Top 10 Fashion Apps of All Time

Top 10 Fashion Apps of All Time

Fashion is the term which describes the personality of a person. However, fashion changes from time to time, but its importance is increasing day by day. People always love to become fashionable and trendy these days. Even, there are so many people who ignore those people who do not change according to the latest fashion.

It is not an easy task for anyone to always stay updated and stay on the top of fashion express. You have to follow and implement fashion trends before they hit the global market. Technology also plays a major role in this creative fashion industry. There are a lot of fashion apps available on the internet as well as in the latest smart phones too.Here is the list of 10 Fashion apps of all time

Gilt on the Go

This fashion helps in providing the latest fashion news. You can get this fashion app on iTunes. This fashion app is accessible for both i-Pad and iPhones.

Gilt on the Go


  • This app has an amazing feature of shopping and product sharing on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It provides you the latest fashion and style suggestions.

Shop Style

It is a unique fashion app for you. This fashion app is the combination of various shopping stores so that you can get all the latest products from different brands in one place.

  • This fashion app is beneficial for men, women and kids.
  • Different top brands including in this fashion app.

Interview Magazine

It is a trend setter fashion app for fashion loving people. The use of colors and unique imagery make this app an outstanding fashion app.

interview magazine


  • It provides you the in depth information on music, trend, art and fashion.
  • This fashion app is also compatible for all iPhones and i-Pads.

Vogue Stylist

Vogue is one of the popular and widely used fashion apps by people. It is a stylist and free smart phone application which provides the information on fashion of all seasons.

Vogue Stylist


  • User product suggestions also provided with this fashion app.
  • It gives a variety of latest fashionable clothes.

The Find

It is a very beneficial fashion app for all. You can check and compare the price of any product. You can also research about any product with the help of a barcode given to you.
the app

  • This fashion app provides different products at an affordable price.
  • You can also check the location of the nearest available local stores in your city.

Rue La La

If you want to purchase any product from this app, then you have to register on this application with your proper details. It is a private fashion app.

rue la la


  • You can easily check the famous and upmarket brands on this application.
  • This fashion app is compatible for many gadgets like iPhone, Blackberry and Android gadgets too.


It is a paid fashion app which is available at $59. One can get the latest cosmetic and fashion advice from the experts.



  • This fashion app also includes various fashion video tutorials.
  • It provides gossips & news on fashion trends.
  • It also provides various latest fashion tricks.


It is one of the biggest leaders or apps in the fashion market. It provides product information, news, and images to you.

  • One can watch the fashion shows with the help of this fashion app.
  • It also provides you various discount offers on fashionable products.

Fashion Sense

It is a simple and paid fashion app for you which is available at $99. It helps you in learning the dressing sense according to the shape of your body.


Seventeen’s Fashion Finder

It offers a variety of teen girl products and styles. It has an amazing option of finding a specific product in any size and any color.

Seventeen Fashion Finder

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