10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Bronzer

Applying bronzer is not for everyone and also not an item girls would prefer to pick everyday when heading out.


Applying bronzer is not for everyone and also not an item girls would prefer to pick everyday when heading out. But it does help add a pretty glow to the skin on days when our face looks too pale or dull. But, applying bronzer is not an easy task and there are a few mistakes that most girls make when applying bronzer. So, here are 6 mistakes you should be avoiding, if you are new at the bronzer business.


1. Not Tapping The Brush

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Always remember to swirl the brush onto the product and then tap it on the countertop or the edge of your bronzer container to get rid of access product. Once done, lightly apply bronzer under your cheekbones for a sun-kissed look.

2. Applying It Too Quickly

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Here’s a tip: apply bronzer only when you’ve got the time. Bronzer is not like blush or mascara that you can just hastily throw on (but if you can, good for you). With bronzer, you have to be a little extra careful and should have enough time to make sure you blend it until it looks natural and not too made up. if you think you’ve got too much going on, take a clean brush and blend your makeup using it.

3. Overly Dark Shade

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Remember that you want to go for a sun-kissed and not a baked look. So when choosing your ideal shade, make sure to go nothing more than one shade darker.

4. Applying Bronzer All Over The Face

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Bronzer should be applied to the spots that are naturally hit by the sun for a natural look. Apply it lightly to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the forehead and the jawline

5. Choosing The Wrong Brush


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Which brush you use to apply bronzer is equally important. Make sure not to use a very large brush or a kabuki brush as they would both result in covering most of your face with bronzer making the face look too dark. Rather go for a angled or medium fluffy brush to simply touch the right spots to add some hue.

6. Using Overly Shimmery Formula


Choose a bronzer that’s not too shimmery. Go for a shade that’s warm with mild shimmery particles to add just the right amount of glow to your face.

7. Apply Bronzer All Over Your Cheeks

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Bronzer should be applied to add a hint of color to the most pale spots of your face. Applying it to the entire cheek might make you look like Lindsay here. So sweep a little bit of that product on the cheekbones gently brushing towards the ear.

8. Bronzer Is Not Highlighter

Don’t confused bronzer with highlighter. While highlighter simply add shine to put more emphasis on the lifted zones, bronzer adds color. So use your bronzer carefully NOT like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

9. Not Utilizing Bronzer To Contour

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Matte bronzers are great for contouring especially if you like to contour everyday. Bronzers are much lighter than regular contour or concealer sticks used to contour. So brush on a little bronzer under your cheekbones, the forehead and your jawline for subtle contouring.

10. Applying Too Much Makeup

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Bronzer in itself makes a strong statement and adds glow to the face. Since most bronzers are shimmer based, its best to keep the rest of the makeup on the subtle side. This will make you look more presentable.