A Sign Of immaturity: After drove recklessly, Justin consider to be immature instead of criminal!


With the flow of youngster era, every new generation peeps tried to be more efficient in order to get attention of every ones eye. However sometimes it’s lead to be hardship or promoted to be tagged in the names of immaturity and it doesn’t consider how much you are mature.



Same phenomenon happen with our baby Justin, on Wednesday he was founded by doing two illegal reckless driving, near the district Attorney. But judges promoted their cool pop star’s action as the sign of immaturity instead of considering it as a criminality.

In the drunken condition, Justin was also investigating as he spotted on her neighbors near the state of California, in Calabasas as well as driving very harsh which was immediately taken under consideration.

The victim who was being spittle by Justin moved forward with the prosecution as one telexes reported it.


The district Attorney, during investigation asked Justin about the case, so he straightly refused that he spitted on his neighbor and the case is on the bases of words only so it doesn’t mean to consider it as crime!

However the sayings of prosecutors considered it as the action of immaturity and they also consider is uncritical action, hence they have some clues in the form of video which showed that during this incident was occurring Justin wasn’t in the car he was in the sports motorcycle so this released Justin from any charges.

Furthermore the incident showed that Tyler was one who is consider to be the incident occurred as he was driving the car.


The behavior was unexpectedly harsh for the fan of Bieber as he spitting on them and urinating on mop’s bucket is such an immature and harsh behavior any how still he is enjoying in South African jungles with his fellows drinking making fun !