Just Another Amazing Face Mask From Your Kitchen (Banana Face Mask For Glowing Skin)

Bananas are natural containers of some very beneficial potent elements for glowing skin such as Vitamin A, B, E and Potassium. All of these four super powerful components have their own strength t fight against various skin problems for example, dark skin, pimples, aging signs, wrinkles, open pores, loose skin and other problems. Not only this wonderful fruit is good for health especially when used with milk, it can be equally useful for your skin. We have sorted out and tested a face mask recipe and found great results so it’s worthy to be shared with those who are sensitive about their skin.




One Ripe Banana

One tablespoon Lemon Juice

One Tablespoon Honey



This face mask is a bit tripping when you will apply it so don’t forget to cover your dress or wear some old shirt. Plus you have to make your face feel relaxed so apply this mask while seats in the bath tub or watching TV, reading magazines or whatever you want to do meanwhile. Don’t let your hair be loose around your face and tie them up tightly with a headband to save your hair from getting sticky (this face mask is sticky so be careful)Banana-Function-for-Facial-Skin1


Take a fully ripe banana in a bowl and make  a smooth paste out of it using fork. Make sure to mash it carefully and properly. Don’t let the lumps be with it. Now add 1 tsf or honey and another of lemon juice. Stir well until all of the ingredients are formed into a smooth paste. Wash your face to make it dirt free. Apply the mask and rub it gently, then put a thick layer on your face with the help of facial brush or fingers and let it stay over there for 15-20 minutes. After the time is up, wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.


Your skin will feel even, brighter and tighten after using this mask.


Tips to Prepare Your Skin for a party

Looking gorgeous for parties and events is the dream of every girl, though sometimes we can’t manage to get the desired appreciation. It happens because we take some wrong facial treatments wishing that everything will suit our skin. Skin whitening facials will not always make your skin brighter and tightening mask will not necessarily make your skin feel like smooth and silky.Why? Possibly because you are not selecting the appropriate thing for your skin, or maybe it’s not the right time for its application. According to skin experts’ suggestions, we have prepared a schedule for taking care of your skin if you are expecting any party or event ahead.

Keep your Skin Hydrated:


It’s the very first and essential step you have to take before a few weeks. Your skin quality cannot be maintained in one or two hours or days. You have to work on it for weeks. Water keeps your skin moisturization level at appropriate points.

Daily cleansing:

beauty mask #22

Daily cleansing is so important before you go to bed. Cleansing with any good cleanser will remove makeup traces, dust, impurities and oil so your skin pores will remain unclogged. It will also brighten your complexion.



After washing your face with lukewarm water and some good face wash, moisturize it with the cream you love to use (Especially if its winter season) Moisturization keeps the skin soft and glowing and if you want to get a flawless response at the upcoming event, you must get a glowing skin before the day comes.



Exfoliating or scrubbing is also very important. It loosens the dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and young skin. Always be careful while choosing a scrub from the market. Check if it suits your skin and it is actually made for the skin like your’s. If you believe in home remedies, brown sugar in any face pack can do the trick.

Don’t use harsh facial masks at party day:


Some girls use mud mask or other masks alike exactly on the day when the party is going to be held. Keep one thing in mind that if you are going to get a haircut or facial treatment for the party, do it before 2-3 days because these things need time to get settled. Avoid any mask which pulls out the moisture from your skin. It will give a dry and chapped winter look to your face. Keep your skin properly moisturized and soft at the day.




Good Morning Beautiful! 7 tips to Wake Up Glowing


It is a common impression of female nowadays that they only look beautiful when they apply makeup to their face and this is true to some extent. The main reason is that our skin has to bear many harmful chemicals and impurities during the day so it is normal to get tanned skin, chapped lips and dried out hair. Due to heavy makeovers and styling, the girls wake up with a dull and unimpressive look so they they have to wear makeup the very first thing in the morning. This is a bad routine for it may damage your natural beauty. To avoid excessive use of makeup and to look naturally beautiful every morning, here are some tips from the experts.

Brush Your Teeth:


Brushing your teeth before leaving to bed is the most essential step of personal care. It will not only keep your mouth germ-free, but also will protect it from bad odor. You will wake up with a confident and glowing smile next morning.

Use a good cleanser:


Our skin needs to absorb oxygen as it breathes. When we wear foundation, it clogs our pores so skin cannot get enough oxygen and eventually, it starts looking dull. Use a good cleanser (cucumber or milk cleansers are so good) at night to clean your face thoroughly because only soap will not unclog the pores thoroughly.

Use Face Wash:


Use some good face wash instead of soap for your face. Facial foams work much better than soaps as they won’t leave your skin dry. Usually, for oily skin, a face wash with lemon will work and for normal to dry skin, milk or herbal face wash is a good choice.

Moisturize your  skin:


Pat dry your skin and use a good hand and body lotion to moisturize your skin. Make sure to apply lotion on a bit damp skin and you will feel the difference. Dry skin will not absorb moisturizer so well like damp skin. Try to buy a good night cream to apply on face because usually lotions and normal moisturizers are made for hands and body, not face.

Apply lip gloss (transparent) or Chap-stick:


Don’t leave your lips unattended. Strawberry Chap-stick will do the magic or you may choose some other with your favorite flavor. It will leave your lips soft and rosy and you will love to smile when you wake up in the morning. Lip gloss is also good for hydrating your chapped lips.

Apply Kajal or black liner inside your Eye:


Sometimes eyes look too nude when you wake up in the morning that you are afraid to look at yourself. It is because you are used to wear eyeliner and mascara. If you want to look nice even without wearing eye-makeup, apply a thin line of black Kajal or soft liner in your inner eye. If you apply it outside, on upper lid, make sure it is not waterproof liner. Any kind of layers (foundation, waterproof liners, mascara) are truly bad for your skin’s health and wellness.

 Brush your hair:


Brushing your hair with a good quality hair brush is so important. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, after the hectic routine of daytime, your hair need to be treated carefully and made tangle-free. If you have dry hair, apply some night hair lotion on them. Secondly, brushing your hair makes your scalp and blood vessels refreshed. Blood circulation, if improper, will make you suffer from hair loss and damage.

Egg and Honey Mask For Glowing Skin

Egg and Honey Mask For Moisturized and Glowing Skin

Egg and Honey Facial Mask
Egg and Honey Facial Mask

Everything that breathes, needs special care and good diet. So is  the case  with our skin, it not only needs care, but also proper feeding and cleaning. Water is very important for a glowing and moisturized skin. If you think that you are taking good care of your skin and still you are not getting the freshness you desire, you need to do something special for your skin. If you feel like your skin is dried out and tired looking, your rosy cheeks are becoming pale and dark circles are appearing around your eyes, here is the magical recipe to reveal your natural beauty.


Normally your skin is damaged due to harmful chemicals that are found in the atmosphere around you. Those are called free radicals and unfortunately they are not limited to cigarette smoke only. Your skin pores can absorb them from everywhere. You need some antioxidant containing ingredient to remove those chemicals and to tighten your pores. Honey has antioxidant properties so it is really good for the purpose. The egg contains Vitamin A that is an essential vitamin for good skin and nails. Egg works in two ways, egg white helps to tighten your pores so your skin looks smoother and younger, whether the egg yolk helps to nourish your skin. It also keeps your skin acne-free.

Here is the recipe of Egg and Honey mask which will put a glow on your face.

Take one egg, beat the egg white first until it becomes a bit stiff and foamy. Now add one teaspoon of honey make a thick paste by adding one tablespoon of powdered milk or cornmeal . Mix all the ingredients unless it becomes smooth. Now apply this mask onto your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft face towel. Never rub your skin with a towel, just pat it softly. See the instant glow on your face.

This mask should be applied at least twice a week for best results.