Smart phones causing eye damage.


Recent reports are found revealing the concerns of the opticians that due to extensive use of smartphones among masses, people may be at risk of eye damage. Not only this, but they are also found to warn against the all day long term exposure of screens other than that of phones, including various devices such as the flat-screen televisions, computers, and tablets.

smart phones

The fact is proven through a survey that brings forth the practice of nearly twenty-five are found to checks their phones about thirty-two times repetitively, per day.

One of the opticians naming Andy Hepworth quotes that violet light is majorly damaging for the eyes, and the light that comes out of the smartphones is blue in color. The combined effect of bringing the phone closer to eyes and not blinking it quite times puts strains on the eyes.

He explains tests have revealed that extra exposure to blue-violet light carries the possibility to bring forth the danger of macular degeneration which in turn leads to blindness.

It is important to know that good blue light i.e. the turquoise blue light is needed to regulate the natural pattern however an extra exposure may lead to sleep disorders and mood disturbances.
The optician further explains that although no direct link is available for the above fact still credential laboratory evidence is found that this may happen.

Potential of causing more headaches:

The survey that was taken up by various opticians independently shows that normally an adult is found for seven hours a day before the screen while more than half remain anxious as they are way

The survey also finds that about 55% have the feeling of discomfort and irritation to eyes as they spend time on the screens.

Still many of the people, coming under are found quoting that they hardly spend any time without the phone and are continuously using it though they have noticed the side effect of the continual use such as eyes getting red and sensation of irritation, as they are exposed to computer and such other devices.


However, the opticians suggest a regular eye check-up to be on safe side and minimize the risk of damage to the eyes.