Man Cave Trends for 2014

What’s going on In 2014? Man Caves are more mainstream than any other time in recent memory.

Spouses, fathers and single men are investing more energy and cash developing that ideal space for unwinding with companions. What began as an extra TV and junky rocker in the carport has transformed into a major industry, with a portion of the bigger man rooms presently equaling the look and size of business bars, eateries and theaters. And keeping in mind that there is no sign this specific room will become anything other than more mainstream later on, there are a couple of patterns that may change the manner in which Man Caves are planned in 2014.


We should begin with TVs. Samsung’s new bended screen 110-inch behemoth is the discussion of the home entertainment business world at this moment. We can hope to see others follow this pattern, with bended screens, enormous size and hues more energetic than any time in recent memory. Obviously, on the off chance that you need one of these now you’ll need to pay for the benefit of being an early adopter – as in $150,000. Ready to make due with the littler 85-inch screen? You’ll actually require about $40K.


Obviously, the best TV isn’t anything without the best substance. Link is fine, yet there is the over the top and expanding cost, those bothering plugs and picking your love seat time around the TV organizations’ timetables. Numerous individuals today are settling on administrations like Netflix and Hulu that convey the substance you need when you need it, without promotions. Presently there are numerous contraptions that are intended to improve the media room or man collapse your home, however maybe the current year’s greatest will be the media decoration. Roku, an early part in this field, has delivered another model with HD similarity and a headphone prepared controller. With this moderately economical gadget (as low as $49) your new TV turns out to be significantly all the more stunning.

Wine Rooms

Brew is so 2000. The upcoming man cavern is outfitted with the advancement of that more refined creation, vino. After the home auditorium is set up, it’s an ideal opportunity to direct your concentration toward wine stockpiling – a.k.a. a wine basement. This is a lavish extra, however we’re discussing first in class man surrenders here! Furthermore, to improve the ideal basement, wine caddys are an absolute necessity!

Computer games

Watching sports is a tremendous piece of Man Cave culture. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about when the season’s finished? Or on the other hand late around evening time, when no games are on? Enter the second-most mainstream Man Cave movement – gaming. With regards to reassures, there are many to look over. In any case, the most recent must-have originates from Microsoft, whose as of late refreshed Xbox One is changing the idea of gaming with intelligent and responsive innovations that permit you to address your support (and accordingly your TV), and use hand and body development to mess around. Wanna feel like you’re truly in the fight against outsider intruders? Fitting your Xbox One into your new 110-inch Samsung UHD TV and wrench up the volume!

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