23 Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner


#13 Accentuate your cupid’s bow with a shimmery highlighter

Highlight your cupid’s bow by using a shimmery highlighter, your cupid’s bow is the indent of your upper lip.

beauty 13

#14 Apply your blush in the right spot every time

Using a pen roll it until it falls under your cheekbone, and get to brushing on that blush. Voila, perfect application every time.

beauty 14

#15 Apply perfume the right way

Most of us spray perfume either on our clothes or just randomly all over, at first you will smell incredible but in a very short time most of it wears off. In order to make the smell of your perfume last longer, apply it to your pulse points.

beauty 15

#16 Exfoliate your skin with brown sugar

Get that soft beautiful skin by using nature’s exfoliant, brown sugar

beauty 16

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