4 Pops of Color That’ll Show Any Uppity Bad-Weather System Who’s Boss


It’s cold here in New York City. So cold that I can’t even think of a joke about how cold it is, that’s how frigid we’re talking. The only way to cope with this polar vortex is to pretend it’s not happening and show it who’s boss with pops of bold, summery color. Here are four ways to do it.


Wear a lovely, sunny shade of coral lipstick like Christina Hendricks did back in October.


Line your lids with electric blue eyeliner like Jennifer Hudson did in November.


Go for chrome-like metallic gold nails like Caitlin FitzGerald did at the Globes.


Or go a little subtler with a baby pink blush like Sandra Bullock did just a couple of weeks ago.


Which makeup method would you most like to use to tell the weather to shove it?