According to scientists, chocolates could actually prevent obesity. Quite strangely, the ingredient of cocoa in chocolate has antioxidant that lowers blood sugar and stops gaining weight. Chocolates have been considered a source of gaining weight since long, but the research proved something totally opposite. Furthermore, it can also help preventing Type 2 Diabetes and hence lower the risk to a greater extent.Dark chocolates are also considered to decrease appetite, improve concentration, boost the heart health and lower the blood pressure.


A recent study that was published in a famous journal related to agriculture and food chemistry actually revealed that the antioxidant found in

cocoa tend to prevent the experimented mice from increasing weight gain and hence lowered their sugar levels in blood. As per Dr Andrew Neilson, cocoa, a core ingredient of all chocolates, is the flavanol-loaded foods available. Flavanols are a type of antioxidants which helps preventing weight gain and risks to develop diabetes. Well, all the flavanols are not beneficial equally plus cocoa contains numerous different ones.

Dark chocolates have some amazing hidden facts that are particularly good for our health such as it is good for our heart and brain. It improves the blood flow reducing the danger of blood clots. Due to increase blood flow, the brain and heart both will always have sufficient blood flow towards them, hence will work normally.  Flavonoids that are presented in the dark chocolates save the cells by free radicals, the unstable molecules which damage a body’s organs and cells. Well, this delicious confection, on the other hand release neurotransmitters which works as SPEAKING to a brain feeding the positive information plus forming the new memories.

Dulce Chocolates

Besides, they can help your mood to improve as well. As it contain PEA (phenylthylamine), a chemical which a brain creates when an individual feel like he is on love. PEA, additionally encourages the brain to release serotonin and endorphins. Endorphins are particularly known in order to lessen pain, relive stress and improve mood, whereas serotonin is actually the brains chemical of FEEL GOOD, which plays the part to promote the feelings of happiness and wellbeing!


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