Heidi Klum Shares Her Spring Workout and Diet Secrets (And Guess What? Cheeseburgers Are Allowed)

If Heidi Klum’s amazingly fit body and infectious energy level weren’t enough inspiration for me to want to hit the gym already, her new collection of workout gear and sneakers with New Balance definitely did the trick.


We’re all for looking good at the gym, and Klum says she’s “bringing the runway to the treadmill” with this collection. Another bonus: with four kids and an empire to oversee, the supermodel/businesswoman finds herself strapped for time just like us. She’s come up with some very creative ways to raise her heart rate and fit in a workout anytime, anywhere. Klum shares a few workout secrets, fitness fashion ideas, and diet tips (which actually include cheeseburgers) with us below:


Glamour: What’s your fitness regimen to get ready for bathing suit weather?
Heidi Klum: I pretend it’s bikini season all year and regularly make healthy decisions. My favorite workout is a long run on the Westside Highway which stretches along the Hudson River in New York City… it’s a beautiful path, and you always feel surrounded by such an amazing community. You see the same people running every morning and they inspire me to keep going. That and knowing there is a Starbucks coffee at the end of the route!

How often do you exercise and what tips would you give our readers on getting the best workout?
HK: With my busy schedule, it’s impossible to have a set fitness routine. So instead I like to try and incorporate exercise into my daily life whenever I can—which requires some creativity. Sometimes I jump on the trampoline with my kids or take a hike with my dogs in the canyon by my house. Sometimes I run for 30 minutes on my treadmill, but I prefer to be outdoors. When I’m traveling, it could be doing a few sit ups in my hotel room before I head to work.

My best advice to readers is to work out with a buddy. They keep you motivated and get you out of bed. I think it’s also important to set goals. For example, when I started to run, I would run a mile and then walk a mile and kept building up as time went on. If you are running on the street go one mailbox or one house further each day. It also helps to build up your endurance!

What types of workouts did you have in mind when you created this collection for New Balance?
HK: I wear the pieces in my line for running, hiking with my dogs, riding my bike, jumping on the trampoline with my kids… pretty much for everything! I love pairing the dance pants with the floral run jacket if it’s cooler out or with the cropped dance tee if it’s warmer. I made pieces you could layer depending on the workout and the weather.

What’s the craziest workout that you’ve tried this year?
HK: The craziest (and most fun!) workout I’ve tried this year is dancing around the living room with my kids. We love listening to upbeat music, so sometimes we turn up the volume and dance around together. It’s important to teach your kids the value of being active by setting a good example.

What are your best diet tips?
HK: I like to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. In 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution to drink a fruit and veggie smoothie every morning. It’s one of those that went from a resolution to a life habit. My kids and I do it together and we love it. It’s important to keep a balanced diet, but I’m not a fan of deprivation. If I want a cheeseburger, I am not only going to eat that cheeseburger, but I’m going to enjoy that cheeseburger.

Check out the entire Heidi Klum for NB Collection and let us know what you think below.

Are you looking for sources of natural vitamins?

One may try a couple of beauty products in order to have a flawless skin, yet may fail in achieving the desired result. On the other hand, by shifting to natural food with abundant vitamin pools may turn out to be very efficient. Here is a glimpse of foods with natural vitamin sources:


red bell pepper

Red bell is a cent percent vitamin C’s natural source. A single red bell pepper that can be taken in both in cooked and raw form fulfills your complete need of vitamin C. In addition to this, it serves as a source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6 plus contains significant amounts of carotenoids that may allow good blood circulation’ protect against acne and wrinkle free skin.




A rich source of Vitamin D is an excellent way to combat anxiety, stress and depression.Vitamin D keeps your vital organs as heart healthy and brain plus fortifies your bones.



coconut oil

Coconut oil is such a blessing as contains saturated fat with around ninety percent of calories. It is also filled with lauric acid, a dominant antiviral and antibacterial activity that may protect you from viral infections and skin acne or inflammation.

It also contains the content of interest that is Vitamin E that keeps one’s skin glowing and wrinkle free by maintaining a soft and smooth skin tone.




Another huge source of Vitamin E but the fun of in taking spinach is twice as it also provides rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, folate, fiber,  chlorophyll, magnesium, Vitamin A, fiber and plant protein.

It can be one of the best recipes for a healthy skin, as it entails antioxidant property and fight against a broad assortment of skin troubles. Simply when you eat spinach, you filter your skin, inside out!




Various seeds as the flax seeds, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds are wonderful for nourishments all skin types.

The sunflower and the pumpkin seeds equally rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, selenium and additionally contains protein. The former moisturizes the skin while later keeps skin wrinkle free and fight against high stress conditions.

3 Fun Bollywood-Inspired Ab Exercises That Scorch Fat

Varying your workout routine is always a “do”—changing things up can challenge your body in ways it might not be used to. Plus, there’s the amazing bonus that you don’t get bored with the same-old same-old, day in and day out (I mean, as much as I love running every morning, there are days I’d rather be doing something else).

Your exercise inspiration for this ab workout from Doonya Bollywood Dance & Fitness is so fun: Miss America Nina Davuluri:



Doonya’s founders, Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai, poured their years of dance experience to create an intense workout program involving moves that you might see in Bollywood movies—high-energy and full-body.

To tone your abs (and take a break from the regular crunch/plank routine), Priya and Kajal recommend these moves. Do 10 to 20 reps of each exercise, performing a total of three sets. For each movement, focus on using your abs, not your legs.
Flick Step
Bend knee of your standing leg, and shift your weight to that side. Squeeze your obliques and rock your hip to lift the other leg (there should be some resistance through the toe so that you can “flick” up off the ground). Do 10 reps on each side.

22 23

Start with a basic ab tuck (essentially, a standing crunch): Lift one knee using the abs, and bend the other knee to sit slightly into the ground. Bring rib cage to belly button so that the spine is in C-curve position. At the same time, squeeze the obliques on one side to crunch while reaching down for the opposite foot.

24 25

Place one foot slightly in front of the other, with your body facing the corner. Imagine the movement that happens while wringing a towel as you take your knees further inward and opening your body in the opposite direction. Start with your knees bent, and straighten with the twist by lifting your hip and leading it to the opposite corner.


Carrie Underwood’s Workout Moves for Miniskirt-Ready Legs

Carrie Underwood gives us a little leg envy. OK, a lot of leg envy. To get those incredible stems, Carrie works out with her longtime trainer, Erin Oprea, several times a week. With spring on the horizon, we asked Carrie and Erin to share their favorite moves to sculpt miniskirt-ready legs.

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  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Squat Into Lunge

    Squat down on your left leg, right toes just touching the floor for balance. Without standing up, move your right leg back into a lunge. Keep your left leg bent and return your right leg to starting position. Do 15 reps, then repeat on the other side.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Cherry Pickers

    Hold a 10- to 25-pound kettlebell or dumbbell with both hands. Stand with your legs wide and soften your knees. Bend at the hips, keeping your back flat, chest up, and shoulders back as you lower the weight straight down, then reach it back between your legs, controlling the motion. Push through your heels to lift back up to standing, still keeping your back flat, chest up, and shoulders back.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Skater Hops

    Stand on your right foot with your right knee bent, left leg lifted behind you. Lower your body into a squat, then jump to the left, landing on your left leg and bringing your right foot back behind you (keep it hovering off the ground). Pause in the position, then jump back onto your right foot, bringing your left foot bent behind you. Repeat this movement for one minute.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Lateral Lunge

    Stand on your left leg, holding a 5- to 15-pound kettlebell or dumbbell in your left hand, and lift your right knee straight up. Lunge directly to your right, keeping your right knee directly above your foot and extending straight down in front of you. For perfect form, extend your booty and keep your left leg straight the entire time. Firmly push off your right foot to return to starting position, then repeat 15 times. Complete 15 reps on each side.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Bosu Jumps

    Start with your right foot on the Bosu ball, left foot on the ground. Squat down, then spring off your right foot and land on the other side of the Bosu, now with your left foot on the ball. Squat down again, and repeat the jump in the opposite direction. Continue jumping back and forth for 30 seconds.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Pulsing Sumo Squats

    Face a railing, fence, counter, or barre (ideally at hip level) and hold on for support. Spread your legs and lift up as high on your toes as you can. Keeping your arms straight and chest up, lower into a sumo squat (essentially a wide-legged squat), staying on your toes. Keeping your hips at knee level and pulling back with your arms for support, lift up one inch, then lower down one inch, continuing these small pulses 40 times before standing.


  • Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workout: Stair Squat and Jump

    hand. Lower into a squat, extending your hips back, keeping your knees over your toes, and your chest up. Jump onto the first stair, dropping directly back into a squat. Repeat the motion, jumping up onto the next stair and dropping into a squat when you land. When you reach the top, walk down to the bottom. Repeat five times.









Get a Red-Carpet Body for the Oscars with This Workout

When stars get ready to walk the red carpet—which they’re prepping to do right now for the Oscars this weekend!—that means plenty of gym time and trainers aplenty.

The rest of us may not have those kinds of resources at our disposal (and, OK, may not be on a red carpet anytime soon), but Anja Garcia, a Southern California-based Equinox group fitness instructor, has some key tips for getting a celeb body—even with just a little time on your hands (and she should know! Equinox’s star clientele includes people like Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, and Mark Wahlberg).

“This workout incorporates movements that work multiple body parts at the same time—so you’ll burn more in less time,” she says. The moves target specific areas for strength training, and offer extra benefits as “compound moves”—meaning they use multiple muscle groups to challenge your whole body. Anja says to do them one after the other as a circuit, and you’ll have a full body cardio strength training session that burns fat, builds muscle, and helps sculpt a sleek physique.


Butt and Legs
Curtsy Crunch

Step right leg back to bend both knees into curtsy lunge. Stand up and pull same leg up to standing side crunch. This move not only strengthens and shapes the legs and glutes, you get the added bonus of abdominal/core training.

(Take No) Prisoner Squat Jumps
Begin with hands behind head keeping chest open and spine neutral. Explode up from the floor to perform jump. Land quietly in squat and repeat move as fast as possible with good form. This move also burns tons of calories to speed up your results.

Donkey Kick
With hands on floor and hips up in a modified Down Dog position, jump and kick heels to your butt. Your hamstrings plus your back and shoulders and all get a hit in this cardio challenge of a move!


Chest, Arms, and Shoulders
Corkscrew Pushups

Perform pushup on hands and toes then shift back to drop butt to heels, twisting to one side. Come forward to plank and repeat pushup, shift back and twist to other side. In addition to your arms, your chest and abs get a double dose of burn in this body weight movement.

TKO (Total Knockout) Punches
Amp the cardio and sculpt arms with a combo of punches from jab, cross, upper cut and hook. Drill 1 punch or combine for 3-minute bouts of cardio then recover for 1 minute and repeat.

Single Leg Mountain Climbers
Balance in a plank position on hands and right foot. Jump the left foot in and out for 30 seconds. Then switch and repeat on other side. The arms and shoulders will burn and—as a bonus—you’ll have a great ab and leg kicker.


Bird Dog

Begin in plank position on hands and toes. Lift right arm and left leg and hold for 10 seconds. Lower and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Your back and your butt will benefit from this stability and strength challenge.

Superman Lat Pull
Begin on your belly with your legs extended and arms overhead. Lift your torso and legs up to extend your spine. With your neck neutral, perform a lat pull drawing your elbows to your side. Reach your arms overhead again and to the starting position with torso down. Great for posture as well as a sculpted back.

V Press Plank
Begin in a push up plank position with hands a little wider than your shoulders, legs extended with feet hip width apart. Keeping arms straight, press back to a modified Down Dog with knees bent. Holding this inverted V position, bend elbows out to the side and lower head towards the floor simulating an upside down overhead press. This move is a core shaper as well and will sculpt shoulders on top of a streamlined back.
Anja says these moves are just one part of the getting-fit equation. Remember to get plenty of sleep, and focus on how you eat, too. The Equinox Health Advisory Board has these nutritional pillars to incorporate into your plan: focus on nutrient-dense foods instead of counting calories; eat minimally processed foods; consider a seasonal detox; fuel properly both pre- and post-workout; don’t leave out your veggies; eat clean, lean proteins; drink lots of water; eat locally, in-season, and organically whenever possible; don’t forget healthy fats; eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

Tone It Up in 2 Weeks: Your Mid-January Super-Charged Workout Plan

Fell off the weight-loss resolution wagon? Well, lace up those sneakers and get back at it—Tone It Up founders Karena and Katrina are here to help. The gurus behind Bravo’s new Toned Up show designed this super-charged workout just for us. Follow this fun, effective two-week plan and you’ll sculpt every body part well before spring arrives.

  • Tone It Up Workout, Day One: Abs

    Karena and Katrina get things started with one of the most important muscle groups: the core. Start working on your Shakira-inspired flat tummy by completing the sleek and slender ab routine. You’ll need some dumbbells (try 5 to 10 pounds) for knee-up crossovers and a mat for plank kicks and butterfly crunches. Keep your core engaged and your spine straight the entire time to ensure perfect form.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Two: Booty With Kettlebells

    Today, you’re going to focus on firming, lifting, and cinching your way to the bootylicious backside of your dreams. You’ll need a mat and a kettlebell (or a 15- to 20-pound weight) for this workout. Again, keeping a flat back and engaged core is crucial, so remember your form. These squats, lunges, and bridge exercises will have your glutes feeling it the next day.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Three: Arms

    Start your workout with a 30-minute run; it can be as easy as running away from your house for 15 minutes and then running back. Now that you’re warmed up, get your dumbbells out. Tighten and sculpt your shoulders, biceps, and triceps with these curls, extensions, and raises. Bonus: Combining these basic moves with squats, Warrior poses, and leg dead lifts will take your workout to the next level.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Four: Cardio

    Now that you’ve worked out separate areas of your body, time to kick up your calorie burn with some treadmill intervals. For a total of 15 minutes, alternate between walking at a 7 percent incline for 2 minutes, jogging at a 4 percent incline for 2 minutes, and sprinting fast at a 2 percent incline for 1 minute. Complete three cycles.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Five: Active Rest Day

    You’ve officially toned and conditioned your body for four days straight! Now give it a rest. Go for a walk with friends, then give your muscles a much-needed break. These yoga-inspired stretches will help relieve stress too. Be sure to hold the stretch when you feel a tighter sore spot.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Six: Thighs and Booty

    Now let’s get back to that booty—no equipment necessary this time. Just focus on slow and concentrated leg kicks, lifts, squats, and bridges. You’ll work on your balance while strengthening your legs and core. Keep in mind that form is more important here than speed, especially with moves like the dead lift and squat.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Seven: Sunday Run Day

    Up your cardio with this running workout. Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes, then stretch. Run as fast as you can for 1 minute to kick up your heart rate, then walk it off for 2 minutes to cool down. Ready to begin?

    • Set a timer for 5 minutes
    • Run for 5 minutes
    • When the timer goes off, stop and do 25 jumping jacks and 10 lunges on each leg
    • Repeat 3 times

    Now it’s time for the final sprint. Get back on the treadmill and alternate sprinting for 30 seconds with a 30-second jog. Repeat four times. Next, switch to sprinting for 1 minute and jogging for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. You’re done! Make sure you stretch your quads, glutes, and shins—and don’t forget to hydrate! Print This: Rise and Run Routine>>


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Eight: Back and Shoulders

    Time to sculpt some sexy shoulders. Keep your core engaged and your back flat. Exhale during the exertion, when your muscles are doing the most work. Grab your dumbbells for some bicep curls, arm presses, and lateral extensions—these work the front, back, and sides of your upper back and shoulders. Do 10 to 12 reps of each exercise for three sets.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day Nine: Total Body

    Now you’re ready to give your workout a boost with this total body routine. You’re going to combine lunges with dumbbell twists and squats with tricep extensions. This will work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower abs, and shoulders all at once. Try heavier weights if you want to really push yourself. End with a Downward Dog to stretch.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day 10: Active Rest Day

    You’re almost done! head-to-toe stretch. Take deep inhales and exhales as you follow each move in this routine.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day 11: Jump-Rope Cardio

    You may not have used a jump rope since your grade-school days, but this quick and easy jump-rope routine will get your heart rate pumping. For the first 2 minutes, jump slowly to warm up. Alternate a few minutes of jumping rope with a break for lunges (15 on each leg), a plank (hold 1 minute or more), 20 squats, and 30 tricep dips. Repeat this circuit three times for the max benefit. Once you’re done, cool down with 3 minutes of slow jumping followed by a full-body stretch; pay extra attention to your calves and hamstrings.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day 12: Upper Body and Abs

    Now that the two weeks have almost passed, we’re going to take it up a notch with this upper-body routine. Start with a Chataranga and add a kick to tighten your core. Then, move into side plank dips and twists to chisel your abs. Finish with dumbbell curl crunches and a quick stretch.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day 13: Booty

    Today, you’re going to work on this booty-toning routine. Start with back lunges and dead lifts. Focus on keeping your abs tight, and maintain a straight line from your shoulders all the way down your leg. Then, switch to back leg lifts and hamstring curls, and finish with bridge exercises.


  • Tone It Up Workout, Day 14: Waistline Cincher

    You made it! Let’s end on a high note with a waistline workout. You’ll work your postural muscles, core, and lower back. Next, try the Chair Pose Squat, which strengthens the shoulders, thighs, abs, and booty. Maintain a flat back and activate your core. You’ll end with a pike to sculpt the abs and shoulders. Speaking of those shoulders, go on and brush yours off, because you just completed an intense two-week workout! Repeat from the beginning again any time you need some extra toning.




















Celebrity Trainers Share Their Favorite Fat-Burning Move

If “lose weight” is on your to-do list this year, then don’t waste time with moves that won’t make a difference. Top trainers shared their favorite workout moves to burn fat and build muscle quickly.

Madeline Mosier, trainer for Brick West Hollywood: Burpees

“Burpees are the ultimate full-body movement that can be done anywhere,” says Mosier. “This body weight movement requires only you—no weights—and will leave you gasping for breath in no time. They are guaranteed to give you a cardio burn that will ignite fat loss.”

Instructions: Start standing. Reach your hands down, place your palms on the ground, and kick both feet back, landing with your chest on the ground (don’t lower yourself down; just let your body drop). Pushing into your palms, pop back up into a squat, and then jump off the floor and clap your hands over your head. Repeat to exhaustion.


Astrid Swan McGuire, instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp: Push-Up Warrior

“Most women will say they hate push-ups, but really we should love them. The move uses your body weight so you won’t ‘bulk up’—which is something lots of women fear—and tones up your body head to toe,” McGuire says. Here’s a variation called the Push-Up Warrior.

Instructions: Start in a plank with your hands under your shoulders, core engaged, and legs a bit wider than hip-width. Do one push-up, then step your right leg through your hands into a low lunge. Engage your core and lift your upper body upright; pulse your legs down five times. Bring hands back to floor, step back, and repeat with left leg. Aim for 10 to 12 reps for beginners, 16 to 20 for intermediate, and 20-plus for advanced.


Michelle Bridges, trainer on Australia’s The Biggest Loser: Thruster Squat

“My favorite move is a thruster. This is such a great overall exercise—a squat that incorporates an overhead pressing movement, which takes it to a whole new level. Not only is this an awesome strength move, but it’s a killer cardio calorie-shredder as well.”

Instructions: Hold medium weight dumbbells at your chest (or use a resistance band) and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly angled out. Squat down until your backside gets as low as your knees (keep knees pointing the same direction as toes, abs are pulled in, and chest lifted). As you stand, power up through your legs and press the dumbbells or band directly overhead. Repeat as many times as you can (try eight to 10 reps to start).


Joel Harper, celebrity trainer: Knee Bounces

“I like knee bounces. It’s an effective exercise, because it uses multiple muscles at once, gets your heart rate up quickly, and burns calories. There’s no pounding—it works just your muscles, and not your joints,” Harper says.

Instructions: Start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. With slightly bent elbows and a straight line from the top of your head to your tailbone, lift your knees one inch off the ground. Keep as still as possible as you lift your knees one inch up and one inch down 25 times. Then sway knees one inch side to side 25 times. Think floating. Keep your stomach pulled in and work up to 100 up and down, followed by 100 side to side.


Noah Douglas Neiman, instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp: Interval Training

“High-intensity interval training is the best cardio to get you really lean. And studies show that training this way can even burn calories for 36 to 48 hours after you stop working out.”

Instructions: Do 20 seconds of an activity at the highest intensity you can bring (such as fast cycling, sprinting, or squat jumps), followed by a minute of low intensity (such as slower, high-resistance cycling, jogging, or regular squats) and repeat the cycle for 10 minutes, and work your way up to even longer.


Julie Erickson, creator of Endurance Pilates and Yoga Studio: Leg Pull-Down

“I love the Pilates Leg Pull-Down. This exercise combines the core strength of a plank, the back, chest, and upper-body challenge of push-ups, and the bottom burning and leg toning of a barre workout.”

Instructions: In a plank position, hold your body straight and still with hips level. Lift your right leg off the floor, keeping it straight, and pulse it toward the ceiling three times. Repeat on the left. Complete 20 total reps. For the next round, lift your right leg again, but shift your weight back, flexing your left ankle, then shift forward and replace your right foot. Repeat on the other side for a total of 20 reps.


Simone De La Rue, creator of Body by Simone: Jumping

“Pardon the pun, but a great way to jump-start your weight loss this year is to jump! Try this explosive movement—you are working the largest muscle group in your body, so it very quickly kicks the heart rate up.”

Instructions: With feet shoulder-width apart, reach your hands down to touch the ground. Engage your core, squeeze your glutes, and jump up as you reach your arms to the sky. Land with your knees bent and directly over your ankles in a squat. Try three sets of 10 reps.


Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange is the specialty of winters with its strong sour taste that can punch your taste buds whenever you take a bite of it. Mostly people use them in the form of Juice. This juice is not only healthy but is a light diet for your morning breakfast that gives you extra energy for the complete day. Rich in Iron, Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients makes orange juice a perfect diet with no extra fats.


For women who are conscious about their skin, health and smartness, they can use the Orange Juice without any side effects. There are many health and skin benefits of Orange Juice. Some of them are discussed here:


For Clear Skin:

Orange Juice is a best cure for the any skin infection. It adds vitamin C which can clear improves your complexion with removing all the dark circles and pimples. Also it gives a fresh look to your skin if you make the habit of taking orange juice in the morning before breakfast.

For Normal Blood Pressure:

Orange Juice is a tonic for normalization of blood pressure level. The people suffer with the problem of low blood pressure can use it. It will give you 100% result in 15 minutes without any medicine. For those who are the patient of high blood pressure can use it because it has hesperidin which helps in flow of blood safely. The risk of heart attack can be reduced if we start using the juice daily.


For Stomach:

Stomach is the part of body which cause big problem if it is not working properly due to some infection. In this case orange juice can serve as a good medicine which gives you maximum output without any loss in health.

For Aging Effects:

Orange Juice has maximum amount of Vitamin C which our body normally cannot produce it. So by taking orange juice daily we can maintain vitamin C level in our body which is very effective as an anti-aging element. It also helps the body for healing in case of any injury.


All these are some Healthy Benefits of Orange Juice. So, if you want to live a safe and healthy life without the fear of any disease then from now start using this delicious juice. It will be a good and healthy start of your morning.

Products for Slim Body

Weight loss is normally a result of regular exercises and balanced diet. What products can help you in your battle for slim body? Read our article and you will know.

1. Black beans

Black beans are a great protein source. But unlike other sources of protein, for example red meat, black beans do not have any saturated fat.black-beans-600x450


2. Oats

Oats are well-known for their fiber richness. Their daily consumption will improve your metabolism and help your body to burn fat.


3. Avocado

Avocado is rich in fiber and protein. It is a great belly fat fighter. You can use it to calm down your hunger.


4. Salmon

You should not exclude all fats from your ration. Salmon is a source of the “right” fats. It will help you to quiet your hunger and not to add in weight.


5. Blueberries

You may know blueberry as a useful product for your eyes. Nevertheless, it is also a powerful anti-aging weapon and one of the lowest calorie but still nutritious products.


6. Broccoli

To start with, broccoli consumption may reduce chances of having cancer. But it is also very low-calorie product that will be a great match for any diet.broccoli-600x433

7. Pears

Pears are one of the greatest sources of fiber. Eat just three pears daily and you will consume less calories than you would do normally.


8. Grapefruit

Eat at least half of a grapefruit a day, ideally – before every ingestion. It is a great source of protein, but what is even more important – it lowers hormone that is responsible for fat-storage. Consequently, you lose weight.


9. Almonds

Almonds are also a source of “right” fats. Add them to your ration, especially if you are on a low calorie diet.


10. Pine nuts

Almonds are not the only nuts rich in healthy fats. If you are a fan of nuts, then you will be happy to know about other low calorie product – pine nuts. Eat them to burn your belly fat and to calm down your hunger.



How To Eat Less Without Even Realizing It

You can eat way less with these simple tips. This secret recipe can make you feel better and and eat less without realizing it.

1.Small plates

Serve meals on small plates. With a small size you tend to put less full on your plate. You will think that you will want to add more but that actually will make you feel fuller faster.



2. Serving bowls off the table!

In case you want to grab more you will need to make an effort in order to do that. Add bowls with vegetables: you never can get too much of it.



3. Tall Glasses

Try to drink from a skinny glass. The taller the glass is the bigger it is in your brain. This trick will prevent you from having extra calories.



4.Small serving spoons

Use a small serving spoon. Same trick works with spoons. As you put food on your plate you usually rely on quantity. In this way it will seem that you have a lot but will actually be vice versa.



5. Environment



If the place where you eat is too loud and bright, or too dark and quiet it stimulates you to eat more. As you spend more time at the table you want to get busy. Try to control what is around you.