Soda Blasting

Soft drink impacting is the most recent innovation to securely strip paint and clean most any surface.

The soft drink blaster utilizes packed air to convey sodium bicarbonate based media (heating pop) onto the surface to be cleaned. While at the start this appears to be like sandblasting, all likenesses rapidly blur once you comprehend the cycle. Sand is a hard, weighty material that can unleash devastation on any substrate. It will pit glass, destroy elastic and plastic and engraving metal. Soft drink impacting has none of that. An appropriately figured soft drink impacting media is made of Sodium Bicarbonate that is made to be in a reliable, bigger precious stone size. At the point when it strikes the material you are soft drink impacting the precious stone detonates outward and the blast is the power that strips your objective of oil, paint, rust, shape, earth, whatever it is you are eliminating.

It gives an exceptional and new answer for reestablishing and restoring any surface. It takes a shot at a wide scope of ventures from enormous scope mechanical to little fragile private positions, bringing a similar degree of demonstrable skill and respectability to all. Utilizing an assortment of earth well disposed and reused media, for example, pop and glass, it can clean wood, stone and metals resurrecting them reestablishing lost detail. This cycle is delicate and doesn’t harm the first surface, making it promptly prepared for repainting and can be utilized to treat fire or flood harm. Whatever you have to recondition, be it huge or little, it has the ability to get it going. Impacting with soft drink utilizes delicate, naturally well disposed techniques to clean and restore any kind of surface.there is likewise a wide scope of other impacting media for example reused glass/plastic and calcium. The entirety of the media has no substantial metals, and is biodegradable with no damage to the earth.

It has the capacities of working in such different circumstances, for example, modern hot zones to reestablishing design wood and metal highlights just as classical furnishings and vintage vehicles.

The techniques utilized are forceful enough to eliminate layers of paint and rust off old metal work yet delicate enough to clean vintage wood and eliminate paint off exemplary vehicles by modifying the quality of the wind current and utilizing diverse impacting media relying upon the current task!

The gatherings of individuals that can utilize these strategies are:


Private Landlords

Business LPG destinations

Vessel Owners

Vehicle Owners

Property designers and Architects

Protection specialists and organizations

Experience has demonstrated to us that the utilization of Soda impacting permits:

Powerful outcomes

Non obtrusive techniques

Being Cost powerful

Earth well disposed green arrangements

The fate of surface treatment without utilizing cruel synthetic substances to clean and shield an assortment of surfaces from woodwork to stonework and metalwork.

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