Justin Bieber Arrested For Alleged DUI And Drag Racing In Miami


It was reported in Miami by various reporters that this time Justin Bieber was again subjected to appear in court due to racing and unproven DUI, on Thursday morning 23 Jan, firstly reported by TMZ.



Furthermore it was concluded that he was supposed to be restricted by the authorities to racing on that residential areas as well as he was supposed to be taken in testing and was failed to pass that test as it was shown that he has taken drugs during he was racing.

At that time he was unconsciously kept her hand on pockets and without interrupted police duty he was quietly standing.

It was further reported that the officer who was there smelled immediately the appearance of alcohol while he was breathing and meanwhile her face was totally pale with dark red eyes and the driver was so much rude and harsh while police was investigating all the matter was driving the car Lamborghini taken as a rent.


For the defensive purpose, Hernandez said the singer has opportunity to move on high speed in order to avoid blockage on traffic zone.

After all this happened the police claimed no any charges against Bieber although he was still in Miami and has spent lots of his money nearly $75,000 in the strip club of Miami after that further more investigations are under consideration of Bieber.