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Good Morning Beautiful! 7 tips to Wake Up Glowing

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It is a common impression of female nowadays that they only look beautiful when they apply makeup to their face and this is true to some extent. The main reason is that our skin has to bear many harmful chemicals and impurities during the day so it is normal

Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

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Feet are always at severe risk of getting damaged or wounded specially if you are not choosing appropriate shoes to keep them safe from harms and damages. Diabetics are more sensitive than normal human beings to get foot ulcers and fungus. It is because sugar patients are easy victims

15 Tips: How To Get Perfect Nails

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15┬áPrep With The Perfect Soap The start to getting perfect nails? Using a the right soap. A mild formula–the bottle will let your know how strong it is–is the best for cleaning your nails without stripping the foundation of the nail bed. 14┬áDry Spell Creating perfect nails start with