The Amount Of Money People Expects From Me-Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, the 60 years old lady is best known for her multi-winning award show named the Oprah Winfrey show. Besides this, people tend to recognize her because of her humanitarian personality and her kindness towards the needy. However, Oprah Winfrey has revealed a very surprising amount of money often which the needy ask for borrowing from the lady.


Well, there is no doubt about her helping nature; she is certainly the self-made billionaire woman who is actually thought to be rank in dollar 77 million the previous year alone. Interestingly, her wealth has definitely not gone unobserved; indeed it seems the lady is often asked by some people in order to lend them ‘some’ money. She revealed that she is more often asked for $50,000 loan!

People generally ask for the amount of money keeping in consideration what you have. At the time when I use to earn $22,000 each year, normally people needed $50 from me, while I moved to higher amount say $50,000, people would then ask me for $500. Now no one actually needs an amount less than straight $50,000, Winfrey added.


Oprah Winfrey made wealth over the years because of her show previously mentioned, plus more currently due to OWN her network. The channel is recently home to an attention grabbing reality show regarding the actor, Lindsay Lohan, well to whom Oprah Winfrey has taken right under her wing!

Well, Winfrey is not just known for helping with loans those in need, but also best known for her countless charitable works. Over some years, the lady has spent an amount more than hundred million dollars on Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls which is in South Africa.

Well, seems as if her net worth will even get bigger due to the national empowerment tour she recently announced. It will tend to see the lady visiting around eight of the cities for the two-day arena event, this autumn. The show will be called Oprah’s the life you want weekend. Well, the tickets definitely run on the top end starting from $99 plus peaking at around $999. The deal is not bad in case people can meet Oprah, the self-help woman!


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