25 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

These time-saving tips are basically your hairway to heaven.


1. A 20-second updo — split, knot, twist, and pin.


2. For quick curls, put your hair in a ponytail first and divide and conquer.


You only need to divide into two or three sections. Full instructions here.

3. Apply dry shampoo the night before.


If you know you’re not going to have time to shower, much less wash your hair in the morning, apply your dry shampoo the night before. It will work itself in to your strands overnight, resulting in increased volume in the morning.

[source: A Cup of Jo]

4. Make your ponytail POP by propping it up with two bobby pins.


5. And if you don’t want to fuss with bobby pins, here’s how to do it with two hair ties.


Watch the video tutorial here.

6. Roll your hair up into an elastic hairband.


This is a great way to get beachy waves, too, if you have long hair.

7. Or do the tuck and cover.


Spice up your headband with this super easy hairstyle.

8. If you frequent the sauna, use that time to deep-condition your hair.


Just massage in your regular conditioner and put on a shower cap. The heat will help the conditioner really penetrate into your hair.

9. Create a bun without hairties, bobby pins, clips, or pencils.


It entails twisting your hair into a bun, lifting up a bit of hair from the side, and tucking the bun under. Get the step by step tutorial and video here.

10. If you have especially thick hair that takes forever to dry, try “half-washing it” in the sink.


Most of the oil begins with the scalp, so you’re washing away the grease that’s causing the flatness in half the time! This trick is also great if you get greasy bangs.

11. This messy bun takes ten seconds and also works better on dirty hair.


The dirtier and greasier your hair is, the more likely the style will hold without any product.

12. Not only is this hairstyle great if you’re growing out your bangs, but it takes ten seconds.


13. This multi-tasking product works as a styling agent and a conditioner while providing heat and UV protection for damaged or dyed hair.


Get it from Sephora.

14. Make your ponytail look fuller with a hidden butterfly clip.


15. You can do this simple twisty bun in less than a minute.


Directions here.

16. And if you’re really pressed for time, a hands-free hair dryer actually exists!


Styling with both hands is so much easier. Get it here.

17. This half-done braid will stay even better in unwashed hair.


18. Quickly tame flyaway strands with a toothbrush.


19. Use spin pins instead of bobby pins to hold buns in place.


They are so much faster and easier to use, and a total game changer if you have thick hair. BONUS: buns usually don’t give you headaches the way ponytails do. Get the tutorial here.

20. Two birds one stone: dry your hair and style it at the same time with a HOT AIR BRUSH.


Try this one.

21. This sleek ‘do only takes a minute and looks professional enough for work.


The best part is that it doesn’t require any bobby pins.

22. The messy knot hairdo will take your ponytail to the next level.


Just split, knot, and then hold it in place with a bobby pin. Instructions here.

23. Instead of applying anti-frizz or shine treatment, use a boar bristle brush as you’re styling and/or blow drying.


A boar bristle brush will pull the natural oils from your scalp into your hair.

[source: Fitness Magazine]

24. Self-grip velcro rollers give you the voluminous look of a round brush blowout without all the work.


If you use the big rollers, you only need a few.

25. Cover a bad hair day with a turban.