Katy Perry Stuns In Revealing Swimsuit On GQ Cover


GQ cover is really enhancing Katy Perry s’ fan to attract by her beauty and showed her most affectionate and sexy figure by capturing her in hot top, for the February menu.



However by this task she really doesn’t want to be in offensive state in the eyes of her fans after performing in the Music award held on this November. She was herself excited too much on revealing herself to be the hottest 29 years old blast lady. In fact she was without considering anything just busy in talking with GQ worker regarding her figure, loosening of virginity, plastic surgery of body and so on.

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This greatly makes her more attractive toward her fan and she wants to be more fabulous by prominent her body in teenage shape.

o-KATY-PERRY-GQ-570 (2)

But on the other hand as she belongs to the religious aspects in her family so she have to suffer from it because at past she had to forced her family for her music career but by these task she to bear argumentations as well.

But instead of considering the criteria of her family she was revealing in her social network channels that she was supposed to pray to God in late nights to give her that much hot figure especially boobs so that she can’t able to see her feet while she is lying on the bed and by concluding all this she said finally her prays come true at the age of 11 in the shape of hot figure.

Even that on her first interview she was very much excited and reveal about her loosening of her virginity in front of Volvon Sedan, also continue to talking about her aims to be a role model.

She also revealed about her natural beauty in front of GQ, that all she get is totally based on naturalist not even her nail is supposed to be plastic surgery. Furthermore she concluded that she believe in aliens and all the supernatural powers that actually exist among us.

She further concluded in her interview that this world and its human are so much self-important and also living for ones’ own sake even that she talked about her relationship with Obama in the last of her interview to illustrate her thoughts.