What a cutie! Kanye West reveals first picture of his and Kim Kardashian’s baby daughter North on granny Kris’s chat show


Finally, Kanye West revealed the picture of his baby daughter North after two months. It is the Chat Show of Kris Jenner on which the picture of this sweet little cutie pie came up. Kanye is the proud father who has got this precious gift at the age of 36 and made the family feel proud. The happiest thing in all this is that the picture of North is revealed at the show of Kris who is the proud grand mother. It is the first time that the picture of the angel was shared with the audience of the show. Not only had this but millions of viewers all across America got a chance to see the picture of North.



The things went like this; Kayne West was the guest on the Chat Show of Kris this Friday. The topic was to discuss about the new member of the family. As soon as Kim and Kayne sat down the snap of baby North came up the screen. Kayne gave a wide smile and introduced the new member of their family North, daughter of him and Kim Kardashian. Kris, the proud grandmother wanted her grand daughter to be the wonderful combination of Kayne and Kim. The family has got a whole new life with the arrival of the new sweet cute member.


According to Kris, North has mixed appearance of both Kanye and Kim. She found that North has eyes as Kim and cheeks like Kanye. To add some more fun to the show she said the lips of North are like both Kanye and Kim.

It was Kris’s Chat Show so there were real tricky question that were asked. Kris asked if Kanye wants to be paid for the pictures of his baby or planning to put it to any daily magazine. To this Kanye said that as of now he have no such plans; his baby is too young for all this. He also added that he had not showcased the pictures in last 2 months only because he wanted to show it up on North’s Grandmother’s Show. It was really pleasing for Kris to hear that.

The next thing that she Kris wanted know that whether Kanye want his daughter to be a rapper too just like her father. To this Kanye said that he and Kim have no such obsession for their daughter. They are not going to force her for anything in hr life. Both Kanye and Kim want their daughter to be brought up independently so that she can take her decisions herself. The only thing Kanye and Kim wants is that their daughter follows her heart and does whatever she feels right. But yes, he and Kim will always by her side so as to guide her through what’s right and what’s wrong.

In the Chat Show Kanye explained how Kim had stayed by his side throughout and how lucky he is to have a girlfriend like her. He even confessed that he had taken risks until Kim came in his life. Kanye thanked Kris for letting Kim stay with him all these days and he can not even imagine his life without Kim and North anymore.

Summary; In this Post we have showcased the latest news about Kanye and Kim’s baby daughter North picture reveal. Kanye revealed the picture in front of the audience of the Chat Show hosted by Kris. Keep reading for more hot news and gossips about celebrities.