23 Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner


Time is something all of us wish we had more of, especially for us women when it relates to our daily beauty routines. These amazing hacks will make your daily beauty routines not only easier, but save you some of that precious extra time all us girls want and need.

#1 Using a hashtag to create a smokey eye

The hashtag isn’t only used for social media anymore ladies, now by drawing a hashtag sign and blending you instantly can create a smokey eye.

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#2 Using apple cider as a toner

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing toner for your skin, it fights blemishes, balances the skins PH and helps to prevent acne.

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#3 Using white eyeliner as your eye shadow primer

By using white eyeliner as your eyeshadow primer you will bring out the color vibrancy and extend the longevity of your eyeshadow color.

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#4 Volumize your hair while you sleep

Apply dry shampoo to your hair before going to bed and as you toss and turn throughout the night you will be really working that dry shampoo into your hair. Which will create voluminous hair when you wake up.

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#5 Get that dramatic thick black eyeliner look, easily

Creating that dramatic thick black eyeliner look for your eyes has never been easier with this step by step guide

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#6 Cover those under-eye bags the right way

In order for you to get the results you want from your makeup, you first have to know how to apply it the right way.

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#7 Make your lipstick last longer

You can make your lipstick last longer by simply placing a piece of tissue over your lips and brushing on some translucent powder over it.

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#8 A new way of drying your hair

Stop using a towel to dry your hair which can causes frizz, use a t-shirt instead for frizz free hair

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15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

fashion hacks

The goal when getting ready is always to look your best, these tips and tricks will help you achieve that making your life easier and looking fabulous.

 #1 Sweat stains

No one likes sweat stains showing on their clothes they can be embarrassing, a solution for this problem is actually quite simple just use panty liners they have adhesive so they will stay in place and they are thin enough to be unnoticeable.

fashion 1

#2 Deodorant stains

Deodorant stains can be a pain to get out of clothes, but not to worry there is a simple solution for this, to remove the stains just use a baby wipe

fashion 2

10 Must-Know Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know About

Whether it’s your eye makeup or foundation, these top 10 makeup artists-approved tips cover all the areas to apply your makeup flawlessly. So make the most of your makeup with these life-changing tips.

1. Don’t Powder Your Entire Face

make up 1

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Applying translucent powder helps set makeup for a flawless look but that doesn’t mean that the entire face should be powdered abundantly. Rather focus on powdering the T-zone, under eye area and along the sides of the nose for a smooth finish.

2. Apply White Liner As Base


Photo: cosmopolitan

Cover your eyelids with white eyeshadow or liner as base to make the main eyeshadow shade pop brighter.

3. Hold The Very End Of A Makeup Brush


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When applying foundation, blush, bronzer etc, hold the very end of the brush for a softer look. This way less pigment is transferred to the skin and the makeup turns out more natural.

4. The Right Way To Apply Concealer

make up 4

Photo: lumene

When using concealer under the eyes, be careful not to use too much. Tap a tiny bit of product with your fingers and blend using your fingers first. Then use a buffing brush to blend any hard lines.

5. Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Eye Makeup Remover

make up 5

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Cleaning makeup brushes on a day to day basis is an important part of hygienic beauty regime. Not cleaning brushes increase the chances of breakout and infections. So clean your makeup brushes with waterproof eye makeup remover first. Then use some gentle facewash to cleanse away any residue of makeup remover. Lastly, rinse thoroughly to get rid of any residue.

10 Things To Do Before Bed That’ll Make You Look Beautiful In The Morning

Following these effortless regimen at night will save you time in the morning and will make you look naturally pretty.

 #1 Moisturize Your Face and Body

Wake up with soft and smooth skin in the morning by hydrating your face with a good night cream before bed

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#2 Braid Your Hair

Avoid styling your hair in a high bun or ponytail as it stresses hair follicles and causes damage. Instead, wear your hair in a loose low ponytail or braid it to wake up with pretty no-heat curls.

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#3 Water

To make sure your skin looks healthy and hydrated from within, chug a glass of water before bed.

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#4 Sleep on Your Back

Never sleep on your front ladies as doing so increases your chances of developing premature wrinkles

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#5 Slather on Eye Cream

Don’t worry that your eye is going to look greasy, just slap on your favourite eye cream liberally to ensure that sensitive area is hydrated and protected while you sleep.

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#6 Set an Alarm So You Get Your 8 Hours

Don’t forget to set an alarm to you get nothing less or more than 8 hours of beauty sleep.

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#7 Apply Castor Oil on Lashes

Those lashes are important too. Apply castor oil on your lashes so they look healthy and luscious.

beauty 7

#8 Wash or Wipe Off Your Makeup

Cleanse your face before bed even when you don’t have any makeup on. All that dirt and oil needs to be taken off before you hit the bed.

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Top 10 Tips to Look Young


With the life style getting more and more sedentary and the eating habits getting more and more unhealthy. We are starting to age early. We start to get signs of ageing at around thirty to thirty five years of age. The changing weather conditions and the changing food habits are also a contributing factor in this.This is not a very good sign, as people want to look good and young all the time, at least till they are in late forties. There are some routine steps that you can follow for the same.

Top 10 Tips to Look Young are as follows:

Exfoliate your skin: each day the pollution and the dust accumulate on your skin and make it look unhealthy.

Exfoliate your skin

  • The best way is to exfoliate your skin daily atleast once with a good quality scrub.
  • This will remove all the dirt and the dust along with the dead skin cells and makes you skin looks fresh and young.

Hair Care: hair is an important part and it complements you face perfectly.

Hair Care

  • So your skin and face will not look flawless and perfect until your hair look that way. So try experimenting new things for your hair.
  • Your boring routine style might be one of the reasons for you looking old.

Makeup: choose your makeup very carefully.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

  •  There might be cheap versions available in the market for each product, but they only cause damage to your skin.
  • Make sure you use good quality and authentic products.
  • Also the product should be compatible with your skin.

Sleep: you should get atleast 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily.


  • While sleeping your body gets rest and your skin gets time to breathe properly.
  • Your skin has a natural glow when you wake up after adequate sleep. So make sure you get your beauty sleep daily.

Healthy diet: a healthy diet is the key not only for a healthy mind but also for a healthy skin.

Healthy diet

  • Make sure your diet is balanced and is not lacking in any kind of vitamins, micronutrients, or minerals.
  • These vitamins are responsible for the glow on your skin and also your skin texture. Also they have a big role to play in the health of your hair.

Water: drink enough water.


  • Water constitutes 70 percent of our body. It is one fluid that can help us flush all the toxins out from the body.
  • The more water you drink, the more detoxed you are.

Regular exercising: exercising makes you sweat.

Regular exercising

  • Sweat has an excellent function of flushing out unwanted materials and products out of the body.
  •  A regular exercise makes you look physically fit and young.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol: tobacco and alcohol are not just bad for your metabolism but it also adds toxins to your body.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

  • These toxins are very difficult to clear and remain in the body for a long time.
  • Because of these toxins, the cells age very fast and make you look old at very young age. You can easily notice the difference between the skin of a smoker and a non-smoker.

Avoid too much sunlight: the invisible part of the sunlight i.e. UV rays have a very detrimental effect on the human skin.

avoin more sun ligh

  • The scorching heat can cause irreparable and deep damage to your skin. This damage not only makes your skin dull, but also hampers the daily repair process of the skin.
  • Make sure you avoid unnecessary and long exposures to the sun. Also you should take enough precautions before going out in the sun. Apply a sun screen before you got in the scorching sun. Choose an appropriate sunscreen for your skin type.

Stay happy: stress and unhappiness shows not just in your behavior, but also on your skin.

Stay happy

  • Stay happy and positive from inside and that glow will spread on your face. The amount of stress and worry will only bring sadness on your face.
  •  You look young when you are positive and happy. So stay positive and look young!

4 Basic Types of Pedicures and Manicures

Taking care of your nails is as necessary as you take care of your hair and skin. Sometimes you like to pamper yourself, also check your nails whether they need a pedicure or manicure. Remember pedicure and manicure not only makes your nails prettier, but it replenished lost supplements from your nails. Following are four basic types of pedicures and manicures:

French pedicure or French manicure:


This is one of the most popular and common type of pedicure and manicure nowadays among women. It is chic, clean, simple, elegant, and classic due to which it is so popular. A neutral translucent nail color is first applied on the nail and then colored the tips white.

In this type of pedicures and manicures you have a choice to choose any nail shape you like. Round, square or oval, it’s up to you. After completing the process, they moisturized your feet and hands that give them health. Generally, a quick and nice massage is also included in this treatment.

Nail SPA:


As compare to other types this is usually the lengthy and costly treatment. A special treatment is given to your nails which is usually one of the best relaxing processes. A lot of salons use special ingredients in this treatment in order to make their salon special and unique as compare to others.

Paraffin wax:


Paraffin wax is a type of wax, especially use to hydrate your skin. This substance wrapped the hands and feet so that they can seep thoroughly in through your skin. Other than this, this also includes a regular manicure and pedicure treatment.

Regular pedicure and manicure:

This is one of the common and basic treatments. In this type of treatment your feet and hands soak in lathered water. After which, they clipped your nails and scrubbed your sole and feet. You can also ask the professional to apply your favorite nail polish color. Then they give you short massage. If you do not want to apply nail color, you can also give it a natural glance by choosing nail buffing.

Tips To Get Shiny Skin

A radiant and revitalized skin is essential for giving yourself attractive look. You can find a lot of products that gives your skin a glossy look, but it’s best if you use natural ways and healthy diet to give your skin shiny look. Jogging and drinking a lot of water are some of the best ways that keep your skin refreshed and glowing.

Following are some natural ways that make your skin shiny and attractive without going to the salon and spending too much money:

Take healthy diet:

The easiest and simplest method to get shiny skin is by getting a balanced and nutritious diet. Today, every researcher and doctor recommended adding fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein and vitamin in your daily diet that not only keeps you healthy but keep your skin and hair glow.

Natural ways:

One of the greatest gifts of God is nature. You could easily utilize the facilities and offerings of nature. In order to achieve your desired skin all you need is to drink a lot of water, exercise daily and avoid too much sugar.

Walk and jog:

Walking and jogging is another important factor which not only keeps your skin healthy, but also makes your digestive system work properly. If you do proper walk it improves your blood circulation that affects the body’s metabolism and gives your skin healthy look.

Water and water:

Today, doctors advised to drink as much water as you can. A normal person needs to drink at least 12 to 14 glasses per day. Water has a direct effect on your skin and keeps you healthy.

Cosmetic care:

Also, you can find a number of cosmetic products in the market such as scrubs and cleansing that provides you healthy and shiny skin.

Sun protection:

Another important factor that you must take care is to protect your skin from the sun. Always wear a hat or use sunscreen before leaving home.

Above are some steps to get shiny hair. Follow the few steps above if you want a healthy and shiny skin.

12 Tips To Get Rid of Oily Skin

Tips To Get Rid of Oily Skin

During summer days, one of the common problems is oily skin. There are so many harmful causes of oily skin like pimples, dryness, white spots, wrinkles and many more. These all harmful causes make your skin dull and the glow on your skin will be decreasing day by day. Some of the main reasons of oily skin are dust, pollution, shiny and hot summer days. People always find a way to get rid of those reasons. There are so many tips through which you can get rid of oily skin with ease, but you have to follow these tips regularly and properly. Here we are giving the best and easy tips to get rid of oily skin.


It is necessary for everyone to wash their face at least twice a day. It will help you to get rid of oily areas on your face. You can also use an oil cleanser which makes your nose and cheeks oil free. You can use tomato slices to cleanse your face.


Use Skin Cleanser:

You can use milk with ingredients like almond meal and rose water to make a balanced skin cleanser. But remember that washing your face too much can make your face dry. When you wake up and before go to bed is the best time and also when you come from outside clean your face properly.


Always Remove Makeup Before Sleep:

Avoid using foundation on a daily basis, as it can clog your pores. Remove your makeup with a makeup remover.  If possible, try to switch to the oily free makeup because makeups made with oil can increase the amount of oil on your face.


Use Different Face Packs:

To control the excessive oiliness from skin use clay mask (MultaniMitti) daily. It will draw out excess oil and give you about four hours of oily free skin.


Coconut Milk:

There are so many benefits of coconut oil and it helps in getting rid of oily skin permanently. You can apply coconut milk on your face which helps to balance the skin moisture and will not make your skin oily.


Use Milk as a Face Pack:

Milk also acts as a resistant of the oily skin. For this take a small quantity of milk and apply over your face and wash it after 10-15 minutes.


Ice Cubes:

You can use ice-cubes to remove the excess oil from your face. You can also take ice water with lime juice to wash your face.


Have a Proper diet:

Take a proper diet like eating fruits and vegetables will make your skin awesome. Proper diet is very important to make your skin oil free. Frits are responsible for lessening the effects of oily skin.


Gram Flour:

Gram flour is the excellent home remedy to get rid of excess oils on your face. It soaks the oil from your skin and makes it glowing. For this add the rose water to gram flour and make a paste of it, then apply it on your face in circular motion using finger tips and let the paste dry. After 10-15 minute wash your face with cold water.


Apply Rose Water:

Rose water is the best for the oily skin. It has numerous benefits. It also helps in increasing the glow on your skin.


Use Cucumbers:

It removes the excess oil from your skin without making it dry.


Use Apples:

It is very effective in reducing the dirt from the skin. Add a few drops of lemon juice in apple paste and apply it on your face. Keep this for a few minutes and wash with cool water.



10 Best Natural Recipes for Skin Care

Humans are especially concerned about skin care. Every person wants a younger looking skin naturally, but people are not ready to spend money to make their skin look younger.

Natural Recipes for Skin Care

They can save a lot of money by using best natural recipes for skin care given below. These are the best ever natural recipes that you can follow in order to get younger looking skin.

Facial Scrub

Facial Scrub

Scrubbing can help you to make your skin look younger. Ingredients required for this purpose are:

  • 3 table spoons of fresh cream
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup ground almonds
  • 1 table spoon of almond oil
  • Mix all ingredients perfectly
  • Apply it on your face in circular motion
  • Repeat activity for 10 minutes
  • Wash your face with cold water
  • Dry your face

Yoghurt Cleanser

Yoghurt Cleanser

It is a good cleanser for dry skin. You can use it as follows:

  • Take ½ cup of yoghurt
  • Add ½ tea spoon honey to it
  • Stir well
  • Apply it to your face, forehead and neck
  • Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash off using cold water

Anti Acne facial Mask

Anti Acne facial Mask

It is another useful therapy to make your skin look younger. Its ingredients are:

  • 1 table spoon honey
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 table spoon almond oil
  • Mix all ingredients well
  • Apply it to your face
  • Leave it to dry for 15 minutes
  • Wash off your face
  • Repeat this twice a day

Dry Skin face Pack masks

Dry Skin face Pack masks

You can use this skin care product as follows:

  • Mix 2 teaspoon almond oil, 1 egg yolk well, and 1 banana in a bowl to make thick paste
  • Apply it to your face and leave it for 20 minutes
  • Wash with cold water



This also helps you to look younger. The ingredients of this skin care recipe are:

  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 table spoon almond oil
  • Neutralizing soap
  • Mix almond oil and sugar
  • Make lather with neutral soap
  • Add a table spoon of sugar and almond oil mixture to the foam
  • Use this fixture for cleaning your body well specially the face, neck, shoulders, and arms.

Homemade Moisturizer

Homemade Moisturizer

You can moisturize your skin using homemade moisturizer. The recipe is as follows:

  • Mix ¼ cup glycerine, ¼ cup honey, ¾ cup rose water, and 1 tablespoon vinegar.
  • Store it in a bottle
  • Use this pack regularly to moisturize your face

Anti Aging Treatment

Anti Aging Treatment

If your skin looks fresh, you look younger. The ingredients of anti-aging recipe are:

  • 1 table spoon of lanolin
  • 2 table spoons of almond oil
  • 2 table spoons of water
  • 2 table spoons of cod liver oil
  • 1 table spoon of chamomile tea
  • Mix lanolin and almond oil well and heat the mixture
  • Stir constantly to avoid scorching
  • Allow the mixture to cool by adding water
  • Now combine everything else with the cooled mixture
  • A light brown and creamy lotion will be formed
  • Store it in plastic bottle
  • Massage this lotion once a day on your face

Tea Bags to remove Dark Circles

Tea Bags to remove Dark Circles

This is one of the best recipes to remove dark circle. The instructions of use are as follows:

  • Take 2 tea bags of green or black tea and keep them in boiled water
  • Rinse them for 5 seconds
  • Wrap them in freezer bags and keep them in fridge for half hour
  • Keep these tea bags on your eyes for around 20 minutes
  • Repeat the process again

Avocado Eye Cream

Avocado Eye Cream

You can get soft skin under eyes using this cream. The process is as follows

  • Take three slices of ripe avocado
  • Blend it with 5 drops of almond oil to form mixture
  • Apply it under your eye skin for 5 minutes and then wash it.

Lime Skin Toner

Lime Skin Toner

You can give a good tone to your skin by the process-

  • Take 2 cups water
  • Add the juice of limes to it (2 limes)
  • Add 1 table spoon benzoin to it
  • Store it in bottle
  • Use it daily on your skin as astringent

Helping Guide to Make your Thin Hair Healthy and Bouncy looking


Hair plays a vital role in your personality assets. If your hair is not so thick and healthy, you would not be able to get your desired looks. No matter for how much you have spent on your outfit, your makeover or jewelry. If your hairstyle is not perfectly mad, you will never be satisfied. Some girls have very fine hair so they cannot attain the desired volume for any hairstyle. Many products are available in the market for hair energizing and volume boosting but those are quite expensive. We are giving you two main keys to keep your hair fibers strong and healthy.

Trimming for damaged tips
Trimming for damaged tips
Blow Dry

Which Haircut is for you?

First of all, keep one thing in your mind that layer cutting (which is often advised by beauticians) is not for you if you have thin hair. Layer cutting can make your hair look healthy if you get a blow dry treatment from your stylist, otherwise it will make your hair even thinner when you are not using blow-dry to enhance your hair steps.

Get your hair cut equally, it can be helpful to enhance a bit of volume. Visit your stylist twice in 3 months two get your hair trimmed. It will help you to get damaged and split ends removed and your hair will look neat and in shape.


Same length cutting
Same length cutting

What to Eat?

Now come to your diet plan, Add vitamin A, C, biotin, Zinc, B-12, Protein and Iron in your daily diet. Either you can take any good food supplement daily to get these essential vitamins or you may add egg, nuts, beans, salmon fish, cod liver oil and green leaves vegetables like spinach. All of these things will keep your scalp neat and the roots of your hair strong.


How to style?

If you are going to a party and you need a good hairstyle, consider hair curling or blow dry to boost the volume of your hair. Always use quality products for your hair whether it’s your shampoo and conditioner or styling gel and spray. Don’t pick high chemical products for your hair; instead, use herbal products which are nicer to your hair.

Curled Hair
Curled Hair
Blow Dry Hairstyle
Blow Dry Hairstyle


  1. Don’t wash your hair with over-warm water.
  2. Don’t rub your hair too much with towel.
  3. Always use oil to massage your hair before shampooing.
  4. Keep your finger movement slow and circulative, it will make blood flow better and your scalp will absorb oil easily.
  5. After oiling, soak a towel in hot water, press it to pull out extra water and wrap the hot damp towel to your hair. The steam is good to make your hair soft and the oil to get absorbed in your scalp.
  6. Use silk pillow instead of rough fabric. It will prevent your hair from getting damaged.
  7. Don’t let your hair be loose when you are asleep, it will make them tangled and damaged. Bind them with ponytail instead.
  8. Brush your hair before going to bed.