True or Not True? Common Beauty Myths Exposed!

We don’t learn from our experiences all the times. There are things which we assume to be true just because we have been hearing about them from our ancestors. It’s good to learn from others’ experiences but not always it works. There are some common facts about beauty which we believe just because we heard about them so. Like,

MYTH No:1-Hair grows faster in summer season.

MYTH NO:2-French Fries, pizza, cheese or chocolates cause acne.

MYTH NO:3-Split ends can be evicted by using the products.

Hair grows faster in summer season


They say that in summer, hair growth becomes almost 2 times faster than winter. Hair becomes shiny, strong and thick. OR if we take it oppositely, we will say that there is much hair fall in winter season. This is only a MYTH and that’s not true that the seasons affect your hair growth. The fact is that you drink lots of water, juices and fruit intake is excessive in summer season. That is why your hair gets a proper diet so they become good and healthy. Whether in winter, your intake of fluids is lesser, so hair starts drying and thinning.

French Fries, pizza, cheese or chocolates cause acne


Some girls will avoid taking even a single slice of pizza or a bite of chocolate saying that it will cause pimple on their skin. That is also a MYTH and of course it’s not true. You might have heard that excess of everything is bad. The relation between junk food and acne is a different one than we assume. It’s all about out dietary intake. If we are taking junk food daily, we are not providing a good meal for our skin to make it strong. As a result, it will be unable to fight with acne. Junk food every day will make you pay for this but taking it off and on will cause no harm to our skin.

Split ends can be evicted by using the products


With extremely sorry to all brands who guarantee to evict split ends, we are telling you a secret that no matter how costly you have bought some shampoo or oil to get rid of split ends, it is in vain. All of them are telling you fake tales only. Split ends can neither be repaired nor evicted by using any product. The only way to get rid of it is to cut it off. Split ends are the dead part of hair which has gone through many damaging things like sun rays, styling or heating. So it is dead and dead cannot be alive again. You can use lotions or serums which will make your hair look healthier but of course that doesn’t mean that its healed.

Keep checking for more beauty myths exploration because we love revealing 🙂

Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

Foot Care For Diabetics
Foot Care For Diabetics

Feet are always at severe risk of getting damaged or wounded specially if you are not choosing appropriate shoes to keep them safe from harms and damages. Diabetics are more sensitive than normal human beings to get foot ulcers and fungus. It is because sugar patients are easy victims of nerve damage and blood vessels clotting. This sensitivity tends them to get severe foot ulcer.

You can keep your feet safe from getting into bad conditions by following some tips.

Washing Your Feet Regularly:

Mostly, people use some sort of scrubber to rub their feet. It can make your feet even more neat and odorless, but if you are diabetic, you must avoid this practice. Use a mild soap with lukewarm water to clean them. Gently massage between fingers and use a soft towel to pat your feet dry.

Use Foot Powder:

Foot care products are available in the market. Menthol powder is best for the purpose to keep your feet moist-free. Sprinkle that powder between your fingers.

Relaxing Pedicure:

Take warm water in a tub and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Put your feet in that water for 10-15 minutes. Turmeric contains strong antibiotic properties naturally and is good for relaxing your feet. Doing that practice off and on will keep your feet relaxed and germ-free.


After wash Care:

After washing and drying your feet, use some moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the foot skin soft and moisturized. Soap extracts  the moisture out of your skin leaving it rough and dry. Moisturizing lotions will prevent them from getting patched and cracked.

Cut your nail at scheduled time:

Keeping nail length to normal is essential especially when you are diabetic. You toe nail can be collapsed with some stone or any other hard surface and it can cause severe damage to your under nail skin layer. Cut your nails right after taking bath as it lessens the risk of injury to your foot skin because nails are damp and softer at that time. Don’t cut the nails to the corners and avoid cutting them to the roots.

Check your feet at daily Basis:

You should make a keen observation at daily basis for any minor cut or damage on your foot skin. It is important because if it will not be properly treated, you may get severe ulcer. See if there is some cracked skin on heels or any minor cut or rash between your fingers. Visit your doctor immediately if you observe any new bump or scar on your feet.

Use Comfortable Shoes:

Now a day, you can buy specially designed shoes for diabetics which provide enough space to our toes to move freely. Don’t wear over fitted shoes and try to choose a soft sole for you.

shoes for diabetics
shoes for diabetics


Delicious Homemade Energy Drinks For Workouts


Energy drinks, as they are labeled, are assumed to provide instant energy to those who remain busy for 24 hours. Modern life is full of hustle and people don’t have much time to spend enjoying their meals. That is the main reason why energy drinks are introduced. The drinks which are available in market, whether they are tinned or tetra packed, have a blend of different vitamins and minerals to give your body an instant boost. Still those are not much effective and doctors or nutritionists will never let you waste your money on these artificial energy drinks. They will recommend you to go for fresh and homemade drinks.

Here are some energy drinks which you need to take along with you when you are going to workout or for an evening walk. These drinks will give you instant energy and freshness.

Orange Flex Smoothie

What you actually need from your drink is energy and refreshment together. Oranges are really good for the purpose. As you know that Potassium and magnesium plus B1, B2, B3, B6 are stuffed in oranges, and Flax oil helps with the sugar level on your body metabolism. Take five peeled oranges, make sure to take out seeds, add 3 Table spoon full of cold flex oil and put them in shaker. Blend them and your orange flax smoothie is ready to sip.

Apple-Carrot Smoothie-1

Apple Cider Drink

Approximately all energy drinks which you buy at super stores contain essential amount of magnesium and Potassium plus vitamin (B). Apple Cider energy drink is also a blend of these essential vitamins.

Take 2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar

16 ounces cold water

2 teaspoons pure maple syrup or coconut nectar (raw)

Put all the ingredients in sports bottle and shake them well. Your refreshing energy drink is ready to drink.


Green Banana Smoothie

Bananas have been taken in various recipes to boost energy instantly. Green banana smoothie is another rich tasting drink for your workouts.

 4 large sweet and ripe bananas

2 cups of cold water

Salad leaves or fresh lettuce (washed and chopped)

Pour cold water into a blender with one cup of ice and salad/lettuce. Process it for 30 second. Now add peeled bananas and blend until it becomes fine and smooth. It’s an awesome post-workout smoothie.


Effective Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting


Being over weighted is not something normal or favoured in any age. Excessive body fats reduce your ability to work fast and even your mind to think smart. Now a day, everyone loves to be in shape, especially ladies. When you feel like being chubby and clumsy, first thing that will strike your mind will be the plan for dieting. It is so usual today to hear that, “Sorry, I’m on diet.” People make their lives miserably poor with starving stomachs and pale faces. Leaving everything abruptly and excessively can harm your body at critical level.

Dieting is not unsafe if planned by nutrition properly but if you are dieting without proper guidance, you are at a great risk. For example, taking too much less calories will increase your metabolism to protect your body cells from starvation. When you will increase your food intake, it will be impossible for you to lose weight again. Plus due to improper dieting, you may lose some vital hormones of your body. Your resistance against illness can also be affected badly due to inadequate dietary habits.

Keeping in mind all those points, you may prefer a plan of losing weight without skipping your meals. Is it possible? Of course it is! Here are some suggestions for those who want to lose weigh without dieting.

Don’t Skip your Breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is very common habit among modern people today. Most of them skip their breakfast for dieting purpose. This is a sheer misunderstanding. Skipping breakfast makes you eat high calorie food all the day naturally. According to dietary experts, people who take breakfast will work more quickly and smartly than those who don’t. A bowl of cereal or wheat flakes with milk and chopped fruits is the best and healthy start for the day.

Pick your Drink Smartly:

Sweetened soft drinks and alcoholic drinks will add massive fats to your body so fast. Try to take fresh water, fruit juices or low fat milk when you feel thirsty or a bit hungry before meal times. Citrus helps to keep your body in shape and your stomach work well. Soft drinks will neither satisfy your thirst completely, nor will they hold your hunger back. So better avoid artificial sweetened drinks. Green tea with some drops of lemon is best to lose weight. Take a cup of green tea before breakfast and another cup after dinner and you will see the difference.

Choose Whole Grain Foods:

Whole grain things are much better than refined flour. When shopping in a bakery, choose bran flakes, brown rice, whole wheat crackers and popcorns instead of cakes, white bread and cookies. Whole grain food fills your stomach faster than refined one and it adds necessary proteins to your body.

Lock your Kitchen After Meal:

Try to put a strict hold on your hunger after and before meals. Fix a time to lock your kitchen at night and avoid eating amid meal timings.

Avoid Junk food and snacks:

Taking snacks is not bad but taking snacks instead of meal is really bad for your health. Snacks don’t satisfy your hunger completely and obviously they are not much healthy. When you take snacks, you will skip meals. And when you will skip meal for once, you will eat more than you need next time. So avoiding snacks and bakery food can help you reduce fats.

7 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is no longer confined to stage shows, competitions, movies or song videos. Nowadays, you will find dancers in almost every alternative home. Do you know the reason behind the increasing popularity of dancing among the people? It is the extraordinary health benefits offered by dancing. It is true that the health benefits offered by are far better than any other form of exercising. We have made a list of 7 such health benefits of dancing and they are:

Helps In losing Weight


In case you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight then dancing is the one. Dancing makes the whole body move and it leads to sweating. Moreover, dancing gives you a flexible body at the same time. So, try dancing for a month or two and see the difference in both your weight and figure. Choose any of the dance form you prefer and give it a try and see the results your own.

Offers Stronger Bones


Girls and women can get low mineral density after their menopause. This leads to osteoporosis. Dancing can prevent the chances of occurring of osteoporosis. Moreover, it fights against arthritis at the same time. If you are a woman then start dancing today to avoid these bone related diseases.

Slow Down The Aging Process


You must have seen that the professional dancers look younger than their original age. This is because their body has the capacity to fight and slow down the ageing process. This is the reason they aged gracefully. So, if you want the same thing for you put your dancing shoes on and start dancing.

Manages The Body Cholesterol


There are two types of cholesterol in the human body and they are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol (HDL) level increases by dancing and the bad cholesterol (LDL) stay under control. Dancing is the best for people with diabetes because it keeps the levels of blood sugar under control. Thus, dancing helps in managing health in a better way.

Improved Memory

Spanish dictionary pages up into the air

When you start your dance classes you will get a number of moves and steps to remember. It is quite natural that your brain will try hard to memorize each and every step. Naturally, your memory will improve in order to so and you will see the same thing in other walks of life as well.

Helps In fighting Depression


Dancing has the capacity to offer you with a good mood. When you dance your body releases he serotonin hormone which is meant to feel good. If you feel good it is obvious that depression cannot be there. So, take a daily dancing session and b happy always.

A Happy Social Life


When everything in life will move well it is quite clear that you will enjoy your life. Another benefit that makes dancing a good option is that it gives a happy social life. A person who will be physically and mentally happy will definitely be socially happy.

It is expected that the health benefits of dancing mentioned above will make you move on your feet and you will start dancing as well…..Keep dancing and be happy….

Summary: In this post we have mentioned the health benefits offered by dancing. We have not talked about any particular dancing form rather we have mentioned these benefits keeping dancing the hero. Find more interesting and information loaded posts at on health, beauty tips, etc.

9 Super Ways To Bring The Blood Sugar Under Control

Blood sugar is something that must stay under control for people of all ages. Excessive presence of sugar in the blood leads to diabetes. Basically diabetes is a metabolic disorder which can take place because of a number of reasons. Some of the reasons that lead to increase in the level of sugar in the blood are smoking, drinking alcohol, irregular lifestyle, stress, tension, anxiety, etc. Are you worried reading all this? There is nothing to worry about if you have an increase in the level of sugar in your blood. We have come up with some super ways to keep your blood sugar under control. The ways we are going to discuss here are as follows:

Go For A Walk


Walking offers a number of health benefits. One of the greatest health benefits offered by walking is keeping the sugar level under control. When you walk, all the organs of your body get into their work of helping you. This is how your whole body gets benefitted by walking.

Have Regular Exercising Sessions


Doing exercises regularly helps in the release of endorphins. The Endorphins act as an opiate in the body. This helps in keeping the blood sugar in its proper level. So, if you want to keep your endorphins secrete in required amount and maintain the right level of blood sugar start exercising from today itself.

Eat Healthy Fats Regularly


This is something which is totally unavoidable when it comes to control the blood sugar level. You must eat healthy fats regularly to keep the blood sugar level controlled. Some of the healthy fats that you can easily add to your diet are Flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened chocolate, raw cacao, shreds of raw coconut, and wild fish. When you buy a wild fish make sure it is a reliable source.

Add Magnesium To Your Diet


Low magnesium levels lead to constipation, PMS Symptoms, headaches, poor mood, and low energy. Thus, the level of your blood sugar can also be affected due to low levels of magnesium. Some of the healthy sources of magnesium are dark chocolate, spinach, lentils, bans, avocados, dried fruit, banana, whole grain, seeds and nuts etc.

Drinking Ample Water


This is something which is a lifetime tip. Drinking ample water does not only help in maintaining the blood sugar levels but in proper functioning of the whole body.

Drink Green Smoothies


The green smoothies are really great to keep the blood sugar under control. Prepare a smoothie with leafy green and some refreshment and enjoy.

Go For the Soluble Fiber


Soluble fibers make the digestion process work perfectly. Some of the soluble fibers are Prunes, figs, carrots, pears, apples, flax seeds, quinoa, wild rice, oats, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut, pumpkin etc.

Reduce the Number of Coffee Cups


It is not that you will stop drinking coffee totally. But in order to keep your blood sugar under control cut on the number of your coffee cups.

Always eat a Balanced Diet


This is the last but not the least tip to keep your blood sugar under control. Eat a balanced diet and eat in small portions.

Try to apply these tips if not all then some at least to keep your blood sugar under control…

Summary: In this post we have shared some of the super ways to keep the blood sugar under control. You can keep your blood sugar under control by following some of these tips. Find more posts on heath, beauty tips, etc at

Top 10 Best Foods to Lose Weight

There is very common saying that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. If you are gating unnecessary weight that will directly affect your health. This is because with the increase in your body weight there would be a number of health problems that will occur. The worst part of gaining weight is that you become flabby sand that makes all your clothes tight. Apart from this you will start looking older than your original age. If you do not put a stop in your weight gain it might lead to heart diseases as well. So, without wasting any time start adding the following in your diet and start losing weight.

Almonds – The Crunchy Nuts


People generally have a wrong conception about nuts and especially almonds. Almonds are great as a good morning start. They work as good filler and thus a handful of them can keep you full throughout the morning.

Apples – Loads of Fiber


All of us know that we can stay healthy by having at least a single apple in a day. Apart from the healthy properties, an apple is a great fruit that helps in losing weight. This is because an apple is full of fiber and it keeps you full.

Avocados – The Dreamy Creamy Delight

Avocados – The Dreamy Creamy Delight

The avocados are very tasty as well as delicious. They contain mono-saturated fat which helps in reducing weight. Include avocadoes in your diet and enjoy a tasty treat of losing weight.

Bell Peppers – The Colorful Bells


The bell peppers are great food that accelerates the weight losing process. The bell peppers are available in attractive colors like red, yellow, orange and green. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin C.

Blueberries – The Power Pack of Fiber and Antioxidant

Blueberries – The Power Pack of Fiber and Antioxidant

The blueberries can do wonders in keeping you slim, healthy and beautiful. The reason behind so many benefits of having blueberries is that it is full of fiber and antioxidant. The fiber keeps you full and the antioxidant make you look young.

Cauliflower and Broccoli – The Crunchy Cruciferous

Cauliflower and Broccoli – The Crunchy Cruciferous

The cauliflower and broccoli are loaded with fiber hence are great for losing weight. Not only this they are cancer fighters as they are proved to fight the stomach and lung cancer and colorectal.

Cinnamon – Use in place of Sugar

Cinnamon – Use in place of Sugar

The Cinnamon is a spice that contains the weight losing properties. It slows down the insulin release in the body if added in the food in place of sugar. Moreover, cinnamon is again popular as it increases energy.

Eggs – Loads of Protein


If eggs can be eaten boiled or slightly cooked in little bit of oil then they are great. They are rich in protein and helps in reducing fat.

Grapefruit – Feel filled up without calories

Grapefruit – Feel filled up without calories

The grape fruit contains 90% of water and this is the reason they are the best for losing weight. They will make you feel filled up and are low in calories.

Greek Yoghurt – A miraculous Treat

Greek Yoghurt – A miraculous Treat

It’s creamy and rich in calcium. The probiotics helps in the process of digestion. It’s sweet without sugar. The Greek yoghurt contains double protein, lesser sugar, and lesser lactose. It is creamier and thicker.

Enjoy losing weight with the best fruits and food….

Summary: In this post we have come up with the top foods that really help in weight loss. We have tried to help you in the process of weight loss by providing you some tasty treats which will help you enjoy your weight loss program. Keep reading for more.

15 Fattening Alcoholic Drinks to Avoid

15 The Beer “Fest”

Oktoberfest is party-time and thankfully it’s just once a year! With beer at 150 to 250 calories per pop, it’s clear how they can really add up over a couple hours. Fortunately its “lighter” cousin is not too bad, around 100 calories per serving. Aww go ahead, why not join the celebration, right?!


14 The Innocent Looking Daiquiri

There’s no way around it, ALL Daiquiri cocktails contain a sugar syrup regardless if served straight-up or with your favorite fruit like strawberries or bananas. Sugar is divine when blended into this mix of white rum and lime juice but sugar also equals calories, and depending on its recipe, this little 1940s Cuban drink can contain up to a whopping 300 calories!


13 The Irish Coffee Work Around

The sugar and heavy cream in Irish Coffee are a diet culprit and will lend up to 325 calories. It’s made of coffee, Irish whiskey or Bailey’s Irish Cream, sugar and heavy cream. A “lite” option is to 86 the sugar and cream while sticking to Bailey’s Irish Cream (which is sweetened) and hot coffee, this totals instead to a satisfying 120 calories!


12 Tropical Mai Tai

It’s hard to resist a Mai Tai, but you might think twice before indulging in this lovely cocktail while laying on the beach! The ingredients of light and dark rum with creme de almond, alongside the exotic sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice comes in at 260-350 calories per serving! Perhaps a flavored vodka and a diet coke is kinder for fitting-in the bathingsuit?


11 “The Dude” & The White Russian Cocktail

The Dude’s favorite drink in the film, The Big Lebowski is the White Russian. It’s the cream and sugary coffee liqueur that gives the vodka White Russian its high fat/carb content. In fact, it contains up to 500 calories per drink! Despite what The Dude says, beware of White Russians! You’re be better off with a coffee and a shot of Jack Daniel’s.


10 Piña Colada As A Meal Replacement?

The delicious vintage Puerto Rican, Pina Colada won’t allow room for side snacks because it comes in at 644 calories per serving. Although coconut milk is healthy, its fat content remains high. When paired with white rum and pineapple juice sweeteners, the “need-to-diet” alarm bells are bound to ring!

Pina Colada

9 The Lethal Long Island Ice Tea

This favorite cocktail containing 5 different types of alcohol and 250 calories is doubly lethal! The offender is the sugary “sour-mix” or “limeade” and Coca-Cola in the Long Island. It’ll not have the exact same taste but your skinny jeans will fit better by subbing the sour-mix and Cola with real ice tea and lemon juice.


8 Wine Compliments Food

Have you noticed how the right wine enhances a dish to perfection? Be careful though, it’s affinity to food will add 80 to 90 calories per glass per meal and perhaps encourage you to eat more. If taste-buds are kept in check, one glass won’t do harm, although on a regular basis, wine will certainly have an impact on your weight.


7 Festive Holiday Eggnog

Eggnog contains several eggs, whole milk, heavy cream, sugar and added rum or other spirits. It’s yummy, but you pay a price calorie wise. One cup contains approximately 450 calories, hence consuming too many of these while celebrating the holidays will certainly require a New Year’s resolution!


6 The Champagne Cocktail Splurge

Dazzling champagne is pure sugar and each added ingredient brings more calories. For instance, the popular Cosmopolitan adds sugar on top of sweetened cranberries and juice, plus lime juice, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, all serving up to 331 calories. This was the signature drink on “Sex and the City”, but did the svelte gals enjoy the 75 calories “lite” version?


5 Think Again About Cider

You would think having a refreshing fruit cider beverage was less fat inducing than drinking a beer, but one bottle contains 180-230 calories. That’s equal to one serving of Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Ice Cream! Therefore the same idea about beer applies to cider: a couple of them in a day won’t work while on a diet.


4 The Retro Fog Cutter Cocktail

This Tiki party drink is a blend of 4 spirits: light rum, gin, brandy and sherry, mixed with orange and lime juice, plus sweet orgeat syrup. So, it’s not surprising that it delivers a “punch” alongside 225 calories. Instead consider orgeat liquor on the rocks with a splash of orange juice, your head and waistline will thank you


3 The Seasonal Tradition of Mulled wine

Being a Christmas favorite, it’s unfortunate that mulled wine adds significantly to your holiday calorie count at 400 calories! The combination of wine, or Port, and the optional gin or Grand Marnier, heated with sugar and spices including cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon as well as fruit juice, vanilla and star anise, creates a seductive aroma. It’s truly hard to resist!


2 Margarita Time

This classic cocktail finds its way into the high calorie counter if you’re including Margarita sour-mix, which makes it easier to whip-up but adds up to 380 calories per serving! Cut calories in half by going without the sour-mix, and replace it with frozen limeade from concentrate, tequila and triple sec. Go light on the salted rim to ease the morning-after-bloat.


1 Dessert Sherry

Pedro Ximenez is one of the sweetest drinks available and this means it has a high 320 calorie content per serving. The less sweeter varieties come in around 165 calories, but all Sherry wines are 99% carbs from fructose, therefore they make a bad choice for those with blood sugar issues as well as “waistlines watchers”.



How to Look Younger and Enhance Your Beauty with Yoga

There is hardly anyone who does not want to look younger and beautiful. Every one dreams of having a radiant, unblemished and beautiful skin. Think about getting an everlasting youth, graceful movements and svelte figure by spending sometime everyday. Do you think it is very hard? Not at all! In this article you will come to know about how yoga asana can help you to maintain your beautiful skin. People trust Yoga for Beauty and the Yoga poses really work magnificently for both men and women.

People do Yoga for beautiful skin but it is wonderful for the following as well:

  • Improving your body Posture
  • Stretching Spine
  • Strengthening your body muscles
  • Relieving your tension
  • Firming your loosening skin tight

Among the yoga beauty tips the first one is to do yoga regularly and at early morning. Men and women of all ages can do Yoga for Beauty and it offers the body with lots of health benefits. Some of the yoga asana which offers beautiful skin are discussed below:

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Among all the yoga poses the sun salutation is considered as the mother of all. It consists of 12 poses which offers relaxation, removes toxins, and de-stresses the body. Like all the other yoga postures you must do this on regular basis for better results. 


Shoulder Stand (Sharvangasana)

This is a yoga asana that involves the complete body. This is a yoga for beautiful skin and it relaxes the whole body from head to toe.

Twisted-Seated Pose (Bharadvajasana)

 Are you looking for a Yoga for beautiful skin and want to have a skin with anti-ageing properties then this yoga asana is for you. The best part of this yoga sana is that it is very simple to do but its benefits are huge. 


Bow Pose (Dhnurasana)

This is another yoga pose that offers your body with a beautiful shape. This yoga asana also provides the human skin with a natural shiny glow. Among the yoga beauty tips doing this yoga asana daily is another one.

Plough Pose (Halasana)

This is a yoga pose that provides with a flawless skin and flat stomach at the same time. The posture of this yoga asana relaxes the mind and the body. 


Headstand (Shirsasana)

This might appear a bit difficult for the first timers. But if you can do it properly upon practices you will get a long-lasting glow. The best part of doing this yoga pose that it offers you the chance to get rid of wrinkles.

Breathing Exercise  

Another Yoga beauty tips would include doing the breathing exercise in an open space. This yoga pose rejuvenates the mind and the complete body at the same time. It is based on holding and releasing breaths on counts. 


Corpse Pose (Shavasan)

 This is a magical yoga pose where the complete body feels relieved. You will find that your tensions have disappeared upon practicing this yoga asana. It is always recommended to practice this yoga asana upon completion of all the yoga asana. This yoga asana is the concluding asana for a yoga session.