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    Give Your Kids Best Look With Kids’ Latest Fashion Trends

    As with the change in adult’s fashion, the children’s fashion also keeps on change, however, there is a wide difference between the fashion trends of kids and fashion trends of adults, because designers aim is to appeal two entirely different people: the kids for whom they are designing dresses and adults (parents or guardians) who […] More

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    30 Awesome Red Hot Heels For Girls

    The world is becoming so much trendy and fashionable that everyone wants to look hot, fashionable and trendy these days. Especially, girls are crazier for the latest fashion trends. They try different fashionable trends to look stylish, gorgeous and beautiful. Red hot heels are one of the latest trends these days. Most of the girls […] More

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    30 Amazing Easy Nail Art Designs

    Easy Nail Art has grown popular these days. People especially women are more concerned about their nails as it enhances their overall look. It originated long time ago when people used enamel and then started to paint fingernails. Women can achieve different look through nail art mastery. Nail art is the complicated form of art as there […] More

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    30 Best Lipstick Color Match For Girls

    Lipstick is one of the most popular makeup items for girls. Almost every girl uses lipstick whenever they go on a special occasion like weddings, parties or any kind of other celebrations. Lipstick can easily be available in any local store in the market. These are also available in various shades and colors. But it […] More

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    Lessons in Layering: 5 Outfit Ideas for Temperamental Spring Weather

    How will the East Coast be celebrating the first official week of spring? With a sunny 20 degree morning and an impending Nor’easter! That just means a couple more weeks of strategic layering that meshes fresh, springtime looks with functional coverage. And luckily, loads of street style inspiration abound! Simge Ozgoren lightens up her wintry […] More

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    25 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

    These time-saving tips are basically your hairway to heaven. 1. A 20-second updo — split, knot, twist, and pin. 2. For quick curls, put your hair in a ponytail first and divide and conquer. You only need to divide into two or three sections. Full instructions here. 3. Apply dry shampoo the night before. If […] More