HGTV Home Town – A Mississippi Review

On Sunday, January 24 on HGTV, a pilot for another arrangement was appeared. The name of the show is Home Town.

I am amped up for Home Town since it happens in Laurel, Mississippi, which is 2 ½ hours from where I live.

The show broadcasted at 11:00 am on Sunday, which implied that most of the populace in Mississippi was in chapel. I set my DVR and began viewing the moment I was home from going to the University Baptist Church in Starkville, Mississippi.

In this article, I share general data about Home Town, what I preferred about the show and what I interrogated concerning the show. (Note that I am not saying I didn’t care for specific parts of the show. Or maybe, I’m addressing why something was done a specific way.)

About the Show (from HGTV site)

Erin and Ben Napier love their little old neighborhood of Laurel, Mississippi, particularly the old authentic houses. Utilizing discovered materials and old materials; they’re keeping the character of these great homes, however giving them present day and reasonable updates. From Erin’s innovative hand portrayals to Ben’s custom craftsmanship, this couple is resurrecting Laurel’s homes and ensuring their humble community’s future is as splendid as its past.

HGTV Home Town: A Mississippi Review

7 things I preferred most about the show Home Town.

The Napiers are an inviting couple who are doing acceptable in unassuming community Mississippi. Erin experienced childhood in Laurel and met Ben at school. Erin and ­­Ben have an incredible on-camera nearness and plainly care about their town. They are adorable together and function admirably before the cameras.

1-Hand Drawings

During land day, Erin indicated hand drawings of expected remodels for the house. I truly loved this on the grounds that the purchasing couple didn’t need to imagine the remodels, they could really observe it! The crowd could see her drawings on the screen too with pastel shading. Exceptionally cool.

2-Murals in favor of Buildings

The paintings that Erin intended for the city of Laurel were remarkable. It was fun seeing a period pass of the wall painting painted on the structure that is close to the Amtrak train tracks. Erin is extremely capable, and the plans really improved the structures.

3-Memorable Quotes

“Welcome to Laurel, you all,” said Erin while referring to her paintings.

“Wellbeing first America,” stated, Ben, when he was eliminating the block from the entryway patio.

“Great taste doesn’t need to cost a ton of cash” when discussing the pine flooring on the second floor.

4-Blue Chevy Truck

Rather than the run of the mill SUV that is seen on a few home shows, the Napiers drove an old blue Chevy truck. It was beguiling and wouldn’t be a far stretch to see out and about in unassuming community Mississippi. My lone concern is that a great many people don’t drive trucks without cooling!

5-Keeping it Local

During the show, the Napiers discussed helping the network each house and one couple in turn. Additionally, they likewise utilized nearby specialists for the home remodels and even shopped locally for the inside adorning.


“I need to fabricate something that recounts to a story,” said Ben as he was building the table. The wood is from the purchasers incredible granddad’s (I think) home and made a table and kitchen island from the wood. Ben’s objective was for the purchaser to cry in light of what the table implied and he succeeded! It was so sweet.


Totally LOVED that the Napiers strolled on the walkways in the noteworthy piece of town. The visual of humble community Mississippi with the magnolia trees was great. Rather than the hurrying around of a huge city, I am happy that Home Town is about an alternate side of Americana – the humble community.

Things I Question

I LOVED the show and needed more!The 3 things that I question are not unfavorable or negative. Or maybe, I’m addressing why something occurred. Here goes –

1-Sewing on the Porch

It’s hot in Mississippi, particularly in May and June. The moistness alone would keep you inside when sewing. I don’t know I’ve at any point seen anybody sew on a patio. On the off chance that an enormous space were required, we would draw out the cushions for the huge conventional eating table and sew there. My grandma who lived in a 3 room house would clear­ out 1 room and hang a sewing outline in that 1 space to sew. The stitching outline occupied the whole space. That was 35 years back, and I think she had a window cool unit at that point.

2-Entertaining on the Porch

To be completely honest – I don’t comprehend outside summer weddings in Mississippi. Hence, hosting a get-together outside on a patio is anything but a specifically engaging alternative to me. Do individuals truly engage on the entryway patio? Perhaps on the off chance that I had a notable house, I may do that. However, I’ve never been to a social affair on the yard, aside from 35-40 years prior. At my grandma’s (35 – 40 years back), we sat on the yard and under the tree since her 3 room house was too little to even think about fitting the whole family. Today, we would presumably accumulate in one of our bigger homes.


Since I live in Mississippi, I feel good talking about this issue. The main African-American that I found in the show was the Mayor. Any individual who has experienced childhood in Mississippi will have companions of different races, will utilize individuals of different races and will see different races when shopping locally. I would have felt that the makers would have at any rate had a couple of African American companions on the yard toward the finish of the remodel.

In general, I thought Home Town was a hit! Congrats to Erin and Ben Napier in Laurel, Mississippi for an incredible pilot show. I trust that HGTV gets the show, and we will see parts a greater amount of Erin and Ben.

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