23 Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner


Time is something all of us wish we had more of, especially for us women when it relates to our daily beauty routines. These amazing hacks will make your daily beauty routines not only easier, but save you some of that precious extra time all us girls want and need.

#1 Using a hashtag to create a smokey eye

The hashtag isn’t only used for social media anymore ladies, now by drawing a hashtag sign and blending you instantly can create a smokey eye.

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#2 Using apple cider as a toner

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing toner for your skin, it fights blemishes, balances the skins PH and helps to prevent acne.

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#3 Using white eyeliner as your eye shadow primer

By using white eyeliner as your eyeshadow primer you will bring out the color vibrancy and extend the longevity of your eyeshadow color.

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#4 Volumize your hair while you sleep

Apply dry shampoo to your hair before going to bed and as you toss and turn throughout the night you will be really working that dry shampoo into your hair. Which will create voluminous hair when you wake up.

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15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

fashion hacks

The goal when getting ready is always to look your best, these tips and tricks will help you achieve that making your life easier and looking fabulous.

 #1 Sweat stains

No one likes sweat stains showing on their clothes they can be embarrassing, a solution for this problem is actually quite simple just use panty liners they have adhesive so they will stay in place and they are thin enough to be unnoticeable.

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#2 Deodorant stains

Deodorant stains can be a pain to get out of clothes, but not to worry there is a simple solution for this, to remove the stains just use a baby wipe

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10 Must-Know Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know About

Whether it’s your eye makeup or foundation, these top 10 makeup artists-approved tips cover all the areas to apply your makeup flawlessly. So make the most of your makeup with these life-changing tips.

1. Don’t Powder Your Entire Face

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Applying translucent powder helps set makeup for a flawless look but that doesn’t mean that the entire face should be powdered abundantly. Rather focus on powdering the T-zone, under eye area and along the sides of the nose for a smooth finish.

2. Apply White Liner As Base


Photo: cosmopolitan

Cover your eyelids with white eyeshadow or liner as base to make the main eyeshadow shade pop brighter.


The sluggish tic-tic of clock starts boring us on Friday afternoon when we are planning to have a fabulous weekend ahead. Especially for girls, it is very important that what they are going to wear this weekend. It’s a natural thing that everyone wants to get out of the boring office cloths and makeover to switch to a catchy and glamorous look for weekend parties and get together. There must be something which you have never done before, something to make you feel special and admired. Give a glamorous look to your makeover this time with these tips.

Play With Long Lashes



Fake eyelashes give essential volume to your eyelashes. If your lashes are thin, try applying the fake one when going to get ready for this weekend’s party. It will give a sexy look to your face. No matter if you are going to wear a party makeup or the subtle one to go for a coffee with your friends, long lashes will make you look significantly beautiful.

Applying fake eyelashes is quite easy as you will get the procedure at the back of lashes pack. If you feel that your eyelashes are already long and healthy enough, you can make them look even prettier by using mascara and eyelash-curler.

Lash curler gives a nice look to your long lashes plus you feel comfortable if you are going to wear any sort of glasses. Long mascara coated lashes sometimes create irritation if you are wearing spectacles or sunglasses but if you will turn them upward, it will be so comfortable.

Try Different Eyeliner


Black eyeliner gives a broad look to your eyes. It can be applied in both ways. You may give yourself an eastern and shy look, or a bold and beautiful western look. Just being a little familiar with the tricks to play with black pencil, eyeliner and mascara will do the trick.

This weekend, try different colored eyeliner. It can be brown, navy blue, or green. You may also pick the one with glitters.  You can make yourself look quite different by trying various eyeliners. Glitters and shimmery eye-shades are so much appreciated these days. So go ahead and experiment with different colors of eyeliners. Keep one thing in your mind, try to keep your lipstick and blush-on to the natural tone if you are trying some new shade of eyeliner. If you will pick a bold colored lipstick, you will surely look overdone.

Go a Bit Out of Your Lip Edge


Mostly, girls want a delicate and thin look for their lips. It looks good but when we talk about experimenting, we should do what we have never done before. Take a darker color lip-liner and apply it a bit outside of your natural lip line. After giving your lips a perfect shape, use lip brush to fill lipstick (one tone lighter) in it. Either you are using natural colors or the bold ones, this idea will change the entire look of your makeover. Give it a try!