15 Hair Styling Disasters To Avoid

15 Avoid This Deadly Combo

Have you ever heard a crackling sound while mixing hairspray and a hot-iron? That’s hair being singed! The alcohol in hairspray burns when it contacts with heat. Instead use a thermal protector product before heat and then hairspray afterwards to hold the style.


14 When More Is Not Better..

Although hair products seductively sell beauty in a bottle, it’s confusing how much to use. The thing about moisture is that too much weighs your locks down making them lifeless. If you apply a balm everyday, a tiny amount only on damaged areas, like the hair-ends will work perfectly.


13 Discover These Heat-Protective Styling Tools!

Ceramic and porcelain hair-irons distribute heat evenly so there are no “hot spots” that can burn and damage hair. Negative ionic blow-dryers eliminate frizz and close hair cuticles. Their infrared heat provides faster styling with less damage. For curling hair, use electric steam rollers to avoid dryness and add extra shine.


12 Are You A Creature Of Habit?

Sudsing up everyday strips your hair and scalp of healthy oils and moisture. If you need to feel fresh with a daily wash, try alternating shampoo with a conditioner every other day. This will protect your tresses from becoming overly dry and brittle.


11 Stop Hair-color From Fading!

When you find that perfect color, you want to keep it as long as possible! Did you know there are color enhancing shampoos and conditioners that do just that? Refreshers and brighteners are available for every color. Your hair-color will truly pop!


10 Why “Timed” Salon Visits Are Important

Waiting forever between cuts makes it hard for your stylist to follow the shape of your last cut. If you really love a style, maintain it with trims every six weeks or so. Also, many salons offer complimentary bang trims. Hair experts recommend going for a shape-up every three weeks.


9 Style-it Like A Pro!

Wondering why your do doesn’t look like your stylist’s blow-out? Purchase hair-clips and divide hair into small sections and blow-dry each section separately. Use protective hair product before applying heat and you’ll be surprised with your polished look.9

8 Ponytail Habits?

If your hair is at least shoulder length, you’re bound to don a ponytail. Avoid rubber-bands, elastics with metal clasps, or pulling back wet hair and tying it up too tight – that leads to breakage. Instead dry hair first, prep it with styling cream and stick to snag-free elastics. Lastly, sleeping with a ponytail is a hair sin!


7 Remove Hair Build-up & Shine Like A Star!

Do you use daily hair product? Do you have hard tap water? Both hard-water mineral deposits and hair product residue will coat your hair, preventing it from shining and looking healthy. A simple remedy: once use a deep cleansing shampoo once per month or a DIY vinegar hair-rinse once per week


6 So Gorgeous, Just Take Your Time!

Assure your style lasts throughout the evening by allowing your hair to cool after applying heat from a dryer or iron. Avoid handling hair if it’s still warm because this will undo any effort with the curl setting. If using velcro rollers, they’ll need at least 10 minutes to do the job.


5 The Science For Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning once a week will keep your hair gorgeous in spite of other harsh styling techniques. The hair strand is made of tiny overlapping cuticles that lift-up when damaged. This makes hair weak with breakage, frizz and dullness. Deep conditioning is the simplest way to keep hair cuticles healthy


4 Which.. What Product?

Root-boosting spray plumps up fine, thin hair. Medium-thick hair needs a heavier spray gel or mousse to firm and style. When it comes to smoothing, a light serum is plenty for taming fine, frizzy hair. Thicker, coarser hair needs extra shine so use a combination of a serum and cream. Curls do well with richer creams to control frizz and bring out texture.


3 When “Style” Requires Harsh Handling

Any hair styling technique done in excess results in damage so don’t over-brush. Hair is also vulnerable to breakage when wet. After washing avoid rubbing it dry and for tangles use a detangler product and a large tooth comb.


2 Helpful Home Hair-coloring Tip

If you’re touching up regrowth, you don’t need to overlap colored strands with more color. Instead, apply color solely to your roots and use a rinse tint for the rest of the hair, not the color, especially if it has harsh peroxide or ammonia


1 Research Saves Time & Money!

Have you ever had a super cute cut and a few weeks later it looked all wrong? Consulting an experienced hairstylist first about your hair’s texture and how fast it grows will solve this. Learn which styles need frequent “retouching” and if extra hair product is needed to maintain them. 1

10 Worst Nail Art Ever

10 Tetris Nail Art

We recommend sticking to the game instead of tricking your nails out with this crazy design!



9 Black Lace

These nails have way too much going on. Maybe one of the designs would have worked but not the whole collection of nail art on one nail.


8 Garden Nails

We recommend that you limit your flowers to your garden. This can’t be practical.


7 Lawn Nails

OK, this one we really don’t get. Who want’s their nails to resemble a lawn?


6 Princess Gone Horribly Wrong

You know those puffy pens with feathers at the ends? Yeah, your nails should never look like that.


5 Creepy Eye

We feel that this creepy eye nail art keeps staring at us. Reserve for Halloween or, better yet, not at all!5

4 Bling Overload

These horrible nail designs need a fire extinguisher stat!


3 Duck Feet Nails

All we’ve got to say about this one is WTF? Who in the world would want to wear duck feet?


2 Action Figure Nails

This look is downright frightening and it takes action figures to a place where we’d never want to go!2

1 Fantasy Nail Art

We love a good fairy tale but these nails take them to a scary new level.1

15 HOT Makeup Hacks

15 Ombre manicure

The Beauty Department shows us this simple and fun DIY mani perfect for warm weather!


14DIY Gel polish remover

With some foil squares, cotton balls, and acetone, you can remove your chipped gel polish in minutes at home before going out.


13 Clutch touch up kit

For nights out, take a cue from this red carpet-inspired DIY solution. Use a contact lenses case to fill up on cream blush and foundation for a solution to the problem with tiny evening clutches!


12 Matte eyes

For a chic runway-inspired matte eye shadow look, use a highlighter pencil as an eyelid primer!


11 DIY Coconut and Rose Body Scrub

For the most delightful springtime body scrub, combine coconut oil, raw cane sugar, almond oil, and a rose into a mason jar for an affordable and fragrant scrub!


10 Colored lashes

The Beauty Department shows us a flashy and daring DIY look (perfect for nights out or wild parties!) using liquid liner!


9 Gingham check mani

A few strokes of nail polish on scotch tape and careful cutting will transform simple scotch tape into nail stickers to make the perfect gingham design to match all those shirts!


8 Rose gold eye shadow

Want that perfect rose gold eye shadow that’s on the lids of red carpet beauties like Diane Kruger? Mix it yourself! A smart combo of cream and powder shadow will create the perfect rose gold look!


7 Glitter polish

Sometimes, the best kind of glitter nail polish is the one you can make yourself! Make one for yourself in every color of glitter you want!


6 DIY Gel liner

Want to try out a gel liner but can’t seem to master that tricky, fussy little brush? Try this trick: hold a regular kohl liner pencil under a flame and after it cools down, apply it!


5 DIY Lash look

Overwhelmed by those long, thick, and outrageous looking false lashes but still want the celebrity look? Take cue from this guide to applying false lashes at home from The Beauty Department.


4 DIY Lip color

Ever wonder what to do with the rest of the lipstick stuck in the tube after you’ve hit the plastic rim? Scoop the colors out and melt it together to create a custom shade!


3 Nail stickers

The easy way to give yourself an artsy and chic mani without using various nail art tools is to create DIY nail stickers using polish and scotch tape!


2 Sugar scrub

The classic DIY kitchen friendly makeup hack always involves sugar, which is a fantastic natural exfoliant. Take half a cup of brown sugar, three tablespoons of olive oil, and a few drops of water to make a great natural all over body exfoliator.


1 DIY Lip Smoothie

A simple solution to cracked and flaking lips is this DIY lip scrub that involves merely brushing lip balm on your lips to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.1

How to Look Younger and Enhance Your Beauty with Yoga

There is hardly anyone who does not want to look younger and beautiful. Every one dreams of having a radiant, unblemished and beautiful skin. Think about getting an everlasting youth, graceful movements and svelte figure by spending sometime everyday. Do you think it is very hard? Not at all! In this article you will come to know about how yoga asana can help you to maintain your beautiful skin. People trust Yoga for Beauty and the Yoga poses really work magnificently for both men and women.

People do Yoga for beautiful skin but it is wonderful for the following as well:

  • Improving your body Posture
  • Stretching Spine
  • Strengthening your body muscles
  • Relieving your tension
  • Firming your loosening skin tight

Among the yoga beauty tips the first one is to do yoga regularly and at early morning. Men and women of all ages can do Yoga for Beauty and it offers the body with lots of health benefits. Some of the yoga asana which offers beautiful skin are discussed below:

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Among all the yoga poses the sun salutation is considered as the mother of all. It consists of 12 poses which offers relaxation, removes toxins, and de-stresses the body. Like all the other yoga postures you must do this on regular basis for better results. 


Shoulder Stand (Sharvangasana)

This is a yoga asana that involves the complete body. This is a yoga for beautiful skin and it relaxes the whole body from head to toe.

Twisted-Seated Pose (Bharadvajasana)

 Are you looking for a Yoga for beautiful skin and want to have a skin with anti-ageing properties then this yoga asana is for you. The best part of this yoga sana is that it is very simple to do but its benefits are huge. 


Bow Pose (Dhnurasana)

This is another yoga pose that offers your body with a beautiful shape. This yoga asana also provides the human skin with a natural shiny glow. Among the yoga beauty tips doing this yoga asana daily is another one.

Plough Pose (Halasana)

This is a yoga pose that provides with a flawless skin and flat stomach at the same time. The posture of this yoga asana relaxes the mind and the body. 


Headstand (Shirsasana)

This might appear a bit difficult for the first timers. But if you can do it properly upon practices you will get a long-lasting glow. The best part of doing this yoga pose that it offers you the chance to get rid of wrinkles.

Breathing Exercise  

Another Yoga beauty tips would include doing the breathing exercise in an open space. This yoga pose rejuvenates the mind and the complete body at the same time. It is based on holding and releasing breaths on counts. 


Corpse Pose (Shavasan)

 This is a magical yoga pose where the complete body feels relieved. You will find that your tensions have disappeared upon practicing this yoga asana. It is always recommended to practice this yoga asana upon completion of all the yoga asana. This yoga asana is the concluding asana for a yoga session.

15 Tips: How To Get Perfect Nails

15 Prep With The Perfect Soap


The start to getting perfect nails? Using a the right soap. A mild formula–the bottle will let your know how strong it is–is the best for cleaning your nails without stripping the foundation of the nail bed.

14 Dry Spell


Creating perfect nails start with a clean and dry foundation to work on. Make sure your hands are completely dry and free from water, (or excess polish remover.)

 13 Keep Cuticles Happy


Snaggy cuticles are a no-no in the pursuit of perfect nails! Apply Vitamin E and trim them down between manicures to keep them pretty-and healthy.

12 Quality Emery Board


There’s a reason nail files come in packs of five or six: When the one you’re using goes bad, it needs to be chucked immediately. Uneven or filmy nails will surely ruin your perfect mani!

11 Buff ‘Em Up


The best way to maintain a smooth surface on your nail bed is to buff them regularly with a board made specifically for keeping your nails amazing. Most come on a multi-use block that buffs, shines, AND improves blood flow to your nails.

10 Dust ‘Em Off


All that buffing and filing going to leave powder all over your nail bed. Make sure your fingers are wiped clean before you start applying a single drop of polish.

9 Quality Base Coat


Whether you’re rocking long French tips or short neutral nails, a good base coat is the first step to having perfect nails. A hardy formula that dries quick–like Sally Hansen Hard As Nails–should be in every mani-lovers nail polish kit.

8 Good Polish Is The Best Polish


No matter how cute that 99-cent bottle of glittery pink polish may look, it’s cheap quality will leave you with an icky chipped mani and peely nails. Know the quality of the polish that you buy. (Tip: Sally Hansen and OPI are not-too-spendy buys that have staying power AND are good for your nails.)

7 Application Is Everything


Believe it or not, how you apply your polish has a lot to do with how your manicure will look, and how your nails will stay healthy. Always apply from cuticle to tip, strokes that evenly apply polish to the nail bed.

6 Have A Kick-Butt Topcoat


Even with a great polish, a gnarly top coat can ruin the perfect mani! Make sure your quick-dry topcoat hasn’t expired, and comes with a brush that won’t leave marks in your polish.

5 B.Y.O.P.


Don’t waste your time at the colorful display of bottles at the back of the salon; bring your own polish to your mani-pedi appointment. It ensures that the polish used on your nails is primo.

4 Say No To Old Polish!


You know that half-empty bottle of polish that is starting to turn a little gooey? Throw it out! Nothing kills a healthy nail–or a gorgeous manicure–like epired polish.

3 Be Mindful Of Decals


Sure, pretty decals and trendy crackle polish look cute for a couple days. But they don’t last long and wreak havoc on your nails! If glittery tips and “it” polishes are your thing, try to keep it to once in a while to maintain your nails’ health.

2 Know What Your Polish Battles


Things like packing tape and other adhesives contain chemicals that break down your polish, and can eventually make your nails peel as well. Be mindful of what you’re sticking your nails into!

1 No Chips Allowed!


Allwomenstalk.com isn’t the only beauty site–or source–that knows there’s nothing less classy than chipped polish. And there’s no excuse for simply “touching up:” You’ll have to re-paint the whole nail–if not your whole hand–to keep your nails perfect.

15 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks!

15 The Classic


The cat-eye is a the go-to liquid eyeliner technique for a polished look for both day and night. An eyeliner trick that EVERY beauty buff should have mastered. Simply trace eyeliner along upper lash line and let the tail extend a little further past your lid.

14 Getting Colorful


Cat-eye doesn’t have to be basic black or brown! Play up this look with bright liquid eyeliners and keep the rest of your makeup neutral.

13 Lay It On Thick


Cat-eye feel a little too tame? Go ahead and make that line thicker, or use gel eyeshadow to extend the original line up onto your eyelid.

12 (Don’t) Be Such A Square


Make the everyday cat-eye a little edgier by squaring off the tip that goes past your lash line. We recommend using pencil liner to create this shape.

11 The “Drop-Eye”


This technique consists of lining your entire upper lash line and the outer half of your lower lash line. Keep the lower lines thinner to prevent a costume makeup look.

10 Super-Smudge


Blame it on the recent grunge revival, but smudging your liquid liner with a q-tip is a hot trick to have in your night-out makeup regimen. Just don’t let the smudging get too out of control, or you’ll risk looking like you’re melting.

9 The Cleopatra


To achieve this extreme look you will need: 1)Black liquid eyeliner, 2)A steady hand, and 3)Killer confidence. Anyone thinking of being Cleopatra for Halloween?

8 Wings


Think of winged eyeliner as the cat-eye’s flirty cousin–turning the bit of liner past your lash line upward so it mimics a thick eyelash.

7 Faux & Fabulous


Want the look of fake eyelashes without the actual fake eyelashes? Try this: Add an extra wing to your eyeliner line to give you some spice!

6 Just A Pop


Trendy colorful eyeliner can work on anybody! Apply color to ONLY your upper OR lower lash line. Keep the rest of your makeup more neutral.

5 Sultry & Smokey


There’s no better way to achieve the perfect smokey eye look than with adding a good chunky pencil eyeliner. Only have liquid liner? Apply it to your whole top lid and the outer half of your bottom lash line, let it dry, and then smudge with a q-tip.

4 On The Inside


Applying eyeliner all the way on the inner corners of your eyes is tricky, but when done properly can look great. Stick to a pencil eyeliner and make sure to balance out the rest of your eye with a similar-colored shadow. And be wary of how much liner you apply; too much can give the allusion you have dirt next to your eye!

3 Walking A Thin Line


Just because you’re applying eyeliner doesn’t mean it has to be a show-stealer! Liquid liner can be applied in a very thin line to give your eyes just a bit of pop and put the attention on another part of your face, like you lips

2 White Out


Applying white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes can make eyes look further apart and create the allusion that you’re more awake. Just remember: A little goes a long way. Too much white liner will make you look like an extraterrestrial.

1 All That Glitters


A party girl go-to, glitter eyeliner can give you a punch of sparkle without the fuss of loose glitter