10+ Eye Make-up Tips For Girls

The eyes are the first thing on a women’s face that noticed by everyone and after making up, one’s eyes look beautiful and impressive. Eye makeup is not an easy task; it may be tricky sometimes, especially when you are doing eye makeup first time. It demands a lot of practice. You can easily give the desired look to your eyes for any occasion with some practice.

Eye Make-up Tips

Eye Make-up Tips

Natural Look

Use eye shadows, eyeliners and mascara to give a natural look to your eyes. The natural look of your eyes always fascinates other people. You can also cover your dark circles below your eyes by using foundation or concealers.



  • It helps to bring the natural and outstanding look to your eyes.
  • It enhances the awesome features and characteristics of your eyes.

Always Use Sharpen Eye Liner

The coal used in the eye liner pencil gets smudgy and soft in the sun or normal temperature. Therefore, always keep your eye liner in the fridge. It would be easier to work with a sharpen eye liner.


Use Powder for Eye Shadow

There are so many textures for eye shadows like liquids, creams or powder. People prefer to use powders for their eye shadows instead of creams or liquids.



  • It gives a nice highlighted effect to your eyes.
  • Cream gloss also makes your eyes fabulous.

Cream Shadows

Cream shadows easily available in the market and it come in small tubes. Always apply cream lightly across your eye lid. You can also use tan or light bronze dusting for your eyes.



  • Cream shadows give a subtle look to your eyes.
  • Traditional look can easily be given with the help of cream shadows.

DE puff Your Eyes

It is necessary for every girl to DE puff your eyes before eye make-up. Lie down patiently with your eyes close and put a slice of cucumber over each eye for some time.



  • It helps in relaxing of your eyes.
  • It also makes your eye lids softer.

Use Liquid Eyeliner

The use of liquid eyeliner may be messy. The trick is to apply the liquid eyeliner is very easy. Wipe any type of excess on the back portion of your hand that gives you enough power to apply liquid eyeliner with ease.



  • It gives an awesome look to the cat eyes girls.
  • It helps in giving a great dramatic eye effect to your eyes.

Use Mascara Properly

Always buy and use mascara according to the type of lashes you have. Mascara can be used for thickening, waterproofing, lengthening, curling and darkening your eye lashes.


Use Concealers or Foundation

If you have dark or black circles below your eyes, then use concealers or foundation to remove those dark circles.


Use Variety of Colors in an Eyeliner

You can use eyeliners of different colors like you can use brown color eyeliner for day to night eye make-up, peach & pink color would be fine for less shocking effects and in night you can add vivid color to the eyeliner.




Groom Your Eyebrows

Groom your eyebrows by simply trim them and comb them upwards. There is no need to cut them or pluck them.


Use Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curler simply curling the lash and lift your eyes. Use of gel mascara after curling makes this curl last throughout the day.