Early Jobs of Celebrities


Do you have a lousy job? If so, don’t get upset. Read our article and find out about past jobs of the world greatest stars. And who knows, maybe someday you and your job will be in this list.


1. Mick Jagger

When Mick Jagger was a student at London School of Economics, he worked at the Bexley Mental Hospital. He was a porter and his weekly salary was just about 8 dollars.



2. Clint Eastwood

Before becoming one of the greatest Hollywood stars, Clint Eastwood had plenty of not so glamorous jobs. For example, he was cleaning swimming pools. He also worked at a gas station, steel and aircraft factories. In addition, he has tried himself as a lumberjack.



3. Whoopi Goldberg

Another Hollywood star, who has taken on several simple jobs along the road to success, is Whoopi Goldberg. She was a bricklayer, a garbage collector and even a makeup artist at a funeral home.



4. Sean Connery

It is hard to believe but the world famous star of Bondiana Sean Connery worked as a milkman and a lifeguard. There were also times when he was ditching.



5. Matthew McConaughey

As an exchange student in Australia Matthew McConaughey needed some extra money. To get it he was ready to clean after poultry and wash dishes.



6. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey understood who she wanted to be very early. By the age of 16, she was already working at a radio station. Nevertheless, before that she worked as a seller at a local grocery store.



7. George Clooney

You will be surprised to know that George Clooney was cutting tobacco and selling women’s shoes. Once he confessed that those jobs had been much harder than acting.



8. Steven Tyler

Even though his parents owned a resort, Steven Tyler was not avoiding work. At their resort he was making beds, cleaning shower cabins and toilets. Isn’t that worth a respect?



9. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani was working as a cashier at a Dairy Queen. That is where she and her brother met other members of their future No Doubt band.



10. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman said once that he liked making a fool of himself. So it is not a surprise that he was working as a clown at children parties. He also confessed that he had not known any exciting tricks and had been pretty terrible in that role.