10 Craziest Grammy Red Carpet Looks of All Time


Of all the awards shows happening this season, the Grammys is easily one of the best red carpets to watch. Celebrities pull out all the stops with wild hair and crazy makeup, choosing to wear their most creative looks that would be out of place at more serious red carpets (we’re looking at you, Oscars).


In honor of the Grammys on Sunday — P.S.A. Beyonce and Jay Z are performing, so make sure you tune in — we’ve pulled together the 10 craziest Grammy red carpet looks of all time. From Christina Aguilera’s blue and platinum braids to Nicki Minaj’s leopard print wig, looking back at the crazy looks is making us that much more excited to see this year’s red carpet.

Get ready for 10 of the craziest Grammys looks of all time!


It’s one thing to wear a flower in your hair. It’s another thing entirely to wear a flower the size of your head in your hair, then match your lipstick to the color, a la Fergie at the […]


Christina Aguilera’s had some pretty wild looks in the past, but her blue and platinum head of braids at the Grammys really takes the cake.


Lil’ Kim’s tight curls and giant red sunglasses stole the show at the 44th Grammys.


Alicia Keys’ eye makeup may look calm compared to the rest of these looks, but the fact that there are actual sequins on her eyelids makes her necessary on this list.


We can’t tell which is better: Rihanna’s shaved and coifed hairstyle or her shimmering purple eyeshadow. What do you think?


We couldn’t make a Grammys list without including Destiny’s Child! This year in particular was fantastic, as the ladies went for the threesome of blonde, brunette, and redhead, even though they’re all […]


Lady Gaga’s blonde wig, dark brows, and bright pink lipstick were teetering on the edge of drag queen.


Nicki Minaj is never one to look anything but crazy, but this look from the 2011 Grammys is one for the books. A giant wig dyed with leopard print plus bubble gum pink lipstick is almost too much to take […]


We have to say, we kind of miss Katy Perry’s blue hair.


Gwen Stefani was the original queen of the hair knots, sporting tiny twisted buns that covered her head at the Grammys in 1998.