Home Design Trends for 2014

New years regularly make individuals need some new changes in their lives. One of the most widely recognized changes mortgage holders choose is rebuilding a room, if not their entire house.

This is a breakdown of moving home highlights separated room by room.


Showers have gotten more well known than tubs throughout the long term. The shower experience itself is something that numerous mortgage holders are hoping to change. Gone are the times of shower/tub combos, and remain solitary showers are getting an update. Mortgage holders are relinquishing shower shades and slow down entryways, rather picking the outside shower understanding.

Remain solitary baths are getting more famous for individuals who appreciate a decent drench. The tubs are getting a greater amount of the point of convergence of the restroom however. With the notoriety of enlivening baths, entire washrooms are regularly being planned around the tub itself. This is a long ways from the tiled in bath from the 50’s and 60’s.

Skimming vanities are a method of causing a little restroom to feel bigger by opening up the washroom’s floor space. The moderate estimation of a solitary rack and mirror over a sink has become a regularly expanding pattern. It opens up the restroom mess and gives the space a more clean inclination.


Brilliant hues with dark accents are turning out to be increasingly mainstream. The high differentiation is an interpretation of the exemplary highly contrasting kitchen. It allows property holders to a greater amount of their character and tastes into the kitchen plan.

Copper and bothered metal are large this year. Shying a route from the brilliant clean of chrome and nickel, copper and metal have a hotter more normal inclination.

Inexhaustible and reused items have supplanted costly woods and marbles. Effectively sustainable materials, for example, bamboo, have gotten famous for tables, ledges, even floors.


Turquoise has become on of the most mainstream hues for parlors. The previous not many years utilized a ton of greens and blues, winding up at turquoise is practically common. Profound and rich turquoise, not weak and pale, has appeared in upholstery, divider covers, furniture and dividers.

The overexposure to customer merchandise has left individuals looking for vintage and unique. Requesting from Ikea simply isn’t cutting it for the vast majority any longer. Presently the vast majority are discovering incredible pieces at transfer shops, swap meets and old fashioned stores. Pieces that are requiring fix are additionally famous in light of the fact that individuals can redo the piece themselves.

Rethinking the electrical outlet was something that will undoubtedly occur. The new U-attachment divider plug has two USB outlets so property holders aren’t continually searching for a spot to charge their telephone. The outlets additionally highlight a keen sensor that quits charging when the gadget has arrived at a full charge.

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