Should I Replace or Repair My Air Conditioner?

So when leaves and flowers begin to bloom in some states, this means summer is on the way. In the Midwest, it can happen at night.

Before the heat and humidity come here and sweat the organisms, we sometimes have to ask ourselves, “Should the air conditioner be replaced or repaired?”

Instead of giving you useless stats and great tech, I went straight to the source for some useful advice and interviewed some of the best HVAC technicians in this field. I thought you would find these tips useful.

Q: What is the first thing we should do to determine whether we need to repair or replace our air conditioner?

A: One of the first things we want to do is look at and examine the external drive. We want to take a look at the outer fins to see if they are crushed or damaged. Whether you have been hit by a cold, children, or whatever if you have a 20% or 30% ground fin, it is directly related to the amount of energy that you have wasted and how uncomfortable it is in your current home.

Q: Some outdoor units are exposed while others are closed, which is better?

A: Well, we want to protect these fins from weather and mowing damage, so closed air conditioning will be better.

Q: In addition to looking at the exterior of the unit, what else should be considered?

A: The first thing I would like to talk about is SEER, which is an acronym for SEO. It is a way to measure air conditioners. Suppose you have 10 SEER units. Let’s say it makes 10 miles per gallon. We will compare it to cars because more people can relate to it. If I had 20 SEER units then it would be 20 mpg. Can you imagine a hundred percent increase in your efficiency?

Q: The more VIDOR, the more energy-saving?

A: It is true.

Q: What else can we look at?

A: One of the last things we want to do is take a direct look at the drive label. The manufacturer must have entered the date of manufacture. The important reason is that the air conditioner should last 12-17 years. So it is clear if your air conditioning unit falls within this range, it would be a great candidate for replacement simply because of the lack of efficiency.

Q: It is much more difficult to read old model stickers. What do we do if it is unread?

A: Well, that’s when it comes to the pros. Not only can they determine the age and efficiency of your current unit, but, like a doctor, they can determine the best course of action for you. Remember, it’s not just about cooling, it’s also about the overall indoor air quality in your home.

Hope these tips help you decide if you want to replace or repair the air conditioner.