Good Morning Beautiful! 7 tips to Wake Up Glowing


It is a common impression of female nowadays that they only look beautiful when they apply makeup to their face and this is true to some extent. The main reason is that our skin has to bear many harmful chemicals and impurities during the day so it is normal to get tanned skin, chapped lips and dried out hair. Due to heavy makeovers and styling, the girls wake up with a dull and unimpressive look so they they have to wear makeup the very first thing in the morning. This is a bad routine for it may damage your natural beauty. To avoid excessive use of makeup and to look naturally beautiful every morning, here are some tips from the experts.

Brush Your Teeth:


Brushing your teeth before leaving to bed is the most essential step of personal care. It will not only keep your mouth germ-free, but also will protect it from bad odor. You will wake up with a confident and glowing smile next morning.

Use a good cleanser:


Our skin needs to absorb oxygen as it breathes. When we wear foundation, it clogs our pores so skin cannot get enough oxygen and eventually, it starts looking dull. Use a good cleanser (cucumber or milk cleansers are so good) at night to clean your face thoroughly because only soap will not unclog the pores thoroughly.

Use Face Wash:


Use some good face wash instead of soap for your face. Facial foams work much better than soaps as they won’t leave your skin dry. Usually, for oily skin, a face wash with lemon will work and for normal to dry skin, milk or herbal face wash is a good choice.

Moisturize your  skin:


Pat dry your skin and use a good hand and body lotion to moisturize your skin. Make sure to apply lotion on a bit damp skin and you will feel the difference. Dry skin will not absorb moisturizer so well like damp skin. Try to buy a good night cream to apply on face because usually lotions and normal moisturizers are made for hands and body, not face.

Apply lip gloss (transparent) or Chap-stick:


Don’t leave your lips unattended. Strawberry Chap-stick will do the magic or you may choose some other with your favorite flavor. It will leave your lips soft and rosy and you will love to smile when you wake up in the morning. Lip gloss is also good for hydrating your chapped lips.

Apply Kajal or black liner inside your Eye:


Sometimes eyes look too nude when you wake up in the morning that you are afraid to look at yourself. It is because you are used to wear eyeliner and mascara. If you want to look nice even without wearing eye-makeup, apply a thin line of black Kajal or soft liner in your inner eye. If you apply it outside, on upper lid, make sure it is not waterproof liner. Any kind of layers (foundation, waterproof liners, mascara) are truly bad for your skin’s health and wellness.

 Brush your hair:


Brushing your hair with a good quality hair brush is so important. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, after the hectic routine of daytime, your hair need to be treated carefully and made tangle-free. If you have dry hair, apply some night hair lotion on them. Secondly, brushing your hair makes your scalp and blood vessels refreshed. Blood circulation, if improper, will make you suffer from hair loss and damage.

Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

Foot Care For Diabetics
Foot Care For Diabetics

Feet are always at severe risk of getting damaged or wounded specially if you are not choosing appropriate shoes to keep them safe from harms and damages. Diabetics are more sensitive than normal human beings to get foot ulcers and fungus. It is because sugar patients are easy victims of nerve damage and blood vessels clotting. This sensitivity tends them to get severe foot ulcer.

You can keep your feet safe from getting into bad conditions by following some tips.

Washing Your Feet Regularly:

Mostly, people use some sort of scrubber to rub their feet. It can make your feet even more neat and odorless, but if you are diabetic, you must avoid this practice. Use a mild soap with lukewarm water to clean them. Gently massage between fingers and use a soft towel to pat your feet dry.

Use Foot Powder:

Foot care products are available in the market. Menthol powder is best for the purpose to keep your feet moist-free. Sprinkle that powder between your fingers.

Relaxing Pedicure:

Take warm water in a tub and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Put your feet in that water for 10-15 minutes. Turmeric contains strong antibiotic properties naturally and is good for relaxing your feet. Doing that practice off and on will keep your feet relaxed and germ-free.


After wash Care:

After washing and drying your feet, use some moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the foot skin soft and moisturized. Soap extracts  the moisture out of your skin leaving it rough and dry. Moisturizing lotions will prevent them from getting patched and cracked.

Cut your nail at scheduled time:

Keeping nail length to normal is essential especially when you are diabetic. You toe nail can be collapsed with some stone or any other hard surface and it can cause severe damage to your under nail skin layer. Cut your nails right after taking bath as it lessens the risk of injury to your foot skin because nails are damp and softer at that time. Don’t cut the nails to the corners and avoid cutting them to the roots.

Check your feet at daily Basis:

You should make a keen observation at daily basis for any minor cut or damage on your foot skin. It is important because if it will not be properly treated, you may get severe ulcer. See if there is some cracked skin on heels or any minor cut or rash between your fingers. Visit your doctor immediately if you observe any new bump or scar on your feet.

Use Comfortable Shoes:

Now a day, you can buy specially designed shoes for diabetics which provide enough space to our toes to move freely. Don’t wear over fitted shoes and try to choose a soft sole for you.

shoes for diabetics
shoes for diabetics


15 Tips: How To Get Perfect Nails

15 Prep With The Perfect Soap


The start to getting perfect nails? Using a the right soap. A mild formula–the bottle will let your know how strong it is–is the best for cleaning your nails without stripping the foundation of the nail bed.

14 Dry Spell


Creating perfect nails start with a clean and dry foundation to work on. Make sure your hands are completely dry and free from water, (or excess polish remover.)

 13 Keep Cuticles Happy


Snaggy cuticles are a no-no in the pursuit of perfect nails! Apply Vitamin E and trim them down between manicures to keep them pretty-and healthy.

12 Quality Emery Board


There’s a reason nail files come in packs of five or six: When the one you’re using goes bad, it needs to be chucked immediately. Uneven or filmy nails will surely ruin your perfect mani!

11 Buff ‘Em Up


The best way to maintain a smooth surface on your nail bed is to buff them regularly with a board made specifically for keeping your nails amazing. Most come on a multi-use block that buffs, shines, AND improves blood flow to your nails.

10 Dust ‘Em Off


All that buffing and filing going to leave powder all over your nail bed. Make sure your fingers are wiped clean before you start applying a single drop of polish.

9 Quality Base Coat


Whether you’re rocking long French tips or short neutral nails, a good base coat is the first step to having perfect nails. A hardy formula that dries quick–like Sally Hansen Hard As Nails–should be in every mani-lovers nail polish kit.

8 Good Polish Is The Best Polish


No matter how cute that 99-cent bottle of glittery pink polish may look, it’s cheap quality will leave you with an icky chipped mani and peely nails. Know the quality of the polish that you buy. (Tip: Sally Hansen and OPI are not-too-spendy buys that have staying power AND are good for your nails.)

7 Application Is Everything


Believe it or not, how you apply your polish has a lot to do with how your manicure will look, and how your nails will stay healthy. Always apply from cuticle to tip, strokes that evenly apply polish to the nail bed.

6 Have A Kick-Butt Topcoat


Even with a great polish, a gnarly top coat can ruin the perfect mani! Make sure your quick-dry topcoat hasn’t expired, and comes with a brush that won’t leave marks in your polish.

5 B.Y.O.P.


Don’t waste your time at the colorful display of bottles at the back of the salon; bring your own polish to your mani-pedi appointment. It ensures that the polish used on your nails is primo.

4 Say No To Old Polish!


You know that half-empty bottle of polish that is starting to turn a little gooey? Throw it out! Nothing kills a healthy nail–or a gorgeous manicure–like epired polish.

3 Be Mindful Of Decals


Sure, pretty decals and trendy crackle polish look cute for a couple days. But they don’t last long and wreak havoc on your nails! If glittery tips and “it” polishes are your thing, try to keep it to once in a while to maintain your nails’ health.

2 Know What Your Polish Battles


Things like packing tape and other adhesives contain chemicals that break down your polish, and can eventually make your nails peel as well. Be mindful of what you’re sticking your nails into!

1 No Chips Allowed!

1 isn’t the only beauty site–or source–that knows there’s nothing less classy than chipped polish. And there’s no excuse for simply “touching up:” You’ll have to re-paint the whole nail–if not your whole hand–to keep your nails perfect.