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7 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is no longer confined to stage shows, competitions, movies or song videos. Nowadays, you will find dancers in almost every alternative home. Do you know the reason behind the increasing popularity of dancing among the people? It is the extraordinary health benefits offered by dancing. It is true that the health benefits offered by […]


Top 10 Best Foods to Lose Weight

There is very common saying that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. If you are gating unnecessary weight that will directly affect your health. This is because with the increase in your body weight there would be a number of health problems that will occur. The worst part of gaining weight is that […]


15 Fattening Alcoholic Drinks to Avoid

15 The Beer “Fest” Oktoberfest is party-time and thankfully it’s just once a year! With beer at 150 to 250 calories per pop, it’s clear how they can really add up over a couple hours. Fortunately its “lighter” cousin is not too bad, around 100 calories per serving. Aww go ahead, why not join the celebration, […]