Saving Money When Oil Prices Are High

With the recent political developments in Egypt and now in Libya, the price of crude oil will rise in the future.

One of the main factors in the price of heating fuel is the price of crude oil, so you can think of ways to save money on heating your home by making your fuel last longer.

Block Eraser: Use an eraser to block drafts from under doors. Double glazing is obviously more efficient, but older homes can use secondary or narrow glass, even disposable temporary glass made of polyethylene sheets.
Lower the thermostat: The heating system uses more energy. Of course, it varies from house to house, but in general, for each degree, the plant is turned on, your heating system must burn more fuel. If you need to wear an additional jacket. I used to live on a large 16th-century farm where windowed windows didn’t fit in with frames. It was necessary to wear a woolen coat and hat on cold winter nights, even with the heater turned on. You will get used to it.
Keep your central heating system in good condition. Make sure to check the boiler regularly for effective burning. You can also try ventilating your radiators to make sure there’s no trapped air in the central heating system. If there is, you can prevent the coolant from overheating properly. To drain your radiators:
The coolant must be heated and then turned off. Cooling bleeds with the pump running is not a good idea, as it can introduce more air into the system.
At the end of the coolant there should be a bleed valve. (Usually has a square axis for cross section).
Using the coolant wrench and an old rag to absorb the water, gently loosen the valve half a cycle and allow the air to escape. You can usually hear the air coming out.
Tighten the cap when the water starts to drip off the valve.
Is the thermostat programmable? If so, you should learn to program it so that your heating system works when you are at home and outside when you are not. It can be a difficult prospect for some people, but it is often just as bad as programming a video recorder. If you can’t cope, make the child aware enough to do it for you.
Do an energy review. This can be as simple as measuring the amount of oil you use over a period of time and going around the house to find out where you can improve the insulating qualities of your home, or hire a specialist to assess the energy efficiency of your home. Leasing features often come with efficiency standards like the ones you can find when purchasing a new refrigerator with a power rating from A to G.