Prevent Arthritis By Just A Glass Full Of Milk Everyday

As per a claim by researchers, a glass full of milk every day can prevent the knees from creaking, only if you are a woman!


A recent US study has found that women who regularly drink low fat or fat-free milk may have less chances of osteoarthritis in their knee. However, consumption of cheese can augment the problem particularly in women. Well, drinking milk actually made a little difference specifically in men, though eating yoghurt does not affect the progression in women or men.

Osteoarthritis is the degenerative disease of joint that cause swelling and pain of joints in knee, hand and hips.

Well, according to Dr Bing Lu, the lead author from Brigham and Women’s Hospital situated in Boston, consuming milk tend to play a significant role particularly in your bone health. Osteoarthritis is a common form of join disease; however it is particularly more common in females than males.


When the doctors asses severity of this disease, they tend to use imaging studies in order to quantify the joint damage through measuring space which exist between bones of the joint. Such narrowing joint space actually indicated worsening osteoarthritis and cartilage loss. Initiating the study, the dietary data was hence collected plus the joint space breadth was measured by x-rays, as per a report in Journal Arthritis care and research.

1260 women and 888 men with knee arthritis participated; they had the report on checks for around four years afterwards. While the consumption of milk augmented 8-ounce per glass, the total amount of the joint damage specifically in women surprisingly fell. Though all women experienced several narrowing of the joint space, well it was hence least evident drinking more milk in women.


While women went by consuming no milk, less than three glasses, four to six, plus more than straight seven glasses every week, their joint space width (women) surprisingly decreased as 0.38, 0.29, 0.29 plus 0.26 in mm respectively. However, a minor worsening of condition was noticed among women consuming cheese each day.

Consequences persisted still after allowing disease severity, dietary factors and body mass index (BMI). The consumption of milk improved the heath of knee joint particularly in men only by high intakes.

It is yet unclear why milk actually helped women, perhaps due to augmenting calcium levels since women mostly have considerable low intakes.

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