Split System Air Conditioners

These are the best tips for using split system air conditioners which will greatly reduce energy use and save you money. For this to really work out, let others in the house see what you’re doing, and tell them why.

Close all windows and doors to prevent hot air from entering and heating your home. It’s a good idea to catch a cold breeze early in the morning, but be prepared to close the doors and windows before the heat starts. This will prevent the hot and warm air from entering the home from inside. Take this step and you’ll be halfway there!
While closing doors and windows, also make sure to draw all the curtains and drapes on the sunny side of the house. Do this early to keep a comfortable temperature indoors.
Turn on the split air conditioner early in the day to cool the house quickly with minimal energy use. You don’t need to keep it running for long if you follow points 1 and 2 above.
Set the temperature to about 24 degrees or 25 degrees to get the best balance between feeling comfortable and not receiving a large electricity bill.
Determine which part of the house you really don’t need to cool (i.e. warehouses, spare rooms, or someone’s room if you are out all day, etc.) and close the doors. This way, you can control air temperature and reduce your energy bills. Make sure others at home know what to do to make sure the doors are closed etc.
By following all the points mentioned above, you can often use portable fans for a while before the day really begins to heat up.
Once it’s too hot, there is often no choice but to turn on the air conditioner all the time. Choosing an inverted split-system air conditioner helps to control room temperature more smoothly and efficiently, so think about it when shopping. Inverter split systems are automatically adjusted when programmed temperatures are reached. Instead of shutting down, it slows down and maintains the desired temperature.
Finally, monitor the weather, and once the sea breeze arrives, decide if it’s cold enough to turn off the air conditioning and start opening the doors and windows again.
By following these steps and regularly repairing the air conditioner with split system, you will be guaranteed that it will provide you with cool summer days for years to come.

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