5 Not-Known Health and Mind Benefits of Video Games




A mom is always desperate of seeing her child playing video games all day but if she gets to know that there a lot of health benefits of video games, she would give her child the freedom to play video games for at least 3-5 hours daily. Online games are also beneficial in this regard and online portals like FoxyBingo are available over the web which allows users to engage more and more in online gaming.  So here are 5 of the biggest health and mind benefits of video gaming:

1. Motivates to fight against chronic illnesses

According to a research, a kid who plays video games (specially the motivating ones like strategy games, fighting games and etc) is more likely to fight with his chronic diseases and a lot of other diseases. It helps in improving demeanors and gives him/her the motivation to fight with the daily challenges caused by illness.

2. Improves mind-sharpness and memory

Video Games are proven to improve mind-sharpness and memory. The one who plays video games often has a sharp memory and mind both. For example if there’s a puzzle game in which you have to memorize the puzzles in order to solve them, you will gradually be able to memorize things more effectively in real life.

3. Improves motor driving skills

Play a motor driving game and you’ll get to improve your road skills. Yes, it’s proven! Speaking from my personal experience, I learnt a lot from Need for Speed 2 SE. And if there are physical controls with racing games, you’ll learn even better.

4. Stress and depression reduction

Video gaming reduces stress and depression for all ages. If you are stressed of something, hop on to your video gaming device and play your favorite game; you will eventually notice that all your stress has gone because it puts your mind and body into a relaxed state.

5. Sharp vision in real-life

TV is although not good for sight, but video games are. I am saying this because it’s a proven fact that if you play a video game which has targets and objects to shoot (for example Call of Duty), you will be able to concentrate more on the targets, and your vision and targeting skills will improve significantly.

Did you ever notice these benefits while playing your favorite video games? Comment below!