Helping Guide to Make your Thin Hair Healthy and Bouncy looking


Hair plays a vital role in your personality assets. If your hair is not so thick and healthy, you would not be able to get your desired looks. No matter for how much you have spent on your outfit, your makeover or jewelry. If your hairstyle is not perfectly mad, you will never be satisfied. Some girls have very fine hair so they cannot attain the desired volume for any hairstyle. Many products are available in the market for hair energizing and volume boosting but those are quite expensive. We are giving you two main keys to keep your hair fibers strong and healthy.

Trimming for damaged tips
Trimming for damaged tips
Blow Dry

Which Haircut is for you?

First of all, keep one thing in your mind that layer cutting (which is often advised by beauticians) is not for you if you have thin hair. Layer cutting can make your hair look healthy if you get a blow dry treatment from your stylist, otherwise it will make your hair even thinner when you are not using blow-dry to enhance your hair steps.

Get your hair cut equally, it can be helpful to enhance a bit of volume. Visit your stylist twice in 3 months two get your hair trimmed. It will help you to get damaged and split ends removed and your hair will look neat and in shape.


Same length cutting
Same length cutting

What to Eat?

Now come to your diet plan, Add vitamin A, C, biotin, Zinc, B-12, Protein and Iron in your daily diet. Either you can take any good food supplement daily to get these essential vitamins or you may add egg, nuts, beans, salmon fish, cod liver oil and green leaves vegetables like spinach. All of these things will keep your scalp neat and the roots of your hair strong.


How to style?

If you are going to a party and you need a good hairstyle, consider hair curling or blow dry to boost the volume of your hair. Always use quality products for your hair whether it’s your shampoo and conditioner or styling gel and spray. Don’t pick high chemical products for your hair; instead, use herbal products which are nicer to your hair.

Curled Hair
Curled Hair
Blow Dry Hairstyle
Blow Dry Hairstyle


  1. Don’t wash your hair with over-warm water.
  2. Don’t rub your hair too much with towel.
  3. Always use oil to massage your hair before shampooing.
  4. Keep your finger movement slow and circulative, it will make blood flow better and your scalp will absorb oil easily.
  5. After oiling, soak a towel in hot water, press it to pull out extra water and wrap the hot damp towel to your hair. The steam is good to make your hair soft and the oil to get absorbed in your scalp.
  6. Use silk pillow instead of rough fabric. It will prevent your hair from getting damaged.
  7. Don’t let your hair be loose when you are asleep, it will make them tangled and damaged. Bind them with ponytail instead.
  8. Brush your hair before going to bed.




Dark circles are quite easy to stick to your face because there are lots of reasons for them, but they are actually a big trouble when you are trying to get rid of them. No matter for how attractive you are, these patchy and dark areas under your eyes can destroy your facial beauty. Women with dark circles around or under eyes make you look a frustrated or ill person. Here are some useful tips you may use to remove dark circles to get your beautiful face back.

  • Sleeping Habits

Sweet dreams

Sleeping habits play a very important role when you are planning to get rid of dark circles beneath your eyes. When you don’t get enough sleep, you start getting puffy and swollen eyes plus dark circles start appearing under your lower eyelid. Try to take at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep.

  • Drink Plenty of Water:



Water is not only good for your health but it is also a vital element for your facial beauty. Drinking lots of water make your blood less thick and helps it to circulate smoothly through your veins. Thick blood can cause some very serious health issues. Daily intake of at least 12 glass of water will not only help you to stay fit, but it will also make your skin looking healthy and your dark circles will omit in a few days.

  • Use Cucumber Slices:


Cucumber is proven to be the most active ingredient when you want your eyes to look fresh instantly. Take a fresh cucumber and cut two thick slices out of it. Put then in fridge for approximately 10-15 minutes. Now put the slices on your closed eyes and let them be there for 15-20 minutes. It will absorb the redness or swelling of your eyes. Applying them at every alternate day will help you to evict dark circles.

  •  Peeled Potato Magic:


Potato is another easy thing to use when you are fed up with those horrible looking dark eye areas. Peel a potato, cut two thick slices and keep it in fridge for some minutes. Now put them on your eyes. Like cucumber, potato has magical properties to soak the exhaustion of your eyes and regular use of it will keep your eyes looking childlike fresh. Potato mash also does the same trick and it is especially good for puffy eyes.

  • Tea Pads Trick:




Black tea leaves are so good to use if you have dark circles. You can also use tea bags after using them for tea. Don’t forget to cool them down though. Putting wet tea pads on your eyes will make your eyes cooled and soothed.