What Is A Combi Boiler?

These boilers are called “combi boilers” because they are a mixture of a central heating boiler and a hot water heater.

It allows you to have instant hot water for bathing and washing, as well as providing heating for the coolers at the same time. This makes them ideal for busy family homes or guest houses, as the demand for hot water can be very high.

Not having a water tank for heating means you cannot run out of hot water, which is necessary if you have a large family or have a bed and breakfast.

With the common boiler, you can pre-set the water temperature of the radiators and hot water separately. You can also get it with stylish digital timers to turn the heat on and off at predefined times.

The real beauty of the installed boiler is that even when central heating is turned off, you can still turn on the tap and get hot water right away.

Modern compound boilers are also very effective, even compared to boilers made ten years ago. In fact, the boiler, which was about 15 years old, was replaced by a modern capacitor, which is 90% more efficient.

While you may consider a new boiler a major investment, a modern boiler can save you up to two hundred pounds per year in fuel costs. Then you can see that it can be pushed very quickly, especially with a kettle fifteen to twenty years old.

In fact, the inefficiency of old boilers recently led the government to introduce a boiler scrapping scheme, as it received a £ 400 voucher for a new boiler cost if it decided to upgrade to a new boiler.

Modern compact boilers let you see the temperature and water pressure at a glance. They also have much less parts than old boilers. This means, in general, that it is more reliable because there are fewer errors, and this also means that it is easier to fix.

In general, I would like to say if you do not have a combined boiler, you should consider switching to one, as only fuel economy means they can pay for themselves in less than five years. Although the government boiler plan has now stopped, it is still a very good investment.