Obama Beyoncé Scandal – The Inside Story!

Obama is the famous personality of the world because of U.S.A’s authority and control. His policies and scandals daily give him fame in other sense day by day. I am sure today, when it comes to celebrity gossips then the New Obama Scandal is the burning issue these days. His entire image is being screwed due to the love scandal of Obama with a hot singer of America – Beyonce. According some very sound resources the divorce news of Obama and his wife are in the limelight. These things though are common in daily life but when these things relate with some president, & especially the president of United State of America then they can cause a big problem.


This is true indeed as reported by the Washington Post that these are not fake news . Beyoncé who is one of the most popular American entertainer has not given any statement until now regarding this issue. People are predicting that she will be reason of divorce between Obama and his wife.  wenn20689413

The white house representatives are saying that this scandal can become the dark cloud for the second presidential period of Obama. Predictions are also being made that may be next time Obama can lose his seat in the general elections. But one thing can be said for sure that the type of fame and importance Beyoncé is getting, she must be feeling very good.obama-jayz-3

So it is right to say at this stage that Beyoncé’ will be the future “First Woman of America”??? Will Obama divorce his wife??? What effects will it have on the personal and political life of the American President??? I guess we should leave the answers of all these question on time and let time decide the fate of President Obama. As soon as we get some more authentic news regarding this issue we will definitely let our readers know. Till then we should all keep our fingers crossed and wait for what is going to happen next.