from seasons past. Whether you’re in the mood for romantic, edgy, or just something different, we’ve got you covered. From the metallic copper and rose gold looks at J. Mendel and Carolina Herrera, to the icy lined lids at Jill Stuart and  Ralph Lauren, and the new hues at Jason Wu and Thakoon, there’s no need for a minimalistic look when you could be having this much fun with your makeup.

Even if you don’t have a backstage pro makeup artist like Charlotte Tilbury or James Kaliardos nearby to transform you, these eyes are actually easier to DIY than you would think. Get inspired with these eight looks above, then memorize our simple tips for achieving them. Your new Instagram selfies will thank you.

Play up gunmetal gray washed peepers with super shimmery white or silver shadow on the inner corners. Not only will this make you appear more wide-eyed, but it’s a 100% guarantee you’ll stand out amongst […]


There’s nothing like a burnished copper eye to warm up your whole face. The key to recreating this look is to keep the darker contrast on the outer corners and highlight the center of the lid with a […]


Embrace color in the form of a bright cat eye. Instead of reaching for classic black, pick up neon blue, green, or pink, instead. Keep the rest of your lid clean and exaggerate the line for a more […]


This cobalt-meets-violet eye is one of the best we’ve seen at NYFW. Make sure it stays put by applying primer before your shadow and packing it on with a synthetic blending brush instead of a fluffy […]


Before rose gold took off as one of the biggest trends of the year, gorgeous gals like Cara Delevingne were sporting it splashed across their lids on the runway at Carolina Herrera. Opt for a […]


If this doesn’t scream “party eye,” we don’t know what does. The backstage beauty look at Thakoon proved glitter can be piled on and still look pretty, not drag queen-y.


Don’t be afraid to sweep your shadow from the lashline to the brow bone — just make sure to blend the color from dark to light as you work your way up. A gradient eye is edgy, but a one–dimensional black […]


If you’re going for that whole snow princess vibe, line both your top and bottom lids with a white pencil and keep the rest of your makeup natural. Apply just a bit of black mascara on the upper fringe […]


The Best Backstage Snaps From Chanel Couture

Karl Lagerfeld is rarely one to disappoint, and today was no different at Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture show. While the hair and makeup wowed us once again (and trust us, we’ll get to that) what has everyone talking is the fact that Lagerfeld dressed up his models in his usual gowns and Chanel suits, and then had them trot out onto the runway in sneakers – but don’t worry, they were bedazzled sneakers.

Considering model Cara Delevingne opened and closed the show, sneakers weren’t a bad choice – the quite young, and fittingly always bouncing off the walls model was perfectly fine strutting up and down a runway in flat shoes – and the other girls proved that they had no problem either. Plus, we’re pretty excited to see that high fashion runways are taking to comfier footwear, don’t you agree?

MORE: Is Chanel Trying To Get Rid of the Nail Art Trend?

As for the hair and makeup, hairstylist Sam McKnight and makeup artist Peter Philips created a look to offset this athletic show wearing girl. For the hair, McKnight accessorized with what he could only describe as “hairybands” – literally spikey headbands to match the girls hair. Philips gave the girls each a matte face, bold brows and ’60s winged black liner offset but a bottom line of silver glitter, proving that metallic is still in.

Above, we’ve pulled our favorite behind-the-scenes snapshots from backstage, from Sam McKnight’s model shots to Lindsey Wixson and Cara Delevingne goofing off. If you couldn’t make it to the Chanel show this morning (or your invite got lost in the mail) you’ll at least feel like you were there!

Makeup artist @piiahiltunenmakeup shows off her handiwork while working on Peter Philips’ team.


Cara Delevingne is her usual self backstage, goofing off with her model friends.


Hairstylist Sam McKnight shows off the “hairy” headbands he used to create the look.


Sam McKnight also took this photo of the final look on Cara Delevingne, which included a special feathered headpiece.


Model Kate Goodeling shows off her final look before the show.



Futuristic Technologies You May Live To See

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants

Futuristic technology is usually imagined as things we see in sci-fi movies. Right now we have Siri, textbots and many others who can have very pleasant conversation with and help you at the same time. It seems that we have already achieved it.


Invisible Computers

Invisible is too loud to say, let’s say integrated in our clothes, gadgets, or even bodies. maybe we will become robots ourselves. That’s hard to predict right now.


Virtual Animals with Digital Minds

You can have a virtual pet in your game on iPad. But future introduces new level. It will live its life with you, be even connected to you. What do you think about that?


The First True Anti-Aging Intervention

We want to live forever. But for now it wil be enough just to stop our aging process. Many scientists for for that magic cure. Hopefully, we may still see it and even use it!


Lab-Grown Organs and Meat

You’ve probably already heard about lab-grown ear. Soon that will be one of many things that biologist can recover from stem cells. Organ donation will not be that crucial, life expectancy can really increase.


Flying Car

When you think about future you imagine flying car. And this is just unavoidable thing. There is already first flying car made but that’s only first step toward our future.


Alternative to Petrol and Diesel

Fossil fuel is outdated. Often you hear in news that oil will run out in 30 maybe 50 years. So why not look for a better source? Natural energy, wind, sun… Just so many of them!


Wireless Charging

Nokia introduced new phones with wireless charger. if you think it’s great, you’ll love future! No wires,no cords. Use it while charging!


Teleportation Device

Flying cars will be very cool. But they will never as cool as teleportation. One minute and you are there! Of course if you don’t want to be messed up on atomic level. Who knows how that will go.


Bringing Back Extinct Animals

Humanity destroyed incredible amount of rare animals. Our future goal will be to recover our flora and fauna. We still have some remains so we know that is possible. New Jurassic Park?


House robots

If we can make robots to help us with work we can make them our house work too. Chores, who needs it? I bet that many people are looking for this technology of the future!


Virtual or Augmented Reality

Google glasses made the first step in this long process. Where do you want to stay: in real world or virtual? Now we will create our reality. Do we really want it?


Genetic Modification

If scientists can recover organs so why not create new life? You want tour kid to have blue eyes? Easy. Think about it as an order in restaurant; you get what you wish for.


Interesting Places to Celebrate New Year

Have you already decided where and how you are going to celebrate New Year? If not, our list may be of great assistance for you.

1. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is a perfect place to celebrate absolutely anything, not to mention New Year. On New Year’s Eve streets are closed for traffic, so the greatest celebration is taking place right there. If you do not like street parties, you can choose among myriad parties and shows that clubs, resorts, and casinos are offering at New Year’s night. A lot of them invite world famous stars to entertain their guests. Therefore, you will have good chances to see your favorite celebrities.


2. Tokyo, Japan

Most Japanese people like to celebrate New Year at home, with their families. However, it does not affect the fact that Tokyo is one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve. Go to Shibuya crossing for the countdown. Then you can go partying or join the ancient Japanese tradition “Hatsumode” and make your first visit to a shrine in the New Year.


3. Sydney, Australia

Two things make it worthy to celebrate New Year in Sydney. The first one is the fact that it is summertime there, which we are sure inhabitants of the northern hemisphere will appreciate. The second one is the Sydney Harbour that is world famous for its fabulous fireworks. You can enjoy them from the coast or book a place on a boat, and observe everything from the water.


4. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has a unique atmosphere of a historic and modern city. Celebrating New Year there will be an unforgettable experience for you. If you are a fan of big and crowded street parties, then you should go to Taksim Square or Bagdat Caddesi. An opposite variant is to take a stunning midnight voyage along the Bosphorus.


5. Niagara Falls, Canada

If you want something different and new, then celebrate New Year at Niagara Falls. Their spectacular view is already a good reason to spend the New Year’s Eve there, but not the only one. The main party is taken place at Queen Victoria Park, and you will be happy to know that it is free. Organizers will entertain you with live music and plenty of fireworks. You will also have a lot of other places to go – a Dinosaur Park, the Niagara Skywheel, etc.


6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Another good variant for fans of summertime and beach parties. Go straight to the Copacabana beach. Be prepare to party all night long among the people who know exactly how to do that in the best way. You will see performances of Brazilian and international stars, famous samba schools, as well as long spectacular fireworks show.


7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Just one word – Hogmanay. It is an old tradition that makes New Year celebration in Edinburgh so unique. Just imagine thousands and thousands of people walking along the streets and creating torchlight procession. Do you want to be one of them and have one of your most memorable New Year celebrations? Traditional fireworks and parties are included.


8. Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates

Go there in order to get a brand new celebration experience. Meet New Year in the middle of the desert, in a marquee with exquisite food and alcohol, surrounded by belly dancers.