Rihanna in trouble! Once again her beautiful California house was intruded:


Formerly when we heard about the news the unsafe of her home in California which becomes the target of intruder since that time.




Once again she suffering from trouble of intruder for her home cost $12 million dollars, is can we consider as a bad luck! Hence again it is become the target by trespassers.

According to the other news caster it has been reported that, the intruders were care freely blocked the private roads and then unintentionally entered in the room and locked it by throwing a side chair.

But on the spot fortunately the vulgar alarm was rung and every one near the home got aware of something going to wrong that place!

There was a cute little girl who were present on the incident was telling the story and smiled on the camera of news reporter.

Nowadays, Rihanna is not concentrating on what had happen as she have attend further concerts for and making journey for pleasure, as she bearded this phenomenon before so she didn’t have such dreadful impact on herself as well.

Similarly few months before one of her fan tried to reached to her house by broking a window but unfortunately he reached to her neighbour house, so weird!



Then same year in June, there was another man who was caught in the roof of Diamond singer’s property.

But instead on focusing in such things she tried to focus on Diana because she love the way she wear whatever Diana likes to!