‘Strobing’ Is The Latest Beauty Trend And Here’s How To Do It Right


Contouring has been around a while now and no matter how much we say we hate it, we all love it. But that does not change the fact that contouring does require a little bit of practice and a lot of time to perfect the look.

strobe 1

So, there’s a new makeup trend that many are replacing contouring with. It’s called ‘Strobing’.

strobe 2

And unlike contouring, this does not require a lot of your time or products.

strobe 3

Contouring results in giving the face a chiseled effect by using a mixture of dark and light shades.

strobe 4

However, for strobing, all you need to do is ‘highlight’ to naturally brighten up the face

strobe 5

Simply highlight the parts of your face where the natural light hits directly, like the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the chin.

strobe 6

For a flawless base, apply foundation or your favorite BB Cream. Then slap on some sheer highlighter on your most attractive features. No contouring required.

strobe 7

To make the look more noticeable and striking, apply highlighter to the brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes and the tip of the nose too.

strobe 8

Extremely Gorgeous Hairdos for Brides ( 34 Images)

Your bridal makeover must be the best ever you have worn in your life because it is your day. The bride must be shimmering like a star amongst all so be very careful about picking your dress, accessories, shoes and hairstyle. Probably your beautician will leave the decision up to you to choose the hairstyle that you like. It will be convenient for you if she picks up one herself which goes with your dress but if the choice is yours, you must be looking for some adorable hairstyles. So wave your wand and voila! We are adding an extremely gorgeous collection for you to choose from.Don’t forget to mention the one you have chosen in comments below so that we might be able to bring another appreciable collection for you.

Sleek and Stylish


tropical wedding hairstyles












Traditional White flowered

White, the traditional beauty of bridal outfit and hair ornament! If you want to look like a queen of the event, pick a hairstyle with white flowers. Almost 80% of brides will love to pick from this category. Take a look!







il_fullxfull.247000198 (1)







Ornamental Hairdos:

Crowns, Beads and Pins… do you love these things? If so, you will surely admire this collection. You can adjust your favorite ornament with these hairstyles or you may order one to your jeweler by showing him the picture. Make sure to keep your dress in consideration. Ornamental hairdo’s mostly work fine with sleek and stylish dresses, but if your dress is a bit over decorated, you must go for simple or white flowered hair styles.






MAGAZINE >> Fashion for Catherine Condell

















Colored Flowered Hairstyles:

Colored flowers are for those girls who love to give a look of “Jungle Queen”. That;s obviously not a bad idea, you can pick as many colors as you want for your hair. Multi-colored or single colored hairstyles should be picked when you have to decide the dress after the hairstyle so that you may customize the dress accordingly. Its quite rare when some bride picks to look colored cutie.


low braids hairstyle flowers collage















College Footwear Trends of 2014 ( 15 images )

College life is so exciting, full of fun and surprises and joyful. Girls, especially are very conscious about their looks and outfits. No doubt that youth itself is very beautiful that whatever you wear, will look good on you but still, college girls need to be stylish and trend setters for their youngsters. Shoes are given extreme importance in the college’s getup. There are so many things girls must keep in mind while selecting shoes for their college outfit that,

  • Shoes must be well-fitted
  • Sober & stylish looking
  • Comfortable
  • Light weighted
  • Decent colors and patters.
  • Durable and economical

Keeping in mind all these points, we are adding a collection of college shoes which will give you an idea about what you should wear in the college.

Casual College Footwear
















barefoot tess d


Best Tips for Sandal-Ready Feet 1


Prom Night Footwear
















Stylish Henna (Mehndi) Tattoos and Designs

Henna (Mehndi) is a beautiful styling element not only in India but around the world. Eastern beauty is incomplete without beautiful floral patterns designed with Mehndi on hands, arms and feet. With the passage of time, this trend is spread all over the world. Mehndi tattoos are much appreciated in US and other western states. Definitely there is a slight change in color and designs and possibly the way that is applied but the beauty of Henna is equally liked. Here are some amazing stylish Tattoos for English brides and party girls. Enjoy!

Bridal-Mehndi-Design-Make-Your-Hand-Like-Flower-1 butterfly-mehnd-style fantastic-simple-mehndi-design-2013 Feet-Mehndi-Designs-2013-008 Full-Body-Mehndi-Design-For-Women Henna-Tattoo-Designs-2012 Henna-Tattoos-for-women Latest Mehndi Henna Tattoos 2012 Designs For Girls Latest-Mehndi-Designs-2013-For-Girls22693799_20138735553 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Children-7 mehndi-design5 Mehndi-Designs-for-Eid-ul-Azha-2013-for-Women-001 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Stylish-And-Easy-Eid-Mehndi-Designs-2012-for-Girls-and-Women-5 Beautiful latest tattoo mehndi designs styles trends collection indian arabic pakistani american uk 2011 2012 2013 2014 girls boys women bold shoulder back arm (23)

And a lot more coming ahead…Keep Visiting 🙂