Who Is Sid Dickens? A Look Into His Life And Muse

Sid Dickens is a craftsman from Canada who is renowned for the Memory Blocks that he makes to recognize various thoughts or stories.

He began life in a beach front town in Northern British Columbia, known as Prince Rupert, where he grew up with his family. A blessing from his maternal grandparents of a kids’ reference book set started his adoration for reference material and being raised Catholic prompted his affection for confidence symbolism and language.

As a young person, Sid Dickens discovered solace in his craft classes. He explored different avenues regarding all mediums, from complex watercolors and allegorical drawings to dynamic models and soapstone carvings. After his graduation from secondary school in 1981 he booked the assembly hall at the Crest Manor Hotel where he facilitated his absolute first display in an assortment of unique pictures and even a couple of representations. He brought in cash by working with his angler father.

It wasn’t long, notwithstanding, before Sid ran over a commercial for The Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver. He chose to present a folio of his work however kept with the fishing while he excitedly watched for any updates. Sid was effective and gone through his year at Emily Carr in classes on workmanship history, design and the standards of painting and shading. He was known for consolidating components and utilizing mediums in untraditional manners.

At the year’s end, Sid got back to Prince Rupert and facilitated another display, this season of pen and ink drawings of neighborhood structures. He got back to fishing and accepted a subsequent position flipping burgers all so that, in a couple of months, he would have the option to manage the cost of an open pass to Europe for a half year. In 1986, Sid went through England, Italy, the previous Yugoslavia, Greece (and encompassing islands) and Turkey. He regularly acknowledges this excursion as being “the key that opened the entryway”.

At the point when he got back to Canada, Sid Dickens chose to visit his mom in the Haida Gwaii islands a few hours off the north bank of British Columbia where she had settled. He felt right comfortable in the scantily populated spot where he says that he “deserted (himself) to the aesthetic cycle, building natural structures that (he) got arrays out of rescued metal, wire, leaves and whale bones, all held along with Haida Gwaii mud blended in with paint”.

In 1989, he selected at The Instituto Allende in Mexico where he went through 20 months apprenticing under an ace artist. Sid at last got back to Vancouver in 1991 where he opened a studio in the East End and zeroed in the entirety of his endeavors on his craft. He started take a shot at a progression of huge boards and painted screens that included old style figures and botanical pictures. He likewise started take a shot at various littler sheets that were comparative in appearance to chapel board canvases.

A Hong Kong architect visited Sid Dickens’ studio in 1994 where he got captivated with an arbitrary gathering of little pieces. These were the aftereffect of Sid’s test to contain numerous thoughts in a single piece. He was utilizing the pieces to assist him with conveying his thoughts plainly and frequently alluded to them as his own ‘storyboards’. The Hong Kong planner requested 400 of the pieces and Sid started chip away at establishing his Memory Blocks as a genuine fine art.

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