4 Basic Types of Pedicures and Manicures


Taking care of your nails is as necessary as you take care of your hair and skin. Sometimes you like to pamper yourself, also check your nails whether they need a pedicure or manicure. Remember pedicure and manicure not only makes your nails prettier, but it replenished lost supplements from your nails. Following are four basic types of pedicures and manicures:


French pedicure or French manicure:


This is one of the most popular and common type of pedicure and manicure nowadays among women. It is chic, clean, simple, elegant, and classic due to which it is so popular. A neutral translucent nail color is first applied on the nail and then colored the tips white.

In this type of pedicures and manicures you have a choice to choose any nail shape you like. Round, square or oval, it’s up to you. After completing the process, they moisturized your feet and hands that give them health. Generally, a quick and nice massage is also included in this treatment.

Nail SPA:


As compare to other types this is usually the lengthy and costly treatment. A special treatment is given to your nails which is usually one of the best relaxing processes. A lot of salons use special ingredients in this treatment in order to make their salon special and unique as compare to others.

Paraffin wax:


Paraffin wax is a type of wax, especially use to hydrate your skin. This substance wrapped the hands and feet so that they can seep thoroughly in through your skin. Other than this, this also includes a regular manicure and pedicure treatment.

Regular pedicure and manicure:

This is one of the common and basic treatments. In this type of treatment your feet and hands soak in lathered water. After which, they clipped your nails and scrubbed your sole and feet. You can also ask the professional to apply your favorite nail polish color. Then they give you short massage. If you do not want to apply nail color, you can also give it a natural glance by choosing nail buffing.