Popular MMO Games You’d Love to Play


World of Warplanes

If you are familiar with World of Tanks, this game is even better! This is a multiplayer online game dedicated to the best representatives of the world’s combat aircraft. If you are a fan of amazing graphics and realistic events, you are welcome to play. Endless amount of battles for air superiority awaits for you. Be the one of 15 player on a team to beat your opponent. It’s important to be a team player and at the same time contribute as individual player. Start your flying adventure HERE!


You will enjoy the best planes from aircraft engineering. You can start with biplanes of the 1930s, level up with legendary WWII warplanes, or just stick with jet fighters of the Korean War, “grandpas” of modern aircrafts. Don’t forget to upgrade your plane, You will be surprised with the amount of armaments available, plus various airframes and engines.
Become a pilot now: http://mmotraffic.com/catalog/goplay/1000246/OTYyMy8vLzEwMDAyNDY%3D/


Mech Warriors Online

The future is here. Machines are taking over the world. Do you want to be part of it? Jump in to start tactical BattleMech simulation set in 3050 AD; take control of the most powerful mechanical battle units. Time frame is the same as in 2013, so one day in real world is the same as in the game. For to download right here: http://mmotraffic.com/catalog/goplay/1000457/OTYyMy8vLzEwMDA0NTc%3D/


You will operate one of the BattleMech, a heavily armored combat platform which utilizes an internal structure similar to a skeleton. The BattleMech in combat form looks like a giant, rough, bipedal humanoid. In real world BattleMechs would weigh between 20 and 100 tons and fall into one of four weight classes: light, medium, heavy and assault. Become one of them HERE!


Mech Warriors Online

As a BattleMech, you will have various weapon systems that include energy: super cool lasers/flamers/particle projectiles; ballistic – try to stop them with autocannons, machine guns, Gauss; missile – you’ll love it – long range missiles, short range missiles, streak short range missiles; and, of course, a variety of electronic monitoring/targeting systems. Ready to try? Then just start NOW!


Do you want to know how it works? MechWarrior Online puts MechWarriors into teams and drops them to tactical battlefield where you fight for your life. Up to 12 players in each team battling against opposing team. Communication is key, so we can consider it as a great social network.
Get your chance to succeed here: http://mmotraffic.com/catalog/goplay/1000457/OTYyMy8vLzEwMDA0NTc%3D/


Star Wars – The Old Republic

If you liked the world of Star Wars, you’ll love this game. Fulfill your dream of becoming a jedi, or maybe you wanted to be on the dark side? This is the only massively-multiplayer online game that puts you at the center of your own story. Many other Star Wars iconic roles will make it even better! Did you know what happened over three-thousand years before the classic films?
Become the hero of your own Star Wars adventure, join now!


The Light or Dark side of the Force will question your decisions all the time. One can enjoy flexibility of the game, fantastic characters, adventures with your companions, and awesome lightsaber battles!
Don’t miss your lightsaber, play for free at http://mmotraffic.com/catalog/goplay/1000230/OTYyMy8vLzEwMDAyMzA%3D/


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