What Celebrities Don’t Want to Talk About Skin Disorders

celebrities with skin issues

Celebs share their battles with skin conditions, offering hope and care tips for those facing similar issues.

Celebrities, some of the most recognizable people, also have serious skin issues. Discover how ordinary people may take care of successful celebrity skin issues.

Flawless skin is assumed to be common among elite celebrities. Due to well-compensated makeup artists and retouchers who know their way around Photoshop, poor skin can appear perfect on camera and the covers of your preferred magazine. Brad Pitt and Leann Rimes suffer from the same skin issues as everyone else, including acne and psoriasis. See how these celebrities with skin problems handle easy skin conditions.

Cameron Diaz: Acne

As you can see, Cameron Diaz is not the only Hollywood celebrity with acne-prone skin. Acne may occur when there is too much oil on the person’s face, resulting in the pore being blocked and a pimple forming, which is challenging to hide. It is possible to maintain clear skin from your side via a dedicated everyday skincare scheme and a medical current dermatologist or facial surgeon who might offer you numerous topical treatments, antibiotics, and even diary prescription; hence, you will obtain the perfect skin without any difficulty.

LeAnn Rimes: Psoriasis

The famous American country singer, LeAnn Rimes, has to have her skin covered during psoriasis flares. Psoriasis is a disease for which inflamed, red, itchy, and scaly patches show up on the skin . This disease is incurable at the time, but it may be well-controlled through the treatment of the skin and scalp with creams, oral and injection medications, and phototherapy . This prevents the development of psoriasis.

Seal: Discoid Lupus

Singer Seal has easily identified scars on his face due to discoid lupus, a lengthy recurring skin disorder characterized by inflamed sores on the skin. With discoids, the sores can get so severe that they cause permanent and profound scars. To try to limit scarring and make surgery easier to follow, cortisone ointment or shots are administered directly on the skin. Additionally, isotretinoin treatment is utilized in the treatment of discoid lupus, Plaquenil, and a light form of retinoids like Soriatane .

Ewan McGregor: Skin Cancer

Ewan McGregor, the actor, revealed in 2008 that he had a mole removed from his face, which resulted in skin cancer. As a result, he has a scar that he is unable to hide when he is frequently in the public eye. The appearance of skin cancer scars may be reduced using a variety of methods. These include laser therapies, dermabrasion , which eliminates layers of skin, and an injection with a filler substance to smooth out depressions in the skin make scarred areas appear less noticeable.

Renée Zellweger: Rosacea

Academy Award-winning actress – this is another widely-known celebrity who is thought to have rosacea – a skin condition that causes visible redness and flush, especially on the cheeks. Zellweger can use topical creams, cleansers, and moisturizers to control the condition, as well as medication and even short-term treatment with cortisone cream or pulsed light. Moreover, Zellweger can easily hide rosacea with make-up, which is acceptable as long as it does not make the condition worse.

Morgan Freeman: Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

As an actor, Morgan Freeman is quite famous for his roles in many blockbusters. Because he is a person of color, Freeman also happens to have dermatosis papulosa nigra, a type of skin condition which is characterized by dark raised spots. This condition can be removed through laser therapy.

Brad Pitt: Acne

Brad Pitt, who is consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful men, has a valuable face. But while that is accurate, he struggles with acne-related scars. Acne is much more manageable due to medicine and a general trend of caring for the skin. The most important factor, however, is not to irritate the blemishes; doing so greatly decreases the danger of scarring connected with problematic skin. To combat existing issues, laser therapy can aid in reducing the appearance of these sorts of blemishes to make the face appear brighter.

Lee Thomas: Vitiligo

The memoir Turning White: A Memoir of Change was written by a journalist known as Lee Thomas following his struggles with vitiligo. This skin disorder causes some patches of the skin to lose their pigmentation. To cover up the white patches found on his skin, Thomas uses make-up, thus hiding the condition. In actuality, there are effective treatments for this disease, including light therapy (PUVA or UVB) and topical medications that reduce inflammation and halt the disease’s progression. Importantly, cases have been reported where skin that had been affected by vitiligo returned to its original color without any form of medication. Consequently, there is no known cure for that disease, although it can be effectively managed.