Saree Soiree

Antique sarees are a carefully assembled history. The plans woven into the material summon both the mark of the weaver and the event for which the texture was made.

Numerous ladies don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage their old sarees and basically sell it for the zari or hand them down. Rather, a smidgen of inventiveness can take life back to these magnificent sarees in structures that could add a scramble of shading to our homes. The hues and surfaces on them work with an assortment of designing plans, from save innovation or elaborate stylistic layout.


A distinctive silk saree surging out at an open window or flanking a lot of sheers in a proper room adds an outlandish note to mixed stylistic theme. In a living or lounge area with a few windows, utilize a heavier, Soireelustrous texture as a section on either side of custom shades, wooden blinds or pale under-wraps that move close. For the room, pick a ‘dingy’ saree to wrap over a valance bar and float down the sides of the windows. Spread shades with saree texture for a draw down customary vibe. Balance sarees at the segments of a four-banner bed or suspend them over the bed from dowels fastened to the roof at the headboard and footstool.


Antique sarees are delicate, and your assortment may exist in pieces as opposed to finish articles of clothing. Haul the pieces out of the wardrobe and give them some ordinary introduction. The pieces are lovely when sewed together for a duvet spread or bed quilt. Utilize longer lengths or the more intricate ‘pallu’, the enhancing end of the saree, as a fringe or on blend and-match cushion tricks. You will only sometimes discover indistinguishable hues and plans in an exceptional hand-woven old saree, so simply utilize your segregation to mix tones and examples in a blend that satisfies you. Attempt graduated shades of one shading for a peaceful palette or the stimulating differentiation of reciprocal hues like salmon and blue or pink and light green.

Upholstery and pads

Utilize fractional lengths of your antique saree as a makeover for blurring furniture. Spread your lounge area seat pads in a hot pink and red weaved saree texture to animate the craving and discussion around the table. Upholster your preferred wing seat in patches of saree texture and twist up to peruse your fav Kipling or Arundhati Roy. A low stool with bended legs will appear as though a keepsake from the Raj when it sports a saree. Saree texture cushions dissipated on a daybed or couch can transform a contemporary parlor into a craftsmanship display. Stretch scant pieces of the texture by utilizing them on cushion fronts with coordinating velvet or strong shantung silk for the backs.

Inside decorations

A prized antique saree is a show-stopper, so deal with it like one. A basic curtain bar appended to the divider will let you hang your prize where it very well may be respected. Sew a velvet ‘sleeve’ for the pole if the saree is delicate to shield it from scraped spot. Saree texture is long and tight, regularly around 40 to 50 inches wide, albeit high quality antique sarees shift in width. Wrap the saree over the pole, assembling the width in folds to conceal any defects. Train a solitary exhibition focus on the shining strings to underscore the gallery nature of your find. Twofold the effect by situating a bronze sculpture on a platform before the extravagant fall of texture. Furthermore, best of all, you can change the stylistic theme by trading these antique sarees by the season or your impulse.

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